Ordered that the matters alluded to by Lord Stradbroke and Mr. Greville be referred to a committee.-- Adjourned.

At a subsequent meeting on Friday it was Resolved" That it be recommended to the Master of the Horse not to allow a

fee of more than five shillings to be charged for catering a horse for a Qucen's

plate, nor any fee to be charged to the winner.” Resolved -That it be recommended to the Master of the Horse to abolish

the practice of running heats for such of her Majesty's platos as are still run in heats."

Some verbal alterations were ordered to be made in Rule 4, concerning horse-racing in general, when it is republished in the Book Calendar. Role 5.-Resolved : After the words “if required” to add “by the stewards or

whom they may appoint." A proposal agreed to in the committee to alter Role 12, as follows, was postponed

till the next meeting, on the suggestion of the chairman that sufficient notice had not been given :-" When tuo horses bare cach won a heat, they only must start for a third, and the preference beticeen them will be determined by it, there being before no difference between them."

A resolution on the subject of stake holding was brought forward, and was posponed for further consideration,

At a further meeting on Saturday, the chairman announced that Col. Peel had resigned the stewardship of the Jockey Club, and that Lord Exeter had accepted the office on the nomination of the other stewards. The nomination was unanimously approved, and the meeting adjourned.

The winter season has set in very drearily at Hyde Park Cornerfew in attendance, and little doing. We dispense with our usual table from sheer necessity, and rest content with a still more abbreviated, though yet ample record of what has been attempted. Chief Baron Nicholson and Barbarian have perhaps been most frequently mentioned amongst the Derby horses ; while all the thousand to fifteeners for the Chester Cup continue to tempt fancy speculators--say the High Sheriff, Nancy, and Pitsford for pick. The general stagnation has not been improved upon by the “Fashionable Departure" List, including a bevy of young “swells,” with a middle-aged one or two, supposed to be almost as anxiously inquired after : their losses promise to be pretty generally regretted. With this picce more of “good news” we think we had better stop. Our summary includes the “ business” of Thursday, the 27th ult.

The Derby.-9 to 1 against Hobby Noble, 13 to 1 agst. Claverhouse, 20 to 1 agst. Augur, 20 to 1 agst. Lapidist, 1000 to 45 agst. Kingston, 1000 to 40 agst. Wormsley, 1000 to 30 agst. Chief Baron Nicholson, 1000 to 20 each agst. Barbarian, Little Harry, and the Marinel colt, and 1800 to 15 agst. Blackstone (since shot).

THE Chester Cup.-1000 to 15 each against High Sheriff, Goldfinder, Trickstress, Knook Knoll, Nancy, Pitsford, The Grand Duke, Grey Tommy, Lucio, and Ilippolytus, 100 to 1 each agst. Truth, Cockcrow, and Ilothorpe.

Tue Derby, 1853.—3000 to 90 against Vanderdecken.


Printed by Rogerson and Co., 243, Strand, London.

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