Waverley Novels, Volumer 45-46

Samuel H. Parker, 1836

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Side 184 - It came flying through the air," says that good knight, " like a winged dragon, about the thickness of a hogshead, with the report of thunder and the speed of lightning, and the darkness of the night was dispelled by this horrible illumination." Not only the bold Demetrius and his pupil Lascaris, but all the crowd whom they influenced, fled manfully when the...
Side vii - We cannot, however, refuse her judicious and important remark, that the disorders of the times were the misfortune and the glory of Alexius ; and that every calamity which can afflict a declining empire was accumulated on his reign by the justice of Heaven and the vices of his predecessors.
Side 153 - And ye shall be betrayed, both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolk, and friends ; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death. And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.
Side 40 - ... foreigners, and the members of a privileged body, the Varangians were sometimes employed in arbitrary and unpopular services, the natives were so apt to fear, while they disliked them, that the hardy strangers disturbed themselves but little about the light in which they were regarded by the inhabitants of Constantinople. Their dress and accoutrements, while within the city, partook of the rich, or rather gaudy costume, which we have described, bearing only a sort of affected resemblance to that...
Side 27 - That power that kindly spreads The clouds, a signal of impending showers, To warn the wand'ring linnet to the shade, Beheld, without concern, expiring Greece, And not one prodigy foretold our fate. DEMETRIUS. " A thousand horrid prodigies foretold it ; A feeble government, eluded laws, A factious populace, luxurious nobles, And all the maladies of sinking states. When...
Side 39 - Piracy," says Gibbon, with his usual spirit, " was the exercise, the trade, the glory, and the virtue of the Scandinavian youth. Impatient of a bleak climate and narrow limits, they started from the banquet, grasped their arms, sounded their horn, ascended their...

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