The Pacific Reporter, Volum 148

West Publishing Company, 1915

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Side 274 - No court will lend its aid to a man who founds his cause of action upon an immoral or an illegal act.
Side 76 - Where, however, the probation has been terminated, as provided in paragraph four of section four hundred and eightythree of the code of criminal procedure, and the suspension of the sentence or of the execution revoked, and the judgment pronounced, the defendant must forthwith be committed to the custody of the proper officer and by him detained until the judgment be complied with.
Side 412 - Where the transferee receives notice of any infirmity in the instrument or defect in the title of the person negotiating the same before he has paid the full amount agreed to be paid therefor, he will be deemed a holder in due course only to the extent of the amount theretofore paid by him.
Side 336 - Excessive damages, appearing to have been given under the influence of passion or prejudice; 6.
Side 46 - One who sells real property has a vendor's lien thereon, independent of possession, for so much of the price as remains unpaid and unsecured otherwise than by the personal obligation of the buyer.
Side 12 - On the trial of any proceeding for any forcible entry or forcible detainer, the plaintiff shall only be required to show, in addition to the forcible entry or forcible detainer complained of, that he was peaceably in the actual possession at the time of the forcible entry, or was entitled to the possession at the time of the forcible detainer.
Side x - The privileges of this law," as you will perceive, "are extended to every person who is the head of a family, or who has arrived at the age of twenty-one years, and is a citizen of the United States, or has declared his intention of becoming such, and who has done no disloyal act, direct or indirect.
Side 191 - The review shall not be extended further than to determine whether the commission has regularly pursued its authority, including a determination of whether the order or decision under review violates any right of the petitioner under the constitution of the United States or of the State of California.
Side 152 - He who comes into a court of equity must come with clean hands...
Side 91 - If you believe from the evidence in this case, by a preponderance thereof, that...

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