tagonists' head.” Not a word did the little man reply, but ere I could well distinguish his features in the darkness, I received "one" between the eyes, and another in the waistcoat, that made a flash vivid as the lightning start from the one spot, whilst all the breath in my body seemed to take an instant departure from the other. It was in vain to “spar," and “ feint," and "guard," and try to counter :" the little man might have no science; but, confound him, he could fight like a good one, and after the most disagrecable five minutes I ever recollect to have spent ; Segundo came to my assistance to find me breathless, bleeding, and dishevelled; very angry, but inwardly resolved never again “ to box without the muffle.” My active antagonist taking to his heels, with this pithy remark-“There's more of 'em coming, I make no doubt ; but I've sarved that one out at any rate-blow me!"

Much was the condolence I received from my friends; nor in my account of the transaction did I think it necessary to state that my adversary was, to the best of my knowledge, untouched : on the contrary, I left it to be inferred that we had both given and taken severe punishment, that I knew the “ party" as a low “ fighting man," but that I should have paid him off handsomely had he not run away, and finally swore that my revenge was only put off to a more convenient season.

Despite of Segundo's remonstrances, I expressed my determination, mauled as I was, to drive back to town, incited thereto by sundry audible expressions of encouragement and approbation, to the effect that I “ was a rare good plucked one," " game to the back bone," &c.; and lighting a fresh cigar, which smarted uncommonly against my cut and swollen lip, I took hold of the team, bid my charge “sit tight," and we were soon rolling rapidly through the darkness, with the lights of Greenwich far in our rea..

It is wonderful, may providential, that more accidents do not happen at night to those aspiring spirits who love to drive after dinner ; certainly horses go freer and pleasanter in the cool night air, run inore up to their bits, and consequently are less liable to getting into scrapes ; but many a Jehu, I fear, gets upon his box to guide the more rational animal home, whose own legs would hardly convey him safely across Piccadilly. How far I might have walked without holding on, it is impossible to say; but I sat behind my free-going team with all the confidence of a Peyton in days gone by. My horses, inspirited by the cool breeze, and cheered by the melodious tones chaunting in chorus behind them, shook their harness and rattled away merrily, as if they too had dined on white-bait and champagne. Segundo, I could see, kept a watchful eye upon the leaders, and was ready at an instant's notice to take the reins ; but I laughed at him for his nervousness, and for a time all went prosperously as could be

“Pride goes before a fall." I was just congratulating myself on my triumphant débùt as a coachman, and Segundo had relaxed his attention sufficiently to turn round and get a light from the man behind him, when bang ! ere I could pull them up, or pull them off, or pull them anywhere, my leaders rau slap into the ill-omened cart of an early fishmonger, or a belated baker; and ere I could scarce tell what had happened, my wheelers were on to him, my pole was threatening him with instant impalement, and harness, horses, baker, and cart, were all mixed up in a state of terrific confusion, that to this day it makes me

[graphic][merged small][subsumed][subsumed]

shudder to thiuk of. Segundo and the load were down in an instant ; the baker, or whatever he was, behaved like a trump; but the smash was irremediable, and we returned ignominiously to town with a humble


I may remark that the grey mare, an animal of an inimitable disposi. tion, kicked herself clear of everything, and the chesnut horse's game leg was from that day “gamer” than ever.

(To be continued).


I'll tell you, scholar, wlien I sat last on this primrose-bank, and looked down these meadows, I thought of them as Charles the Emperor did of the city of Florence : « That they were loo pleasant to be looked on, but only on holy-days." As I then sat on this very grass, I turned my present thouglits into verse; 'twas a wish, which I'll repeat to you.

L in these flow'ry meads would be;
These crystal streams should solace me;
To whose harmonious bubbling noise,
I with my angle would rrjoice :

Sit here, and sce the lurtle dove

Court bis chaste mate to acts of love:
Or on that bank feel the west wind
Breathe health and plenty; please my mind
To see sweet dew-drops kiss these Howers,
And then, wash'd off by April showers :

Here, hear my Kenna siny* a song ;

There, sce a blackbird feed her young,
Or a leverock build her nest;
Here, give my weary spirits rest,
And raise my low-piteli'd thoughts above
Earıb, or what poor mortals love:

Thus free froin law-suits, and the noise

Of princes' courts, I would rejoice:
Or, with my Bryan, and a book,
Loiter long days near Shawford-brook ;
There sit by him, and eat my mcat ;
There see the sun both rise and set,
There bid good morning to next day,
There ineditate my time away,

And angle on, and beg to have
A quiet passage to a welcome grave.

* Like Herinit poor.

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