An Elementary Arithmetic Designed for Academies and Schools: Also Serving as an Introduction to the Higher Arithmetic

D. Appleton & Company, 1855 - 347 sider

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Side 115 - When a decimal number is to be divided by 10, 100, 1000, &c., remove the decimal point as many places to the left as there are ciphers in the divisor, and if there be not figures enough in the number, prefix ciphers.
Side 111 - To multiply a decimal by 10, 100, 1000, &c., remove the decimal point as many places to the right as there are ciphers in the multiplier ; and if there be not places enough in the number, annex ciphers.
Side 248 - RULE. Divide the given interest by the interest of the given principal, for the given time, at 1 per cent. EXAMPLES. 1.
Side 241 - If there be after payments made, compute the interest on the balance due to the next payment, and then deduct the payment as above ; and, in like manner, from one payment to another, till all the payments are absorbed ; provided the time between one payment and another be one year or more.
Side 240 - The rule for casting interest, when partial payments have been made, is to apply the payment, in the first place, to the discharge of the interest then due. " If the payment exceeds the interest, the surplus goes towards discharging the principal, and the subsequent interest is to be computed on the balance of principal remaining due.
Side 82 - Then multiply all the numerators together for a new numerator, and all the denominators together for a new denominator...
Side 344 - In 8 months. 14. A father gives to his five sons $1000, which they are to divide according to their ages, so that each elder son shall receive $20 more than his next younger brother. What is the share of the youngest ? Ans.
Side 292 - When the number of figures is odd, it is evident that the left-hand, or first period. will consist of but one figure. • II. Find the greatest square in the first period, and place its root at the right of the number, in the form of a quotient in division, also place it at the left of the number.
Side 310 - The volumes of similar solids are to each other as the cubes of their like dimensions.
Side 111 - ... number of decimal places in the product is equal to the sum of the decimal places in each factor.

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