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Dalton beat Grecian

Cerito beat Whipcord.
Mr. G. Gregson's Dalton, by Spanker, out of Lady Easby, beat Mr. Cooke's Cerito, by
Lingo, out of Wanton, and won the stakes.

Mr. A. Graham's bk, w. b. Resignation .......................... 0 1
Sir J. Boswell's r. d. Puzzle-'em ....

................ 0 2

Judge: Mr Dalzell.

The Spring Produce Stakes.
Mr. Ridgway's r. d. Union Jack, beat Mr. M'Naughton's w. be. b. Nell Gwynne
Mr. Knowles's f. b. Kate, beat Mr. Bradley's be. w. d. Bumpkin
Mr. Williams's r. w.d. The Duke, beat Mr. Horridge's bk. w. b. Heiress
Mr, Ridgway's bk. b. Type, beat Mr. Hind's bk. d, Choir

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Union Jack ran a bye.

Uncertainty beat Catalini
Kate beat The Duke

Crisis beat Young Czar
Glauca beat Type

Miss Louisa beat Wiltshire.

Kate beat Union Jack

Crisis beat Miss Louisa.
Uncertainty beat Glauca
Uncertainty beat Kate

Crisis ran a bye. Mr. Jebb's Uncertainty, by Lythamus, out of Hazard, and Mr. Cook's Crisis, by Sam, out of Empress, divided the stakes.

The Clifden Cup, for all ages.
Mr. Horridge's bd. w. b. Haphazard, beat Mr. Gordon's bk. d. Graham
Mr. Hampson's bk. b. Lady Mary, beat Mr. Bryden's r. b. Ruby
Mr. Cooke's bk. d. Chorus, beat Mr. Hardman na. bk. b. Jet
Mr. Williams's f. b. Housemaid, beat Mr. Peacock's f. b. Prize
Mr. H. Jefferson's f. d. John Bull, beat Mr. Hardman na. r. d. Active
Mr. Gordon's f. b. Gaugain, beat Mr. Hampson's r. b. Alice
Mr. Williams na. bk. b. Slave, beat Mr. Bake's be. w. b. Betsy
Mr. Slater's be. w. d. Saxon, beat Mr. Peacock's bk. w. d. Physician.

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Lady Mary beat Haphazard

John Bull beat Gangain
Housemaid beat Chorus

Saxon beat Slavc.
Housemaid beat Lady Mary

Saxon beat John Bull.

Mr. Williams's Housemaid, by Frisk, out of Lark, beat Mr. Slater's Saxon, by Bugle, out of
Beauty, and won the cup.

The Talbot Stakes, for all ages.
Mr. Williams's bk. d. Whalley, beat Mr. Peacock's bk, d. David
Mr. Gordou's f. w. b. Guitar, beat Mr. Hardman na. r. w. d. Pyrrhus
Mr. H. Jefferson's r. d. Will-o'-the-wisp, beat Mr. Hampson's r. b. Honesty
Mr. Ridgway na. w. bk. d. Conqueror, beat Mr. Horridge's w. bk. b. Anarchy
Mr. Peacock's bd. b. Exit, beat Mr. Bake's be. d. Burgundy
Mr. Hardman na. bk. b. Carrara.water, beat Mr. Williams na. r. d. Simple Simon,




Whalley beat Guitar

Exit beat Carrara-water.
Conqueror beat Will-o'-the-wisp
Whalley beat Conqueror

Exit ran a bye.
Mr. Williams's Whalley, by Sultan, out of a Whalley bitch, beat Mr. Peacock's Exit, by
Smoker, out of Lucy, and won the stakes.

The Lytham Stakes, for all ages.

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Mr. Williams's r. d. Simple Simon, beat Mr. Horridge's na. r. d. Victor
Mr. Hampson's r. b. Alice, beat Mr. Hardman na. bl. b. Jet
Mr. Slater's be. b. Satire, beat Mr. Bake's bk. b. Bride
Mr. Peacock's f. b. Prize, beat Mr. Ridgway na. f. d. The Colonel (late Surplice).
Alice beat Simple Simon

Prize beat Satire.

Mr. Peacock's Prize, by Pleader, out of Young Empress, beat Mr. Hampson's Alice, by
Young Ajax, out of Alice, and won the stakes.

The Ribble Stakes, for all ages.
Mr. Hardman na. r. w. d. Pyrrhus, beat Mr. Hampson na. f. d. Spot
Mr. Bryden na. r. b. Ruby, beat Mr. Peacock's bk. w. d. Physician
Mr. Cooke's bk. b. Catherine Hayes, beat Mr. Hardman na.r. d. Lightning
Mr. Ridgway's r. w. d. Knight of Rokeby, beat Mr. Horridge na, bd. w. b. Violet.

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Ruby beat Pyrrhus

Catherine Hayes beat Knight of


III. Mr. Bryden's Ruby, by Sam, out of Empress, and Mr. Cooke's Catherine Hayes divided the stakes.

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Mr. J. Anderson's The Miller, Mr. J. S. Jobbing's Young Alive O, Mr. A. Carr's Young Champion, Mr. Christie's The Doctor, and his Flying Duchess, and Mr. Gowlan's Spanker, divided the stakes.

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Totherstaffe beat Spaniard

Director beat Burgundy
Camphine beat Colonel

Wee-wee beat Tiller.
Camphine beat Totherstaffe

Wee-wee beat Director.

Mr. J. Worrall's Wee-wee, by Edleston's Winnibald, out of his Tiny Trip, beat Mr.
Hughes's Camphine, by O'Grady's Oliver Twist, and won the cup.

The Molyneux Plate.
Mr. Swan's r. d. Sanspareil, beat Mr. Slater's be. b. Satire
Mr. Sadler na. r. b. Miss Eaton, beat Mr. J. Forrest's bd. d. Red-ball (late Mercury)
Mr. J. Worrall's w.bk. b. War-dance, beat Mr. Quirk's f.w.d. Archbishop
Mr. Ardern's be. d. Merchant, beat Mr. Deakin's f. d. Distiller
Mr. Matthews's bk. w. d. Mott, beat Mr. Temple's bk. d. Trial
Mr. King's f. w. d. Regent, beat Mr. Hope na. r. b. Lankey
Mr. Ardern na. bk.b. Heiress, beat Mr. Sadler's w. be.b. Lady Maria
Mr. Hughes's f. d. Topper, beat Mr.J. Worrall's r. d. Warden,

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Mr. Ardern na. Minnow, by his Monarch, out of his Nimble, beat Mr. C. Parkinson's Harebell, by Nimrod, out of Hall's Haidee, and won the purse.

The Altcar Stakes.

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Mr. Ardern's bk. d. My Lord, beat Mr. King's bk. t. d. Sparks
Mr. Brocklebank's bk. b. Bleng, beat Mr. Clegg's f. w. d. White-cap.
Snap beat Lark

Senator beat Scrub
Saxon beat Nelson

Bleng beat My Lord.

Saxon beat Snap

Bleng beat Senator.

Mr. Brocklebank's Bleng, by Longmire's Levite, out of his Bride of Abydos, beat Mr. Slater's
Saxon, by Robinson's Red Bugle, out of Hunt's Beauty, and won the stakes.

The Altcar Challenge Cup.
Mr. J. Worrall's w. bk. b. Wee-wee, beat Mr. Swan's r. d. Sanspareil.

The Sefton Challenge Cup.
Mr. Ardern na. be. b. Minnow, beat Mr. Brocklebank's bk. b. Bleng.

The Altcar Goblet.

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Juggernaut beat Britomart

Honesty beat Molyneux.

III. Mr. Hargreave's Honesty, by Banister, out of Gipsy Queen, beat Mr. B. H. Jones's Jugger. naut, by Scythian, out of Thistledown, and won the stakes.

The Lancashire Stakes.

Mr. Swan's bk. d. Spaniard, beat Mr. Slater's be. b. Satire
Mr. Tomkinson's r. b. Lucy, beat Mr. Deakin's f. b. Duchess
Mr. Temple's bk. d. Trial, beat Mr. Hope's f. d. Gelart
Mr. Sadler's w. be. b. Lady Maria, beat Mr. Worrall's w. b. Passamaquanoddi.

Spaniard beat Lucy

Trial beat Lady Maria.

TII. Mr. Temple's Trial, by Counsellor, out of Titania, beat Mr. Swan's Spaniard, by Sparks-ofFire, out of Shadow, and won the stakes.


The Champion Stakes.

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