third count, stating that all parties shot at prosecutor in dwelling

house, 550 fourth, stating that J. S. shot at prosecutor in dwelling-house and that

two others aided, &c. 550 for shooting at prosecutor with pistol, laying offence in two counts on

9 Geo. I. c. 22. 551 first count, for shooting with loaded pistol, 551 second, for shooting without stating pistol to be charged, 551 for maliciously shooting person in dwelling-house, 552 for maliciously shooting in public street, 552 on 23 Geo. III. c. 58. s. 1. for shooting at prosecutor, 552 against three persons for assaulting and cutting, &c. with intent to

murder, and against fourth for counselling, procuring, &c. 553 on 43 Geo. III. c. 58. s. 1. for levelling gun at prosecutor, 553 FOR ATTEMPTS TO MURDER BY POISON, 554 against servant for putting corrosive mercury sublimate into tea-ket

tle with intent to poison her master, 554 for putting white arsenic into brandy and giving it to person to drink,

555 for felony in attempt to poison, on 43 Geo. III. 555 INDICTMENTS FOR GIVING DRUGS, &c. TO PRODUCE ABORTION, 556 for administering savin to woman quick with child with intent to pro

cure abortion, on 43 Geo. III. 555 on 43 Geo. JII. for administering savin to woman not quick with child

with intent to procure miscarriage, 556 on 43 Geo. III. for administering savin to procure abortion to woman

before quickening, 557 at common law for assault, and administering, &c. to cause miscar

riage, 557

Preliminary notes.

offence, 564
indictment, 565

punishment, 565
Precedents of indictments and informations.

for robbery, 566
for robbery on highway, and stealing book, money, and bill, 566
for robbery in dwelling-house, 567
for assault with intent to rob by menaces, &c. &c. 567

the like with offensive weapons, 569
Preliminary notes, 570

offences, 570
principals and accessaries, 571
bail, 571
indictment, 572
what evidence will suffice, 572
what witnesses are competent, 573
punishment, 574
on children within age of consent, 574
offence, 574
indictment, 575

evidence, 575
Precedents of indictments, for Rapes of women.

indictment for rape, 576

for carnally knowing and abusing female child under age of ten

years, 577.


for making assault on single woman with intent to ravish, 577 for assault on married woman with intent to commit rape, 578 against two persons for assaulting married woman, with intent that

one of them should ravish her, 578 for assault on infant under ten years of age, with intent carnally to

know her, 578 INDICTMENTS FOR FORCIBLE ABDUCTION OF WOMEN. for felony in taking woman having substance, and against hier will,

under stat. 3 Hen. VII., 578

for common assault, 582
second count for another assault, 582
for throwing on floor and kicking, 583
for beating out eye, 583
for like and tearing hair off prosecutor's head by roots, 584
for assault and encouraging dog to bite, 584
for assault with walking stick, 584
for riding over person with horse, 585
for driving coach against prosecutor's chaise, 585
for driving cart against chaise, and throwing driver from it, 586
for assault and presenting loaded gun, and threatening to fire it, 588
for violent assault and wounding plaintiff with a bayonet, 588
for asssaulting driver of chaise, and with the off wheel overturning

chaise, 587
for driving cart against chariot, and breaking back of one of the

horses drawing chariot, 587 for making assault and taking away a receipt, 589 for violent assault on clergyman, 590 for violent bruising with fist, 590 for similar injury whereby prosecutor was prevented from doing his

duty as clerk, &c. 590 for common assault, 591 for assault with intent to murder, 591 for assault with drawn sword with intent to murder, 591 for casting into pond of water with intent to suffocate, 592 for beating and ill-treating parish apprentice, and keeping her from

necessary food, 592 for stripping apprentice, whipping her, and keeping her without food,

593 for compelling apprentice to go naked into frozen rivulet, 593 for holding apprentice near to large fire and scorching and throwing

her against ground, 593 for not providing sufficient food for servant of tender age, 594 for assaulting woman quick with child so that child was brought

forth dead, 595 for assaulting one of collectors of turnpike in execution of his office,

595 for assaulting constable in execution of office, 596 for assaulting gamekeeper in execution of duty, 596 for assault on account of money won at play, 597 like in more concise form, 597 on 6 Geo. I. for assaulting person on highway and defacing garments,



for assault and false imprisonment, 599
the like, and obtaining five guineas for discharge, 600
like and obtaining note for discharge, 600
against commander in chief of one of East India provinces, for assault,

and imprisoning prosecutor for ten months, 600
for assault and demanding of prosecutor, either to sign note for pay.

ment of money or to fight a duel, 602 for imprisonment and demanding of prosecutor to sign note or to

fight duel, and threatening to shoot him, 603 for pointing pistol at prosecutor and threatening to shoot him, 603 for challenge, 604 for common false imprisonment, 604 for assaulting, menacing with loss of life, and throwing into dungeon

in Exeter castle, and keeping him imprisoned there, 604 for assault and false imprisonment within palace, 605 INDICTMENTS FOR THREATS AT COMMON LAW. for extorting money under pretence of prosecuting for unnatural

crime, 607 for obtaining money by threatening to have party imprisoned and pil.

lored for perjury, 608 INDICTMENTS FOR THREATENING LETTERS-FELONY ON STATUTES, on 9 Geo. I. for sending threatening letter with fictitious name sub.

scribed thereto, demanding money, 609
for sending letter threatening to charge capital felony, 612

for sending letter charging prosecutor with sodomy, 614 INDICTMENTS AND INFORMATIONS FOR CHALLENGES.

for sending written challenge, 614
for sending challenge by letter to a magistrate, 616
second count not setting out letter, 618
another precedent for sending written challenge, 618
for sending challenge in letter, 619
for sending challenge to prosecutor and posting him as a coward, 619
for carrying a challenge, 620
for delivering written challenge, 622
for delivering written challenge as by desire of a third person, 623
for provoking prosecutor to fight, 623
against justice of peace for writing and delivering challenge to ano-

ther justice at instance of third person, 623
for writing and delivering challenges, 623
for delivering written challenge as from third person, 623
for provoking and inciting prosecutor to fight, 623
for verbally challenging justice of peace to fight, 623
for personal challenge to fight duel, 625
for verbal challenge to fight and violent assault, 627
for writing letter inciting another to send challenge, 629
for assaulting and provoking to figlit, 630

for sending challenge about money lost at play, 630 INDICTMENTS FOR MALA PRAXIS. against midwife who had engaged the delivering of woman, killing

her by bad treatment, 631 INDICTMENTS FOR LIBELS. Preliminary Notes.

offence, 634
modes of prosecution, 640
indictment or information, 640

charge, &c. 641
evidence, what sufficient, 644
verdict, 645

judgment, 646
1. written slander.

for libel on king, 647
for libel in Portuguese language on Portuguese ambassador, imputing

dishonesty, 647
for libelling Sir W. Garrow in his conduct of cause, 649
against printer of newspaper for publishing advertisement by married

woman offering to become mistress, 652 common form of indictment for libel on private individual, 653 for publishing only, 654, for writing and sending letter to prosecutor accusing him of theft,

654 for writing and sending ludicrous verses accusing prosecutrix of ty

ranny, &c.and sending in form of letter, 655 for writing and sending libel to prosecutrix, 656 for writing and publishing, 656 for libel on attorney contained in letter, 656 for composing and publishing libel, 656 for publishing only, 656 for libel on attorney in form of address to judge, charging him with

suppressing evidence, &c. 656 for publishing libel against three justices, church wardens, &c. 658

for libel by surgeon against dissenting preacher, 659 2. for libels in pictures, prints and effigies.

indiciments for libel and libellous pictures, 660
for libelling prosecutor and his wife in obscene verses and pictures,

for libel in a print, 663
for drowning in effigy collectors of assessed taxes, 664
for libel by hanging prosecutor in effigy, 667
for publishing ex parte statement of preliminary examinations before

magistrate previous to his committing person for offence, 668 for libel on person who was dead, 671 3. for verbal slander, 672

for insulting commissioners of property tax, 672



Preliminary Notes.

the offence, 674

f the degrees of larceny, 682
the things in respect of which larceny may be committed, 684
by whom larceny may be committed, and how it is aggravated by

situation of offender, 694
of larceny from particular places, 699
stealing from person, 704
requisites of indictment, 706

[ocr errors]

trial, &c. 712

punishment of larceny, 712 Accessaries and receivers of stolen goods, 713

offences, 713 indictment, 721 evidence, 722


VING, &e. Against principals and accessaries. general form of indictment at common law for grand larceny in steal

ing property of different persons, 723 for stealing hay, 723 for stealing sacks of wheat, 723 stealing sacks of wheat meal, 723 stealing guineas, 723 stealing wool, 724 stealing silver spoons, 724 stealing articles of various kinds belonging to hospital, 724 for stealing boxes, shoes, pocketbook, sugar and kettles, 724 for receiving stolen goods, on 4 and 5 W. and M. c. 9. s. 4. 725 against accessary for receiving stolen goods in one county, when prin

cipal was convicted in another, 725 for misdemeanour in receiving stolen goods as accessary chief felon

being unknown, on 22 Geo. II. c. 58. 726 for having naval stores found in custody, on 9 and 10 W. III. c. 41.

s. 2. 727 With respect to thing taken.

stealing shrubs in night time from garden, on 6 Geo. II. 729 for single felony in stealing lead affixed to dwelling-house, on 4 Geo.

II. c. 32. 7:20 against aider and assister, 730 against receiver of stolen lead, 730 stealing lead affixed to church, on 4 Geo. II. c. 32. 730 the like where property in lead in rector, 730 where property of lead in church warden of parish, 730 where property in inhabitants and parishioners, 731 for stealing lead from off church, &c. generally, 731 receiving stolen lead before conviction of principal felon, 731 for receiving, &c. generally, 751 receiving, &c. under its value, 731 for stealing bills of exchange, being in payment for duties, on 2 Geo.

II. 732
where property in his majesty, 732
where property in individual, 733
property in several persons, 733
for stealing promissory note on 2 Geo. Il. 734
for stealing bill of exchange on 2 Geo. II. 734
for stealing bank note on 2 Geo. II. 734
for stealing promissory notes on 2 Geo. II. 735
stealing stamps, 735
stealing stamps in more general form, 735
for taking oysters, &c. from fishery, 735
on 48 Geo III. for stealing oysters, 737
for stealing a gelding, 737
for sheep stealing against principals and receiver of stolen sheep, 737
for killing sheep with intent to steal carcases, on 14 Geo. II. c. 6. $. 1.

for milking cow and stealing milk, 738

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