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Mocking-bird beat Primrose

Dalton beat Lobster
Bonnie Scotland beat Factotum

Welcome beat Rigolette.
Welcome ran a bye.—Dalton (dr.) i Mocking-bird beat Bonnic Scotland.
Mr. Holmes's Mocking-bird, by Figaro, out of Malvina, beat Mr. Cooke's Welcome, by
Hector, out of Fly, and won the stakes.
(The north country dogs are distinguished by the letter n, and the south by s).

The Consolation Stakes.

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Mr. Eley's Exchequer, by King Cob, out of Edith, beat Mr. Foley's Baron, by Barrister, out of Molly Maguire, and won the stakes,

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Nimble beat Chemist

Epicure beat Testatrix. Mr. Blanshard's Nimble, by Douglas, out of Marchioness, beat Mr. Ewing's Epicure, by Longwaist, out of Helen Faucit, and won the cup.

The Colebrooke Open Champion Cup, for all ages, value £162 10s.

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Caldew beat Hypothec

Jamie Forest beat Rifle-and-pike
Ecclefechan beat Welsh Harper

The Nutman beat Midas
Vulcan beat Liddel

Old Tom ran a bye.
Wigan beat Satisfaction
Ecclefechan beat Caldew (1)

The Nutman won-Old Tom drawn
Jamie Forest beat Vulcan (1)

Wigan ran a bye.
Wigan beat Ecclefechan

The Nutman beat Jamie Forrest Mr. Campbell's Wigan, by Drift, out of Cutty Sark, beat Mr. J. J. Henderson's The Nutman, by Haphazard, out of Scottish Girl, and won the cup.

The Crawfordjohn Cup, for fourth-season dogs.
Mr. B. G. Borron's be. b. Blue-light ...........................
The Champion Club Collar and Stakes of £37 10s.

Mr. A. Graham's w. f. b. Emigration, beat Mr. R. G. Borron's be. b. Brenhilda
Mr. R. Sharpe's f. b. Primrose Girl, beat Sir J. Boswell's r. b. Secrecy
Mr. Ewing's f. d. Encore, beat Mr. Blanshard's w. be. b. Anonymous
Mr. Walker's w. bk. d. Baker, beat Mr. Ewing's bd. b. Interlude
Mr. T. Swan's r. b. Miss, beat Mr. R. Sharpe's f. d. Doctor Hornbook
Mr. Blanshard's f. w. b. Bess, beat Mr. Gordon's r. w. b. Guitar (2)
Mr. Ellis's f. d. Salton, beat Mr. J. Wilson's w. bd. d. William Rufus
Mr. J. Wilson's w. f. d. Garibaldi, beat Mr. J. Sharpe's bk. d. Forlorn Hope
Mr. Brown's be. b. Randy Lassie, beat Mr. J. Swan's w. bd. b. Cornclips
Mr. R. Sharpe's f. d. Bell-the-cat, beat Mr. A. Graham's r. d. Power
Mr. Gordon's bd. d. Gleaner, beat Mr. R. G. Borron's r. b. Blazilla
Sir J. Boswell's bk. w. d. Manzanilla, beat Mr. Gordon's bk. d. Gough
Mr. J. L. Ewing's bk. d. Leven Water ran a bye.


Primrose Girl beat Emigration

Bell-the-cat beat Randy Lassie
Encore beat Baker (1)

Gleaner beat Leven Water
Miss beat Bess

Manzanilla ran a bye.
Garibaldi beat Salton

Encore beat Primrose Girl (1)

Bell-the-cat beat Manzanilla
Miss beat Garibaldi (1)

Gleaner ran a bye.
Miss beat Encore

Bell-the-cat beat Gleaner.
Mr. R. Sharpe's Bell-the-cat, by Liddesdale, out of Queen of the May, beat Mr. J. Swan's
Miss (dr.), and won the collar and stake.

Sapling Stakes, No. 1.
Mr. R. Paterson's f. w. b. Rare-hare, beat Mr. Blanshard's bk. d. Driffield
Mr. Brown's f. d. Binkie, beat Sir J. Boswell's bk. d. Fain Hope.

Mr. R. Paterson's Rare Hare, beat Mr. Brown's Binkie (dr.), and won the stakes.

Sapling Stakes, No. 2.
Mr. Dalziel's r. b. Everlasting, beat Mr. Wilson's bk. b. —
Mr. Paterson's bk. b. — beat Mr. Black's bk. w. b. Romana,

Mr. Dalziel's Everlasting, beat Mr. Paterson's ---, and won the stakes.




London : Printed by Joseph Rogerson, 24, Norfolk-street, Strand.

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