STATEMENT of Receipts and Payments at the Treasury of the United States, from 1st October, 1810, to the 30th

September, 1811.

Cash in the Treasury, subject to warrant, Oct. 1st, 1810-
Received for the proceeds of the customs
6,319 60
6,362 87

12,490,656 14

Internal revenue
Direct tax

Sales of public lands

Cents and half cents coined at the Mint

Fees on patents

Public arms sold to States
Postage of letters

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12,682 47
767,061 23

8,463 78

6,480 00
71,906 00

37 70
2,500 00
11,105 24

2,035 00

Salt works in the Illinois Territory
Fines, penalties, and forfeitures
Seamen's wages paid to Consuls in

foreign countries

Payment by an unknown person,
through the President of the
United States


Loan from Bank United States on 31st December, 1810


250 00
168,268 81

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Dollars, 19,750,476 09

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2,225,800 93 5,058,272 82 2,750,000 00

Interest and charges

Principal discharged

Repayment of loan to Bank United States

Balance in the Treasury subject to warrant, Sept. 30, 1811

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10,034,073 75 3,947,818 36

Dollars, 19,750,476 09



In obedience to the directions of the "Act supplementary to the act, entitled "An act to establish the Treasury Department," the Secretary of the Treasury respectfully submits the following report and estimates.

1. To the end of the year 1812.-The actual receipts into the Treasury during the year ending on the 30th of September, 1812, have consisted of the following sums, viz:

Customs, sales of lands, arrears, repayments, and all other

branches of revenue, amounting together, as will appear more in detail by the statement (E.) to On account of the loan of eleven millions of dollars authorized by the act of March 14th, 1812,

An aggregate of

Total amount of receipts,
Making, together with the balance in the Treasury on the
1st of October, 1811, and amounting to

Navy Department,

Indi. n Department,

Interest on the public debt, -
On account of the principal of do.


The disbursements during the same year have been as follows, viz: Civil Department, including miscellaneous expenses, and those incident to the intercourse with foreign nations, Army, militia, volunteers, fortifications, arms, and arsen7,770,300 00 als, 3,107,501 54 230,975 00

-$10,934,946 90

5,847,212 50

16,782,159 40

3,947,818 36

20,729,977 76

2,498,013 192
2,938,465 99

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Amounting together, as will appear more in detail by the statement (E.) to

And leaving in the Treasury, on the 30th September, 1812, a balance of

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1,823,069 35

11,108,776 54

18,368,325 07

2,361,652 69 $20,729,977 76

The statement (E e.) exhibits in detail the payments made by the Treasury Department, for the several branches of the Military and Naval expenditure during the same year, (from 1st October, 1811, to 30th September, 1812,) and also during the two last months, (October and November, 1812.)

5,436,479 18

The receipts for the last quarter of the year 1812, on account of both revenue and loans, are estimated at 9,000,000 dollars; and the expenditures (in

cluding about 1,500,000 dollars on account of the principal of the public debt, and 1,000,000 for the militia) at nearly the same sum.

a$13,100,200 00

The sums obtained or secured on loan during this year, amount, so far as has been ascertained at the Treasury, to Of which there was received prior to 1st October, 1812, as above stated, Received, or to be received, prior to 1st

January, 1813,

To be received in January and February,


5,847,212 50

6,202,987 50

1,050,000 00--13,100,200 00

It will also appear by the statement (F.) that this sum was obtained on the following terms, viz:

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For six per cent. stock, irredeemable till 1st January, 1825, and afterwards redeemable at the pleasure of the United States,

On temporary loans, at the rate of six per cent. a year,
and reimbursable, as follows, viz:

In 1813, -
In 1814,

In 1817,

For Treasury Notes, bearing an annual interest of 5 per cent. and reimbursable one year after date,

7,415,200 00

1,350,000 00

750,000 00

50,000 00——--2,150,000 00

3,535,000 00

$13,100,200 00

From the present demand, it appears probable, that the residue of the Treasury Notes authorized by the act of 30th June last, and amounting to $1,465,000, will be disposed of prior to the 1st of March next.

It may be proper also to state, that, notwithstanding the addition thus made. to the public debt, and although a considerable portion has been remitted from England and brought to market in America, the public stocks, which had at first experienced a slight depression, have been for the last three months, and continue to be, at par.

2. Year 1813.-The nett revenue, arising from duties on merchandise and tonnage, which accrued during the year 1810, amounted to $12,513,490

The nett revenue, arising from the same sourecs, which accrued during the year 1811, amounted, as will appear by the statements (A.) and (B.) to $7,902,560.

The same revenue, for the year 1812, is estimated at 12.500,000 dollars; of which sum, about 5,500,000 dollars arise from duties on the late importations from Great Britain.

The Custom-house bonds outstanding on the first day of January, 1813, and falling due in that year, are estimated, after deducting bad debts, at 11,250,000 dollars: and it is believed that the probable amount of receipts from that source into the Treasury, during the year 1813, may be safely estimated at 11,500,000 dollars.

The sales of public lands north of the river Ohio, during the year ending on the 30th September, 1811, and after deducting the lands which have re

a The amount was stated in the President's message, at the commencement of the session, at eleven millions of dollars. The other two millions have been contracted for, subsequent to its date.

verted to the United States, have amounted, as appears by the statement (C.) to 390,000 acres: and the payments by the purchasers to 790,000 dollars. The Indian wars may affect the sales, and perhaps, to a certain extent, the amount of payments. It is however believed, that that branch of revenue may, together with some other small items, be estimated for the ensuing year at 500,000 dollars: making the whole amount of probable receipts into the Treasury for the year 1813, (exclusively of loans,) 12,000,000 dollars. The expenditures for that year are estimated as follows, viz: 1. Expenses of a civil nature, both foreign and do


2. Public debt, viz:

Interest, including that on new loans of the years
1812 and 1813,
Reimbursement of six per cent. and deferred stocks,
and of temporary loans and Treasury Notes falling
due in 1813, and estimated amount of purchases
of stock,

3. Military Establishment:

The estimates of the Secretary of War are, with
respect to the army, predicated on the employ-
ment of the whole force authorized by law, and
amounting to 36,700 men of every description.
Adding to this the expense incident to the service
of volunteers and militia, and also the increase of
pay of the army, the appropriation for arming the
militia, and 400,000 dollars of the unexpended
balance for fortifications, the whole contemplated
expense may be estimated as follows:
Army-pay, subsistence,bounties, clothing, and hos-


Ordnance and armories,

Quartermaster's department, and contingencies,

Arming the militia,

Volunteers and militia in actual service,

Indian Department,

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Commissioned and warrant officers,

Petty officers, seamen, and boys, viz:

For nine frigates and nine smaller vessels, For two hundred gun-boats and other vessels, Marines, including officers,


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4. Naval Establishment:

The estimates of the Secretary of the Navy are predicated on the employment of the following force, viz:

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