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Mr. W. G. Borron's Blaze, by Bluelight, out of Queen of Erin, and Mr. J. L. Ewing's Equinox, by Longwaist, out of a red bitch, by Eagle, out of Eastward, divided the stakes, after an undecided course.

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Capt. Cavers beat Annie Bland

Willie Forrest beat Gusher (1) dr.
Brunswick beat Count Emout

Meg Dods beat Auricula.
Brunswick beat Capt. Cavers

Willie Forrest beat Meg Dods.
Mr. Brown's Brunswick, by Sting, out of Jenny Wren, beat Mr. Wilson's Willie Forrest, by
Liddesdale, out of Queen Mary, and won the stakes.
The Longformacus Cup (open), for all-aged dogs; 23 entered at £3 108. each,

Mr. Fawcus na. bd. rh. d. Dart, beat Mr. Gibson's be. d. Rob the Ranter
Mr. Penny na. be. w. b. Tempest, beat Mr. Gibson's bk. d. Lowland Lad
Mr. Gibson's w. f. b. Sybil, beat Mr. R. K. Elliot us. bk. b. Gazelle (2)
Mr. Brown's be. b. Randy Lassie, beat Mr. Paterson's bk. w. d. Craigieburn
Mr. C. Simson's bk. d. Lauderdale, beat Mr. Taylor's y. d. Davie Galletly
Mr. Brown na. bd. b. Bride of Lammtemuir, beat Mr. Baillie's bk. w. d. St. Vincent

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Sybil beat Randy Lassie

Fleetwood beat Mayfly
Bride of Lammermuir beat Lauderdale 21 Royal Welcome beat Cooper o' Fogo.
Storm beat Joseph Ady

Sybil beat Tempest

Royal Welcome beat Fleetwood.
storm beat Bride of Lammermuir
Royal Welcome beat Sybil

Storm ran a bye. Mr. Paterson's Royal Welcome, by Caliban, out of Maggie Lauder, beat Mr. Penny na. Storm, brother to Cedric the Saxon, and won the cup.

The Consolation Stakes ; 8 dogs entered at £1 59. each.


Mr. C. Clay's r. b. Picotee, beat Mr. Bailey na. be. b. Bagatelle
Mr. Morrison's f. b. Dauphine, beat Mr. R. K. Elliot, na. w. bk. d. General Gough
Mr. Penny na. be. w. b. Tempest, beat Mr. Hood's bd. d. Excellence
Mr. R. K. Elliot na. bk. d. Grindstone, beat Mr. Fawcus na, bd. rh. d. Dart.
Picotee beat Dauphine (1) dr.

Tempest heat Grindstone.

III. Mr. C. Clay's Picotee, by Walrech, out of Bessy Lee, beat Mr. Penny na. Tempest, and won the stakes. NORTH BERWICK AND DIRLETON, Oct. 22 & 23.

The St. Leger Stakes.

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Hypothee beat Silva

Ronald beat La Polka (dr.) (1).
Brenda beat No

III. Mr. H. Dean's Hypothee, by Cossack, ont of Ariel, Mr. D. Buchan's Brenda, by Vicar, out of Mary, and Mr. T. Begbie na. Ronald, by British Lion-Shepherdess, divided the stakes.

The North Berwick Stakes, for all ages.

Mr. W. Bailey's f. d. Running Rein, beat Mr. R. B. W. Ramsay's r. b. Ruby
Mr. Brown na. w. bk. b. Anarchy, beat Mr. C. Simson's bk. w. b. The Pet
Mr. J. Callender na. f. w. b, Fancy, beat Mr. G. Blanchard's bd. b. Kexby
Mr. Brown na be, d. Rob the Ranter, beat Mr. Buist na. f. d. Chippenham
Mr. Brown na, bd, d. Balmoral, beat Mr. J. Curror's f. b. Coquette

Mr, J, Curror's f. d, Commodore ran a bye.

Commodore beat Balmoral.

Running Rein beat Anarchy
Fancy beat Rob the Ranter (dr.)


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Commodore beat Running Reini Fancy ran a bye. Mr. J. Callender's Fancy, by Cotherstone, beat Mr. J. Curror's Commodore, by Colonel May Glen, and won the stakes.

The Champion Stakes.

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Mr. Gowland's f. d. Lambton, beat Mr. Brewis's Maid of Warkworth (absent)
Mr. W. H. Dawson's bk. w. d. Lauder, beat Mr. G. Blanchard's bd. d. Manganese.

Blue beat Exotic

Gas beat St. Nicholas
Chance beat Wallace

Castaway beat Lewie Gorgon
Flying Duchess beat Bonnet-blue

Melancholy beat Spanker
Enrico beat Lizzy

The Curler beat Norval
Lazarus beat Emily Frances (Ur. lame) Countess beat Nancy
Enterprise beat Marton

Man Friday beat Pyrrhus
Old Dau Tucker beat Madame Grisi

Susan beat St. Giles
Mall Troll beat Malton

Lavinia beat Wallace
Errand-boy beat Catton

Rosemary beat Eliza Chestney
Ebony beat Fly

Puss beat Mario
Welsh Harper beat Colonel (dr. lame)

Glimpse beat Carrara
Wallace (Gregson's) beat Spanker Lambton beat Honoria Nelson

Lauda ran a bye.

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Mr. Gowland's Lambton, by Faugh-a-Ballagh, out of sister to Zelpha, beat Mr. Ellis's Welsh Harper, by Dick Thornton, out of Miss Elis, and won the stakes.

The Londesbrough Park Stakes, of £5 10s. each, for all ages.

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Dalton beat Assault

St. Godrie beat Wolfdog
Tearing Y.Fellow beat Flying Dutchman Queen of the May beat Gelert.

Dalton beat Tearing Y. Fellow I Queen of the May beat St. Godrie.
Mr. Ingram's Queen of the May, by Scott, out of Lady, beat Mr. Gregson's Dalton, by
Spanker, out of Lady Easby, and won the stakes,

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