Memoirs of a Griffin; Or, A Cadet's First Year in India

W.H. Allen, 1880 - 373 sider

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Side 11 - Institutes of Menu in English. The Institutes of Hindu Law or the Ordinances of Menu, according to Gloss of Collucca. Comprising the Indian System of Duties, Religious and Civil, verbally translated from the Original, with a Preface by SIR WILLIAM JONES, and collated with the Sanscrit Text by GRAVES CHAMNEY HAUGHTON, MA, FRS, Professor of Hindu Literature in the East India College.
Side 27 - Tod (Col. Jas.) Travels in Western India. Embracing a visit to the Sacred Mounts of the Jains, and the most Celebrated Shrines of Hindu Faith between Rajpootana and the Indus, with an account of the Ancient City of Nehrwalla.
Side 19 - McKenzie. 3s. 6d. Principles of Gunnery. By JOHN T. HYDE, MA, late Professor of Fortification and Artillery, Royal Indian Military College, Addiscombe. Second edition, revised and enlarged. •With many Plates and Cuts, and Photograph of Armstrong Gun. Royal 8vo.
Side 32 - Williams's (Monier) Sakuntala, with Literal English Translation of all the Metrical Passages, Schemes of the Metres, and copious Critical and Explanatory Notes. Royal 8vo. 21s. Williams's (Monier) Sakuntala. Translated into English Prose and Verse. Fourth Edition. 8s.
Side 27 - To these are added minute descriptions of the principal rivers and chains of mountains ; thus presenting to the reader, within a brief compass, a mass of information which cannot otherwise be obtained, except from a multiplicity of volumes and manuscript records. The Library Edition. 4 vols., 8vo. Notes, Marginal References, and Map. £2 16s.
Side 20 - Manoeuvres. 2s. Dictionary for the Militia and Volunteer Services, Containing a variety of useful information, Alphabetically arranged. Pocket size, 3s. 6d.
Side 7 - Challenge of Barletta (The). By MASSIMO D'AZEGLIO. Rendered into English by Lady LOUISA MAGENIS. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 21s.
Side 22 - ... Regulations for the Commissariat Department. Is. 6d. Regulations for the Ordnance Department. Is. 6d. Artillerist's Handbook of Reference for the use of the Royal and Reserve Artillery, by WILL and D ALTON.

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