PORTRAIT, to face the Title-page.
Pointers and GAMEKEEPER *, to face Page 440.
Cat's HEAD,


480. Dog's STOMACH,

do. 502. Dog's TONGUE,

do. 506.

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* The Pointers belong to Mr. Larkin, to whom the Compiler is extremely obliged,

for the Loan of a very excellent Picture, by Mr. Chalons, from which the Plate was taken.


The King's, Most Ercellent Majesty.

His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent.
His Royal Highness, the Duke of York.


Albemarle, Right Hon. Earl of.
Astley, Sir Jacob, Bart. M. P.
Abbs, Esq.
Abdy, John Rutherford, Esq.
Adair, Alexander, Esq.
Adams, Mr.
Allan, George, Esq.
Allen, William, Esq.

Amherst, Stephen, Esq.
Amherst, John, Esq.
Andrew, Mr.
Andrews, T. H. Esq.
Angerstien, John, jun. Esq. M. P.
Appleby, Mr.
Arch, J. & A. - 6 Copies. .
Archer, Mr. Dublin. 25 Copies.
Armitage, Edward, Esq.
Asperne, Mr. 15 Copies.
Atcheson, N. Esq.

Berkeley, Right Hon. Earl of. Blandford, Most Hon. the Marquis

Braybrooke, Right Hon. Lord.
Bridgewater, Right Hon. Earl of,
Buccleugh, His Grace, the Duke of.
Burdett, Lady
Byng, Hon. John.
Boynton, Sir Francis, Bart.
Bunbury, Sir T. C. Bart. M. P.
Bacon, William, Esq.
Bagster, Mr.

4 Copies.
Baker, Mr.
Ballentyne, Mr.
Banbury, W. Esq.
Barham, J. F. Esq. M. P.
Barker, T. R. Esq.
Barlow, Captain, M. P.
Barrett, Mr.


Brandling, Charles, Esq. M. P.
Briant, W. Esq.
Brien, William, Esq.
Broadley, Isaac, Esq.
Brooksby, Rev. Mr.
Bryan, Esq.
Bullock, Colonel, M. P.
Burgess, Esq.
Burgoyne, Montague, Esq.
Burrnett and Co. Aberdeen.


Barrett, E. B. M. Esq.
Barrow, George, Esq.
Bates, Mr.
Bayley, Samuel, Esq.
Beachcroft, Thomas, Esq.
Beale, Daniel, Esq.
Beamont, Mr.
Beardmore, John, Esq.
Beaufoy, J. H. Esq.
Beaurain, William, Esq.
Bell, J. Esq.
Bewicke, C. Esq. M. P.
Biddle, William, Esq.
Biddle, Joseph, Esq.
Bidwell, Thomas, Esq.
Biggs, Mr.
Binns, N. W. Esq.
Bird, Joseph, Esq. - 2 Copies.
Bird, Godfrey, Rev.
Bird, Thomas, Esq.
Blackburn, Mr.
Blake, Mr.
Blakey, H. Esq.
Bland, M. Esq.
Blane, Mr.
Blewert, John, Esq.
Bliss, Robert, Sen.
Boldero, Rev. Mr.
Boldero, C. Esq.
Bolton, George, Esq.
Bond, Mr.
Booker, Mr.
Bottomley, Mr. Leeds.
Boydell, Josiah, Esq.
Boydell, J. N. Esq.
Bramston, T. B. Esq.

Craven, Right Hon. Earl of.
Conolly, Right Hon. Thomas, M. P.
Corbett, Andrew, Sir, Bart.
Cadell and Davis.
Campbell, John, Esq.
Carr, G. D. Major.
Carver, Lieut.-Colonel.
Caldecot, John, Esq.
Caldwell, Mr.
Carpenter, Mr.
Cazalet, Esq.
Chalie, Francis, Esq.
Chandler, George, Rev. Dr.
Chalon, H. B. Esq.
Chapman, James, Esq.
Clachar, Mr.
Clarke, I. A. Esq.
Clarke, John, Esq.
Clarke, Mr.
Clarkson, Mr.
Claridge, John, Esq.
Clement, W. S. Mr.
Clerke, John, Esq.
Cobb, John, Esq.

Eccles, Charles, Esq.
Edge, J. Rev.
Egerton, Mr.
Ellitson, D. Esq.
Elmer, Mr.
Engleheart, George, Esq.
Evans, John, Esq.

Coggan, John, Esq. Cokayne, John, Esq. Collins, Robert, Esq. Collinson, C. S. Esq. Cooke, Mr. Cooke, G. P. Esq. Cookson, Esq. Cooper, John, Esq. Corsellis, N. Rev. Coussmajor, W. K. Esq. Crosby and Co. — 6 Copies. Crespigny, George, Esq. Crunden, Esq. Cunynghame, Lieut.-Colonel.



Darlington, Right Hon. Earl of.
Dudley and Ward, Right Hon. Vis-

Dudley, Bate, Rey. Sir H. Bart.
Daniel, S. Esq.
Dawson, H. Rev.
Denison, John, Esq. M. P.
Dennison, J. Esq. M. P.
Dent, John, Esq. M. P.
Dent, Mr.
Dick, Jeremiah, Esq.
Dixon, H. Esq.
Dixon, Rev. Mr.
Drake, J. T. Esq. M. P.
Dubois, James, Esq.
Dutton, Mr.

Fitzgerald, Right Hon. Lord Henry.
Fitzgerald, Right Hon. Lord Robert.
Fitzharris, Right Hon. Viscount.
Favene, P. Esq.
Faulder, Mr. - 6 Copies.
Fawkes, Walter, Esq.
Ferguson, Robert, Esq.
Fisher, Mr.
Fisher, John, LL. D.
Fisherwick, Mr.
Fitzgerald, G. Esq.

Forbes, James, Esq.
Forester, G. T. Esq.
Forster, John, Esq.
Fothergill, C. Mr. York.
Fox, James, Esq.
Frisby, Charles, Esq.
Fuller, W. Esq.

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Grafton, His Grace, the Duke of.
Grey, de Ruthyn, Right Hon. Lord.
Gardiner, Mr.
Gasgoyne, Lieut.-General, M. P.
Gee, George, Esq.

Essex, Right Hon. Earl of. Esdaile, Sir Joseph.

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