2 Serjeant Salkeld's Reports in Two Volumes.

3 Hawkins's Treatise of the Pleas of the Crown in 2 Vols. & Faroeley's Reports in the First Year of Q. .Anne. Ś Sir Orlando Bridgeman's Conveyances, 4th Edit. Ó D'Anvers's general Abridgment of the Common and Statute Law

in Two Vols. Levitic's Reports French and English, in Two Volumes

Saunder's Reports French and English, in Two Volumes. , Cases Adjudged in the Court of Chancery, compleat in 3 Parts.

the 2d Edition. 10 Bendloe's and Dalison's Reports. 1 The Law of Real Actions by George Booth. Efq; 12 Baron Puffendorf of the Law of Nature and Nations, with Barbarett's

Notes. 3d Edition. 12. The Lives of the Primitive Fathers by William Cave, D.D. á An Exposicion of the Thirty Nine Articles, by Dr. Burnett. 15 A Compleat History of the most remarkable Transactions at Sea

from the Earliest Account of Time. By J. Burchett, Esq; 16 The History of England in Three Volumes. 17 Dr. Nicholls on the Common-Prayer. 18 Kushworth's Collection Complear in 8 Vols. 19 State Trials Complear in 4 Vols. 20 Cambridge Concordance. 21 The Compleac Horseman.

In Octavo and TWELVES. 22 Cursus Cancellariæ, or the Practice of the Court of Chancery. 23 Reports in the Court of Chancery, in 3 Vols. 8vo. 24 Sir Matthew Hale's History and Analysis of the Law. 25 The Rules and Orders of all the Courts at Westminster. Ő The Common and Statute Law concerning Trials in Cases of

Treason. 27 The Law against Bankrupts, by Serjeant Goodinge, 3d Edit. 28 The Impartial Lawyer. 29 The Complear Sheriff, to which is now added the Law of Replevin.

che ad Edicion. 30 The Modern Conveyancer: or Conveyancing improv'd, in 3 Vols.

3d Edition. 31 The Compleat Attorney and Solicitor in all the Courts at Westmine

fter. 5th Edition. 32 Legal Provisions for the Poor. The 4th Edition

34 Tenancs Law: or the Law concerning Landlords, Tenants and

Farmers. 8th Edition 35 Laws concerning Trade and Tradesmen. 36 Enchiridion Clericale : or Precedents for Young Clerks. 37 The Justice of Peace's Companion, by S. Blackerby, Esq; 38 The Second Part, being a Collection of Adjudged Cases, by the

fame Author.

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Choice Collection


Drawn after the Manner of
Conveyancing now in US E.
By the greatest Hands of this present Age,
Of which some are still living.

To which are added
OPINIONS of several Learned Counsel, relating
to Conveyancing, and other Matcers in LAW.

With an Exact TABLE to the Wbole.

The Third Edition Corrected.

In the Savor:
Printed by the Afligns of Edward Sayer, Esq; for

JOHN WALTHO E in the Middle-Temple-Cloysters.

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