Ach! aber ach! das Mädchen kam
Und nicht in Acht das Veilchen nahm,
Ertrat das arme Veilchen.
Es sank und starb und freut sich noch :
Und sterb ich denn, so sterb ich doch

Durch Sie, durch Sie,
Zu ihren Füssen doch.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, from 11 A.M. to 12.30.

2 (c). German. (Second Paper.) Translate into German :

After the death of Numa, the Roman people elected Tullus Hostillius for their king. This monarch was every way unlike his predecessor, being entirely devoted to war, so that he only sought a pretext for leading his forces to the field. The Albans were the first people who gave him an opportunity of indulging his favourite inclination. The Roman and Alban forces met about five miles from Rome, prepared to decide the fate of their respective kingdoms, for almost every

battle in these barbarous times was decisive. The two armies were for some time drawn out in array, awaiting the signal to begin, both chiding the length of that dreadful suspense which kept them from death or victory. But an unexpected proposal from the Alban general, put a stop to the onset; he stepped in between both armies, and by single combat, offered the Romans a choice of deciding the dispute.

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14, from 2.30 to 4.30 P.M.

2 (c). German. (Third Paper.) 1. Decline in the singular Held, Thal, Bauer; and in the plural Qual, Schlag, Käse.

2. Give the different plurals of Gesicht, Strauss, Wort, Schnur, Ort, with the meaning in each case.

3. What general rules are there for the gender of nouns ? Give the gender of Segel, Tafel, Pulver, Mitgift, Hochmuth, Käfig.


4. Write down the present indicative of dürfen, the present subjunctive of mögen, and the imperfect indicative of können.

5. Give the 3rd person singular of the present indicative, the ist person singular of the past indicative, and the past participle of binden, leiden, zwingen, essen, helfen, sitzen, rufen. 6. Translate into German :

(1) On the 3rd of next month I shall be eighteen years old. (2) It struck half

an hour

ago. (3) He is taller than I am, but not so tall as my sister. (4) Whoever said it was mistaken.

(5) I would gladly have gone with you if you had let me know in time.

(6) We spent this summer in the country.

(7) I should like to write to you if you will send me your address

(8) He told me that he had seven brothers and sisters. 7. Write down the inseparable prefixes to verbs, and illustrate their force by examples.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11, from 2 to 4.30 P.M.

3. Arithmetic. 1. Reduce 4 lbs. 3 oz. o dwts. 20 grns. Troy to grains; and find the equivalent Avoirdupois weight, being given that 1 lb. Av. = 7000 grns. Troy.

2. From 2 subtract 13ft; divide 21 of 31'5 of 517 by 9}; and find the value of 31-23 of 11.

3. Evaluate [ of 121. 78.7}d.; and find what sum must be added to it to make it equal to li of 51.

4. Seventeen persons take their meals together for 6 days; five of them, being total abstainers, pay each 18. less per diem than the others; and the whole bill amounts to 41l. 178. od.; how much bas each to pay ?

5. Reduce is and if to equivalent decimals; divide 17.021 by .625; and from 5.41 subtract 3.257.

6. Find the value of .97875 of 51.; and reduce 2 acres 3 roods 5 poles to the decimal of 33 acres i rood 20 poles.

7. Find by Practice the cost of 967 bales of goods at 251. 188. 3d. per bale.

8. The population of a town in 1871 was 172800 ; in 1881 it had increased to 181440; what was the rate of increase per cent. ?

9. Find the simple interest upon 22121. 108. od., for 1 year 146 days, at 43 per cent. per annum.

10. If 33 men earn 1441. 78. 6d. in 25 days, how much will 17 women earn in 12 days, a woman's wages being of a man's wages

for the same time? 11. A grocer buys 3 cwt. of tea at 71. 118. 8d. per cwt., and pays 21. 98. od. for freight; at what price per lb. must he sell the tea to gain 33} per cent. on his whole outlay ?

12. Of the passengers by a train, one seventh travel first class, three fifths third class, and 63 second class; how many passengers are there altogether in the train ?

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, from 9.30 A.m. to 12.

4 (a). Euclid, I, II.

1. Define a circle, a square, a rhombus, and a parallelogram.

Is a rectangle the same thing as an oblong? 2. The angles at the base of an isosceles triangle are equal to one another; and if the equal sides be produced the angles on the other side of the base shall be equal to one another.

3. Draw a straight line perpendicular to a given straight line, of an unlimited length, from a given point without it.

4. Make a triangle of which the sides shall be equal to three given straight lines, but any two whatever of these must be greater than the third.

5. If a straight line be divided into any two parts, the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts is equal to the rectangle contained by the two parts, together with the square on the aforesaid part.

6. If a straight line be divided into two equal parts and also into two unequal parts, the rectangle contained by the unequal parts, together with the square on the line between the points of section, is equal to the square on half the line.

7. To a given straight line apply a parallelogram, which shall be equal to a given triangle, and have one of its angles equal to a given rectilineal angle.

8. Divide a given straight line into two parts, so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one of the parts may be equal to the square on the other part.

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 12, from 9.30 A.M. to 12.

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4 (6). Algebra. 1. Find the value of

2 a{a-(20—~)} – 2x{4—(20-a)} when a = 13, x = Is. 2. Add together

(a+b+c)?, (6+c-a)?, (c+a—b)2 and (a +6—c). 3. Multiply

a3 + 3a%%+90x2 + 27.003 by a3 – 3a? x + gax— 2723 ;
and divide the product by a? -922.
4. Express in factors

(1) 202-2-42;
(2) a2 (a—x) – a(a —~)* ;
(3) ama — 2a4x4 + ao x6.


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5. Find the highest common divisor of

23+3w— 138—15 and 24 - 1202 +40+15.

6. Find the least common multiple of

(1) 25a288c5, 35a7b2c, and 45ab6c3 ; (2) 6x-9, 8x2 — 18, and 40x3 — 135. 2

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8. Extract the square root of

a8-4a652 + 2 a4 84 +4a276 + 78.

9. Solve the equations : (1) 220 (2x+1)+ X(4x + 1) = (2x + 1) (4x — 2);

- 5 62 - 0







2y + 38
= 8



3 78-34

= II + x 2

10. The sum of two numbers is 120; and the smaller one is seven times their difference ; find the numbers.

11. A's annual income is half of B's; A saves 501. a year, and B saves 1501.; B spends 4001. a year more than 4 ; what are their incomes ?

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