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Side 218 - The professional improvement of the members, the encouragement of social intercourse among engineers and men of practical science, and the advancement of engineering. Membership: Members, 618; Associates, 7; entrance fee $10; annual dues $10 for resident, $6 for non-resident.
Side 190 - ... men and civilian personnel of the Engineer Department, my appreciation of their loyal and energetic work, which contributed so greatly to our success. The various units attached to combat troops distinguished themselves at all times in the assistance which they rendered. The Division of Construction and Forestry, with limited resources at its disposal and under conditions of extreme severity, more than met the many demands made upon it. The Department of Light Railways and Roads furnished the...
Side 341 - ... inch above the surface of the oil — the creosote, calculated on the basis of the dry oil shall give no distillate below...
Side 182 - ... and bureaus of the National Government having to do chiefly with matters of engineering and architecture, be grouped in one department to be known as the Department of Public Works. 2. That the Department of Public Works comprise those works which are built and operated for the use of the Public. 3. That the Department of Public Works be made available when desirable for the performance of special engineering and architectural work for the use of other Government bureaus. 4. That there be a systematic...
Side 341 - ... degrees centigrade, not more than five (5) per cent below two hundred and ten (210) degrees centigrade, not more than twenty-five (25) per cent below two hundred and thirty-five (235) degrees centigrade, and the residue above three hundred and fifty-five (355) degrees centigrade, if it exceeds five (5) per cent in quantity, shall be soft. The oil shall not contain more than three (3) per cent water.
Side 230 - ... the legislation proposed is enacted. The main idea is to assemble all engineering activities of the Government in one department. Such bureaus of the Interior Department as are non-engineering in character are to be placed under the jurisdiction of appropriate departments, while engineering bureaus from other departments are to be included in the Department of Public Works. The bill proposes that the Patent Office is to be removed from the Interior Department and placed under the Department of...
Side 230 - Affairs is also assigned to the Department of Labor, with the proviso that the engineering and construction work and the land and mineral surveys now performed under the direction of the Bureau of Indian Affairs are to be prosecuted under the Department of Public Works. St. Elizabeth's Hospital and the Freedman's Hospital, in Washington, are assigned to the Treasury Department.
Side 341 - On distillation by the standard method of the American Railway Engineering Association, it shall yield the following fractions based on dry oil: Not more than i per cent, at 170 degrees Centigrade.
Side 232 - Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the I'nited States of America in Congress assembled.
Side 230 - Washington, are assigned to the Treasury Department. Columbia Institution for the Deaf and the Howard University go to the Bureau of Education, under the provisions of the bill. On the other hand, the Department of Public Works is slated to absorb the Supervising Architect's Office of the Treasury Department ; the Construction Division, River and Harbor Improvements, Mississippi River Commission, and California Debris Commission of the War Department ; the Bureau of Standards...

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