Mother Nature's Invitation.


'Tis the voice of Mother Nature,

What does the old dame say? She is calling to the children

In her ever winsome way, “O! leave your books and studies

And come with me and play," Says Nature, Mother Nature. “They have told you of me, children,

In the schoolrooms broad and fair, From whose widely-swinging portals

You are swarming everywhere, And I hear your merry voices

Floating to me on the air," Says Nature, Mother Nature. “Come, noisy boys and chattring girls,

I'll give you of my best, Come, bring the little children

And I'll rock them on my breast; I'll show each day new treasures

Till the sun sets in the west,” Says Nature, Mother Nature. "I've hung my trees with little homes,

I've gemmed my boughs with birds, If you listen very closely

You may understand their words, And I've filled my lakes with fishes,

And my pastures teem with herds," Says Nature, Mother Nature. “I have frescoed all my mountains,

Till they flash with rills and flowers, Where the dryads dance and frolic

With the winged-footed hours, And the berries hang in clusters,

And the wild grape weaves its bowers," Says Nature, Mother Nature. “And I've painted all my ocean,

'Tis a bright, abounding blue,

And the white sea-gulls float over,

And they only float for you.
Oh, I've done my spring house-cleaning,

And the world's as fresh as new,”
Says Nature, Mother Nature.
“So I'm waiting for you, children,

On the sea and on the land,
You will find me if you wander,

You will find me close at hand.
Oh, Fairyland stands ready

And I'll wave my magic wand,
Only come !” says Mother Nature.

-American Bird Magazine.

Publisher's Notes.

Scopolamine Not Hyoscine!-A Caution!

In the Archiv fuer Gynaekologie Steffen gives some interesting details as to the use of scopolamine-morphine by Leopold. The latter has employed this method in three hundred labor cases. His verdict is that the method does not accomplish the desired results, it can not be regarded as harmless for mother and child, and in private practice the by-effects liable to develop may render medical aid requisite at any moment. When men come to conclusions so opposite as those of Leopold and those reported by Gauss, we, to whom each observer is equally trustworthy and free from bias, can only attribute the diversity to a difference in technic. That this is so may be seen by Gauss' examination of Hocheisen's method. Gauss secured a specimen of the solutions employed by Hocheisen and tried them in ten cases, the results being far worse than those reported by Hocheisen. Every objection raised by Leopold has been examined and disproved by Gauss in his much larger experience. Weakness of the labor pains did not occur to any material extent, more frequently or more markedly than in cases where this anesthetic was not used, nor were version and forceps required with greater frequency. The vomiting could only have been accidental, since it did not occur in Gauss' cases, excepting when it had commenced before the anesthetic was given. So also as to the perils of the child; Gauss showed that the mortalities of both mother and child were much less than they had been before this anesthetic was emploved.

The extract, as presented in the Journal of the American Medical Association, gives palpable evidence of anxiety to make out a


~COTT'S EMULSION is invaluable when pallor,

anaemia, loss of strength and emaciation occur

without obvious cause. While taking it thin, anaemic patients become rosy and gain flesh.

It is administered with marked benefit in the treatment of chronic rheumatism, obstinate sciatica and lumbago. It improves the general nutrition and the action of all the functions.





to Physicians

A New Book,

Diet after Weaning


We have issued this book in response to a constantly increasing demand for suggestions on the feeding and care of the child between the ages of one and two years.

We believe you will find it a useful book to put in the hands of the young

mother. The book is handsomely printed, fully illustrated and is bound in cloth. We shall be glad to furnish you copies for for your patients entirely free.

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case against this anesthetic method. Even Gauss is made to rank as an objector to the method, by quoting eight troublesome cases which occurred, out of his one thousand; just as if such things never happened unless scopolamine was employed. To any one who wants the whole truth, and not a garbled ex parte statement, we refer to Gauss' statistics as given by Holt, in the May number of the American Journal of Clinical Medicine. But even were the account given a fair one, the reader will note that it nevertheless relates to the use of scopolamine, which, as commercially presented, is not the same thing as the hyoscine used in America. It is much as if men should insist that, because Germans injure themselves drinking too much beer, we in America should obstain from coffee.

The above being the gist of our knowledge of this subject to date, and the therapeutic difference between hyoscine, a true alkaloid, and scopolamine (or so-called hyoscine from scopola—a serious error of nomenclature) a mixed, uncertain product, being well established in favor of hyoscine, we caution our readers who are interested (and all should be) to use only H-M-C Abbott (hyoscine, morphine and cactin comp.), the original American product and one which, like all the Abbott line, may be depended upon.The American Journal of Clinical Medicine.

MOSQUITO BITES.— The extraordinary plague of mosquitoes in New York last season, says Dr. J. T. Traub, Attending Physician St. Luke's Hospital, led me to take up a series of investigations with a view to their alleviation. I found that a combination of the fixed aromatics, viz.: Menthol, Thymol, etc., with alkalies gave quick relief. While looking for a combination of this nature, my attention was called to Tyree's Antiseptic Powder, a combination of Sodium Borate, Alum, Glycerine, Carbolic Acid, and the crystalline principles of Thyme, Eucalyptus, Gaultheria and Menthae, which has the advantage over the extemporaneous mixtures of being always uniform, easily soluble and readily miscible with talcum without grittiness. When indicated as a dusting powder, a 10 per cent mixture of Tyree's Antiseptic Powder in talcum, dusted on the exposed parts of the body will keep mosquitoes at a safe distance, or a solution of one or two teaspoonfuls to a pint of water, forms an unsurpassed lotion for the same purpose. This liquid also sprayed about rooms will materially aid in keeping them away. The manufacturer of Tyree's Antiseptic Powder is to be congratulated in having in this preparation a specific for the relief from these pests.

THE NURSING MOTHER.—The extra burden which a nursing mother has to bear, often places a greater tax on her strength and vitality than she can successfully meet. Rational treatment aims at an increase to her vital physiological functions, and a corresponding increase in her physical strength.

No remedy has a more positive value for this purpose than Gray's

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