The Derby and Oaks (mixed).
Mr. Jenner's f. b. Betsy Baker, beat Mr. Goddard's bk. b. Keziah Prior
Mr. W. Long's bk. d. Longstreet, beat Mr. Ingram's r. d. Imperialist
Mr. Rendall's r. b. Ruth, beat Mr. Jenner's bk. d. Cæsar
Mr. Stone's bk. w. b. Sophia, beat Mr. Church's Nomination.

Sophia beat Longstreet

Ruth beat Betsy Baker.

Mr. Stone's Sophia, by a son of Claret, beat Mr. Rendall's Ruth, and won the stakes.

The Cup.

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Interlude beat Lent

Fundholder beat Banshee
Lizzie beat Myra (2)

Insurance beat Red Republican
Insurance beat Interlude

Lizzie beat Fundholder.
Mr. W. Long's Lizzie, by Billy-go-by-'em, out of Orange, beat Mr. Jenner's Insurance, by
Fire Office, and won the cup.

The Jenner Stakes.

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Mr. Missing's r. d. William Rufus, beat Mr. Pyke's bk. b. Peeress
Mr. Biggs's y. w. d. Blazing Billy, beat Mr. Miller's w. d. Mustard-pot (2)
Mr. Miller's f. b. Byrsa, beat Mr. Church's bk. w.d. Confidence
Mr. Ingram's bd. d. Ivanhoe, beat Mr. Church's f.w. d. Critic (2).

William Rufus beat Ivanhoe

Byrsa beat Blazing Billy.

III. Mr. Miller's Byrsa, by Jason, out of Scotland's Queen, beat Mr. Missing's William Rufus by Billy-go-by-'em, out of Briseis, and won the stakes.

The Elston Stakes.


Mr. Puxley's f. d. Phelim, beat Mr. Henry's r. b. Hæc
Mr. Miller's r. b. Magdalen, beat Mr. Jenner's r. d. Imperialist,

Mr. Miller's Magdalen beat Mr. Paxley's Phelim, and won the stakes.

The Tilshead Stakes.
Mr. W. Long's r. b. Lustre, beat Mr. James's r. b. Jilt (2)
Capt. Stone's bk. d. Cannon-ball, beat Mr. Ingram's r. b. Iris.

Mr. W. Long's Lustre beat Capt. Stone's Cannon-ball, and won the stakes.

The Deptford Stakes.
Mr. Miller's f. b. Minerva, beat Mr. Church's y. b. The Cub
Mr. Henry's f. b. Hasta, beat Mr. Church's r. b. Come-at-last.

Mr. Miller's Minerva beat Mr. Henry's Hasta, and won the stakes.

The Fisherton Stakes.

Mr. Miller's bk. b. Milliner, beat Mr. Henry's be. d. Hic
Mr. Ingram's r. b. Iris, beat Mr. Henry's bd. b. Hebe.

Mr. Miller's Milliner beat Mr. Ingram's Iris, and won the stakes.

WORKINGTON, Nov. 4 & 5.
Judge: Mr. A. Dalzell.

The Cup.

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Mr. Bragg's Wolf, by Winspeil, out of Bessy Bedlam, beat Mr. Peat's Derwentwater, by Lanarkshire, out of Phantom, and won the stakes.

The Curwen Stakes.

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Dyon beat Fearless

Wellington beat Blue Bonnet. Belle beat Spanker Mr. Graham's Dyon, Mr. Richardson's Belle, and Mr. Watson's Wellington divided the stakes.


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Dart beat Lambton

Mario beat Fly
Merry-lass beat Marplot

Anonymous beat Betsy's Fancy.

Merry-lass beat Dart

Anonymous beat Mario,

IV. Mr. Holmes's Merry-lass, by Stretcher, out of a bitch by Chieftain, beat Mr. Blanshard's Anonymous, by Rover, out of Fly, and won the stakes.

The St. Leger Stakes.

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Mantle beat Bramble

Mocking-bird ran a bye.

IV. Mr. Holmes's Mocking-bird, by Figaro, beat Mr. Carnley's Mantle, and won the stakes.

The Rowland Cup.

Mr. Carnley's f.d. Heath, beat Mr. Brown's bk. d. Merry-lad
Mr. Brown's bk. b. Bessy Bedlam, beat Mr. Burton's r. w. d. Grasper
Mr. M'Intyre's bd. d. Netherscales, beat Mr. Burkill's bk. b. Sloe
Mr. Holmes's r. d. Glcnt, beat Mr. Egremont's bk. w. b. Gizelle
Mr. G. Graham's f. d. Hickory, beat Mr. Whitehead's f. w. b. Mischief
Mr. Holme's bk. w. b. Matilda, beat Mr. Neville's bk. d. Boz (4)
Mr. Bilton's w. f. d. Rodney, beat Mr. Whitehead's bk. p. b. Jealousy
Mr. Egremout's bk. t. d. Black Doctor, beat Mr. Bateman's w. bk. d. All-fours (3).

Bessy Bedlam beat Heath

Matilda beat Hickory
Netherscales beat Glent

Black Doctor beat Rodney.

III. Bessy Bedlam beat Netherscales 1 Black Doctor beat Matilda. Mr. Brown's Bessy Bedlam, by King Cob, out of Lively, beat Mr. Egremont's Black Doctor and won the cup.

The Aucholme Stakes.

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Sloe beat Sir Harry

Mystery beat Flying Duchess.

III. Mr. Holmes's Mystery, by Chieftain, out of Fancy, beat Mr. Bentinck’s Sloe, and won the stakes.

The Appleby Carr Stakes.

Mr. Carnby's r. b. Lola Montez, beat Mr. Bent's r, b. Sunshine
Mr. Gowland's bk. d. Spring, beat Mr. R. Brigg's f. w. b. Mischief
Mr. Blanshard's bd. b. Fly, beat Mr. Burton's r. w. d. Grasper
Mr. Holmes's r. b. Gaylass, beat Mr. R. Brigg's f. w. d. Gay-lad.

Spring beat Lola Montez

Gaylass beat Fly.
Mr. Holmes's Gaylags, beat Mr. Gowland's Spring, and won the stakes.

Match, £50, best of three courses.

May-fly beat Pine.
CARDINGTON, Nov. 6, 7, & 8.
JUDGE: Mr. Lawrence.

The Oaks.

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Jeannette beat Pinwire

Viardot ran a bye.
Evelyn beat Roseleaf

Viardot beat Evelyn

Jeannette ran a bye.

IV. Mr. Inskip's Jeannette, by Planet, out of Jewess, beat Mr. Vipan's Viardot, by Fancy-boy, out of Varna, and won the stakes.

The Derby
Mr. Bothwell's bd. Beau, beat Mr. Longman's bk. Longitude
Mr. John Purser's bk. Paragon, beat Mr. Longman's r. Lion
Mr. Inskip's bk. Jeannot, beat Mr. Eley's r. w. Esquire
Mr. Richardson's r. Richard the First, beat Mr. Vipan's r. Voltigeur (dr.) (2)

Beau beat Jeannot

Paragon beat Richard the First.

III. Mr. John Purser's Paragon, by Ferrand, out of Pamela, beat Mr. Bothwell's Beau, and wou the stakes.

The Cap.

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Mr. Vipan withdrew his Vanilla, by Slasher, out of Violante, and declared his Verity, by Sergeant, out of Violante, the winner of the cup.

The Southill Stakes.

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Mr. Richardson's w.bk. d. p. Ravenswood, beat Mr. Vipan's r. d. p. Vatican
Mr. John Purser's f. w. b. Present (late Leeway), beat Mr. Longmau's r. w. d. Lightning
Mr. Richardson's w. bk. d. p. Rattlesnake, beat Mr. Bothwell's r. d. Bonus
Mr. Vipan's r. d. p. Victory, beat Mr. Eley's f. w. b. Eva.
Ravenswood beat Present

Victory beat Rattlesnake. Mr. Richardson's Ravenswood divided the stakes with Mr. Vipan's Victory, by Fancy-boy, out of Varna.

The Harrowden Hill Stakes.
Mr. Eley's r. w. Esquire, beat Mr. J. Purser's bk. w. b. Prizeflower
Mr. Vipan's r. d. p. Vatican, beat Mr. Inskip's r. b. Jenny Lind.

II. Mr. Vipan's Vatican, by Fancy-boy, out of Varna, beat Mr. Eley's Esquire, and won the stakes.

The Summer House Hill Stakes.

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Mr. J. Purser's Perchance, by Planet, out of Pamela, beat Mr. Inskip's Iacledon, and won the stakes.

Mr. Purser's bk. w. Prizeflower, beat Mr. Bothwell's Bonnie Lad.

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Catalini beat Bumpkin*

Glauca beat Bride. Mr. Gardner's Glauca, by Lanark, out of Swiss Girl, beat Mr. Hine's Catalini, by Foremost, out of Euterpe, and won the stakes.

The Clifton Cup, for all-aged dogs.

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Clydesdale beat Hebe

Lady Mary beat Bolingbroke
Sybil beat Crenoline

Haphazard beat Rifle-and-pike.
Clydesdale beat Sybil

Haphazard beat Lady Mary. Mr. Ridgway's Clydesdale, by What, out of Queen of the May, beat Mr. Horridge's Haphazard (pedigree unknown), and won the cup.

The Talbot Stakes.

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Mr. A. Graham's Ready-reckoner, by Scholar, out of Currency, beat Mr. E. Taylor's Smoker, and won the stakes.

The Lytham Stakes. Mr. Bake's bk. t. d. Blackbird, beat Mr. E. Taylor's r. d. Young Oliver Mr. Hine's f. b. Conceit, beat Mr. Hardman's r. b. Garry Mr. A. Graham's w. bk. b. Anarchy, beat Mr. Hampson's r. d. Hesketh Mr. H. Gardner's bk. d. Glaucus, beat Mr, Ridgway's r. b. Maid of Orleans (late Lemonade).

* Bumpkin, by Baron, out of Bella-donna, and Bride, by Senate, out of Rosetta, divided the third prize.

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