Report of the Corporation Commission

Edwards & Broughton Company, 1909

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Side 188 - Freight traffic : Number of tons carried of freight earning revenue Number of tons carried one mile ... Number of tons carried one mile per mile of road Average distance haul of one ton — miles Total freight revenue.
Side 373 - On the value of real and personal property. value of stocks or bonds, or on valuation based on earnings, dividends, or other results of operation.
Side 29 - ... road and conducting its business is reasonable and expedient in order to promote the security, convenience and accommodation of the public...
Side 188 - Total passenger revenue Average amount received from each passenger Average receipts per passenger per mile Total passenger earnings Passenger earnings per mile of road...
Side 12 - Whenever the weather during the period of free time is so severe, inclement or rainy that it is impracticable to secure means of removal, or where, from the nature of the goods, removal would cause injury or damage, such time shall be added to the free period; and no demurrage charges shall be allowed for such additional time.
Side 21 - To have and exercise general supervision over the supervisors and other assessing officers of this State, and to take such measures as will secure the enforcement of the provisions of this act, to the end that all the properties of this State liable to assessment for taxation shall bt' placed upon the assessment rolls and assessed at their actual cash value ; 2.
Side 21 - To receive all complaints as to property liable to taxation that has not been assessed or that has been fraudulently or improperly assessed, and to investigate the same, and to take such proceedings as will correct the irregularity complained of, if any is found to exist : . 4.
Side 258 - Passenger earnings per train mile, Freight traffic: Number of tons carried of freight earning revenue, Number of tons carried one mile...
Side 21 - ... to said board that property subject to taxation has been omitted from said roll, or individual assessments have not been made in compliance with law, the said board may issue an order...
Side 6 - Provided, however, that all machine and repair shops, general office buildings, store-houses, and also all real and personal property, outside of said right-of-way and depot grounds as aforesaid, of and belonging to any such railroad and telegraph companies, shall be listed for purposes of taxation by the principal officers or agents of such companies with the listtakers of the county where said real or personal property may be situated, In the manner provided by law for the listing and valuation...

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