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Side 2 - The Committee wish it to be distinctly understood, that they do not hold themselves responsible for the statements and opinions contained in the Papers read at the Meetings of the Society, and here printed, except so far as the 9th and 10th Amended General Rules extend.
Side 327 - God do make and ordaine this my Last Will and Testament in manner and forme following that is to say first and principally I...
Side 220 - Bruinscach Cael, virgin, daughter of Crimthann of Magh Trea;" and in the "Table of the Martyrology," p. 369, occurs the gloss, " S. Burienna, a virgin of Ireland, is venerated in a town bearing her name in England, on the 29th of May. Is she this Bruinseach?
Side 292 - I communicated it, I laid aside the drawings and rubbings for some years, hoping that some light might be thrown upon the subject, by the discovery of monuments, the purpose of which was more evident. " This expectation has not been fulfilled. Nevertheless, I have some hope, that my original guess has been confirmed in such a way as to warrant me in submitting it for the judgment of our antiquaries. " In the course of last autumn, after a careful examination of the drawings, I came to the conclusion...
Side 327 - In the name of God, Amen. I, Robert Melvin, of Chester, being very sick and weak of body, but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be given unto God...
Side 291 - Another idea was, that these figures were designed to represent astronomical phenomena. This notion was perhaps the most obvious, and the least easily disproved. It harmonizes also with what has been handed down respecting the elemental worship of the Pagan Celts. Nevertheless, it seems open to obvious objections. In astronomical diagrams, one could hardly fail to recognise a single symbol conspicuous amongst the rest as denoting the sun or moon, or two such symbols denoting both these bodies. One...
Side 38 - January, 1 653, in pursuance of a Declaration of the Commissioners of the Parliament of England for the Affairs of Ireland, bearing date the 14th day of October. 1653, delivered unto us in writing a particular, containing therein the names of himself and such other persons as are to remove with him, with the quantities and qualities of their respective stocks and tillage, the contents whereof are as folio weth : — viz.
Side 190 - Patrick," p. 465, his journey is thus described : — Having, as there stated, ordained Fiacc Find Archbishop of the province of Leinster, " He then went along Bealaeh-Gabhran, into the district of Ossory, and founded churches and establishments there ; and he said that distinguished laics and clerics should be of them, and that no province should have command over them while they remained obedient to Patrick. Patrick took leave of them afterwards, and he left the relics of holy men with them, and...
Side 101 - A common name for the cloud or rack that hangs, as a forerunner of wet weather, about the peak of a mountain. t There is upon the top of this hill an opening that bears a very strong resemblance to the crater of an extinct volcano.
Side 111 - There was probably no man of his generation more versed in our national literature, in all that concerned the land and the people, the arts, architecture, topography, statistics, and even the legends of the country ; but, above all, in his favourite department, the descriptive illustration of Ireland, past and present, in historic and prehistoric times, he has justly gained a wide reputation, as one of the most learned and accurate, and at the same time one of the most popular writers of the age...

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