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Damson beat Farmer

Dunkeld ran a bye.

Mr. Dobede's Damson beat his Dunkeld (dr.), and won the stakes.

The Cup.

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Donald beat Beeswing

Diadem ran a bye. Mr. Dobede's Donald beat his Diadem (dr.), and won the cup.

The Oaks.

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Diamond beat Baron

Discretion ran a bye. Mr. Dobede's Diamond beat his Discretion (dr.), and won the stakes.

The Exning Stakes.

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Mr. Fyson's bk. w. b. Fanny, beat Mr. Finch's bk. w. d. Clincher
Mr. Fyson's bk. t. b. Fly, beat Mr. Finch's bk. d. p. Cantab.
THE WILTSHIRE CHAMPION, Oct. 22, 23, 24, 25, & 26.

JUDGE: Mr. Nightingale.

The Great Western Cup.

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The Nailer beat Egypt (2)

Puzzle-'em beat Maneuvrer. Sir J. Boswell withdrew The Nailer, by Caliban, out of Judy Iwans, and declared Puzzle'em, by Jason, out of Puzzle, the winner.

The Druid Cup.

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Rory O'More beat Jack's-the-lad

Lopez beat Magistrate
First beat Westwind

Hudibras beat Phelim.

Rory O'More beat First

Hudibras beat Lopez.

IV. Mr. Rendall's Rory O'More, by Chieftain, ont of Ruby, beat Mr. Bowles's Hudibras, by Opposition, and won the stakes.

The Elston Stakes, for bitch puppies.

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Idea beat Victory

Lullaby-baby beat Victoria
Rapid beat Panoply

Cashmere beat Laura Bell.
Idea beat Rapid

Lullaby-baby beat Cashmere (2).
Mr. Loder's Lullaby. baby by Czar, out of Cactus, won the stakes ; Mr. Fowles's Idea, by
Foremost, out of Fancy, falling dead in the slips.

The Beacon Hill Stakes, for all-aged dogs.

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Belt beat Well-I-never

Winlove beat Lalla Rookh Mr. Fowles's Belt, beat Mt. Webb's Winlove, and won the stakes.

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Memini beat Harry

Lightfoot beat Lady Maria.
Capacity beat Neli Gwynne
Capacity beat Memini

Lightfoot ran a bye. Mr. Taylor's Lightfoot, by Sam, out of Empress, beat Mr. Carr's Capacity, by Kentish Fire, out of Linnet, and won the stakes.

The Annual Dinner Stakes.

Mr. Bake's f. d. Bolingbroke, beat Mr. Sagar's r. d. Dutchman
Mr. Taylor's be. d. Bendigo, beat Mr. King's r. w. d. Albert
Mr. Coupe's r. w.d. Catcher, beat Mr. Deakin's Distiller
Mr. Bott's bk. d, Brutus, beat Mr. Sadler's r. b. Little Fanny
Mr. Sagar's r. d. Corruscation, beat Mr. Taylor's bk. b. Oily
Mr. Wood's be. w.d. Bugle, beat Mr. J. Robinson's bd. d. Taffy
Mr. Greening's bk. d. Mulberry, beat Mr. M'Naughton's r. w. b. Norma
Mr. Bott's be, b. Bronti (late Peggy), beat Mr. Booth's bk. t. b. Alice.



Bendigo beat Bolingbroke

Bugle beat Corruscation
Brutus beat Catcher

Bronti beat Alice.
Brutus beat Bendigo

Bagle beat Bronti.
Mr. Wood's Bugle, by Bugle, out of Beauty, beat Mr. Bott's Brutus, by Enniskillen, out of
Queen, and won the stakes.

The Churchtown Stakes.

Mr. Bake's r. w.d. Bee-hunter, beat Mr. James's f.w. b. Flyaway
Mr. Greening's bk. d. Young Smoker, beat Mr. Robinson's r. b. Flying Duchess
Mr. Slater's r. w. b. Sybil, beat Mr. Wood's w.f. d. Turpin
Mr. Taylor's r. d. Oliver, beat Mr. Sagar's bk. w. b. Brag
Mr. Deakin's w. bd. b. Duchess, beat Mr. Sadler's r. w. d. Young Vandyke
Mr. King's r. w. b. Bride, beat Mr. James's f. b. Tan
Mr. Coupe's r. b. Young Handy, beat Mr. Booth's bd. d. Landseer
Mr. Greening's f. w. b. Young Kite, beat Mr. Carr's r. b. Lady Helen.



Bee-hunter beat Young Smoker

Bride beat Duchess
Sybil beat Oliver

Young Kite bcat Young Handy.
Bee-hunter beat Sybil

Young Kite beat Bride,

IV. Mr. Bake's Bee-hunter, by Marquis, out of Butterfly, beat Mr. Greening's Young Kite, by Kite, out of Vesper, and won the stakes.

The Scarisbrick Puppy Stakes.

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Director Beat Blue

Spark beat Satire. Mr. Deakin's Director, by Drinknaught, out of Dinah, beat Mr. King's Spark, by Kentish Fire, out of Miss Sarah, and won the stakes.

The Crossens Stakes.

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Taffy beat Young Handy

I Distiller beat Albert. Mr. Williams's Distiller, by Sam, out of Dot, beat Mr. Hobson's Taffy, by Cooley, out of Teetotum, and won the stakes.

The Marshside Stakes.

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Catcher beat Short-tail

Catch-pass-and-win beat Miss Louisa. Mr. Coupe's Catcher, by Canino, out of Handy, beat Mr. Taylor's Catch-pass-and-win, and won the stakes.

EVERLEY UNION, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 & 2.

JUDGE: Mr. Nightingale.

The Derby (first class).

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Mars beat Lively Jem

The Imp beat Mayor of York.

Mr. Miller's Mars and Mr. Fowle's The Imp, by Foremost, divided the stakes.

The Oaks (first class).
Mr. Parkinson's r. Sauce-box, beat Mr. Loder's bk. Lullaby (2)
Mr. Church's y. Come-at-last, beat Mr. Jenner's bk. Cat
Mr. Noyes's bk. Norfolk, beat Mr. Rendall's bk. w. Running
Mr. Ingram's r. Infanta, beat Mr. Henry's f. Hasta.
Sauce-box beat Come-at-last

Norfolk beat Infanta.

Mr. Noyes's Norfolk won the stakes, Mr. Parkinson's Sauce-box being drawn.

The Oaks (second class).
Mr. Church's y. Cub (late Vic), beat Mr. W. Long's r. Lethe
Mr. Jenner's w. The Cripple, beat Mr. Noyes's bk. Nimble
Mr. Jenner's bk. Jezabel, beat Mr. Miller's r. Magdalene
Mr. Henry's f. Hecuba, beat Mr. Raxworthy's be. Ringdove.
The Cripple beat Hecuba

Jezabel beat Cub (late Vic).
The Stakes were divided between Mr, Jenner's Cripple and Jezabel.


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