WHEN now I had for a long time reflected upon the uncertainty that pervaded all the mathematical results then existing as to the motions of the planets, it began to be repellent to me that the philosophers who would investigate with such extraordinary care the most insignificant details of the course of the heavenly bodies, should yet find no certain ground for the movement of the World Machine.

COPPERNICUS, De Revolutionibus : Introd. (1543).

Since Coppernicus, Man seems as if thrown upon an inclined plane, down which he is rolling, rolling, faster and ever faster-away from his central place in creation-Whither ? Into Nothingness ?

Into a deep-penetrating sense of nothingness?

FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE, Zur Genealogie der Moral.


The world-old effort of the race to construct a world image, a

picture of the universe-Its history-It is scattered through a
variety of works, most of which had appeared before the idea
of evolution had taken hold—The permanence of our present-
day conceptions

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The whole intellectual and scientific advance has been characterised

by the overturning of primitive impressions and beliefs—A
survey of the wondrous change in our ideas which this process
has wrought—The implication

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Primitive man and his world-His earliest ideas of fixity and law

must have come from the development of mathematics and its
applications—How he first learned “to count, to measure, to
time, and to weigh "

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