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Side 44 - ... dissemination of information of a public character, or devoted to literature, the sciences, arts, or some special industry, and having a legitimate list of subscribers...
Side 951 - Convention; and shall have authority to jointly make such further regulations of order and detail, as may be found necessary to carry out the present Convention from time to time; and may by agreement prescribe conditions for the admission to the mails of any of the articles prohibited by Article II of this Convention.
Side 920 - There shall be admitted to the mails exchanged under this Convention, articles of merchandise and mail matter — except letters, post cards, and written matter — of all kinds that are admitted under any conditions to the domestic mails of the country of origin, except that no packet...
Side 949 - ... as may be mutually determined to be essential to the security and expedition of the mails and the protection of the customs revenues. ARTICLE X. 1. As soon as the mail shall have reached the exchange office of destination that office shall check the contents of the mails.
Side 921 - All admissible articles of merchandise mailed in one country for the other, or received in one country from the other, shall be free from any detention or inspection whatever, except such as is required for collection of customs duties; and shall be...
Side 12 - Telegrams between the several departments of the government and their officers and agents, in their transmission over the lines of any telegraph company to which has been given the right of way, timber, -or station lands from the public domain shall have priority over all other business, at such rates as the Postmaster-General shall annually fix.
Side 951 - In witness whereof, I have caused the great seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed, and have subscribed the same with...
Side 929 - Post mail must be accompanied by a descriptive list, in duplicate, of all the parcels sent, showing distinctly the list number of each parcel, the name of the sender, the name of the addressee with address of destination, and the declared contents and value; and must be enclosed in one of the boxes or sacks of such despatch.
Side 923 - When the contents of a parcel which cannot be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once, if necessary, or if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formality, for the benefit of the right person; the particulars of each sale being noticed by one post office to the other.
Side 935 - If such be found, the letter will be placed in the mails if separable, and if the communication be inseparably attached, the whole package will be rejected. If, however, any such should inadvertently be forwarded, the country of destination will collect on the letter or letters double rates of postage according to the Universal Postal Union Convention.

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