The Evils of Intemperance, Exemplified in Poetry and Prose. With Engravings

N. Boynton, and, 1829 - 21 sider

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Side 13 - ... same kind of drink ; it is there offered again ; they refuse ; and again the third time; but finally, the fourth or fifth time, one accepts of it, and takes a drink; and getting one, he wants another; and then a third, and fourth, till his senses have left him. After his reason comes back again to him ; when he gets up, and finds where he is, he asks for his peltry. The answer is, 'You have drank them.' Where is my gun? 'It is gone.
Side 21 - I speak as to wise men ; judge ye what I say. The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not the communion of the blood of Christ ? The bread which we break, is it not the communion of the body of Christ ? For we being many are one bread, and one body ; for we are all partakers of that one bread.
Side 13 - It is gone.' Where is my blanket? 'It is gone.' Where is my shirt ? 'You have sold it for whiskey ! ! ' Now, Brothers, figure to yourselves what condition this man must be in. He has a family at home; a wife and children, who stand in need of the profits of his hunting. What must be their wants, when...
Side 12 - Brothers and Friends — We plainly perceive, that you see the very evil which destroys your red brethren ; it is not an evil of our own making ; we have not placed it amongst ourselves ; it is an evil placed amongst us by the white people ; we look to them to remove it out of our country.
Side 12 - When our forefathers first met on this island, then your red brethren were very numerous. But since the introduction amongst us, of what you call spirituous liquors, and what we think may justly be called poison, our numbers are greatly diminished. It has destroyed a great part of your red brethren.
Side 11 - ... to you for help. Perhaps you are ready to think, what man that must be, that has abused so much of our brethren? Never was such hero or tyrant heard, that ever meddled with Indians. But in litterally, he is your own begotten son, and his name you call RUM. And the names of his officers are BRANDY, WINE and GIN, and we know you have power to control him...
Side 13 - ... this whiskey is deposited, the white man who sells it, tells them to take a little drink; some of them will say 'no, I do not want it...
Side 13 - Brothers, when our young men have been out a hunting, and are returning home loaded with skins and furs, on their way it happens that they come along where some of this whiskey is deposited: the white man who sells it, tells them to take a little drink; some of them will say jio, I do not want it.
Side 11 - Our ancestors were conquered immediately after you came over this land, by the strong Hero, who does still reign among Indian tribes with tyranny; who has robbed us of every thing that was precious in our eyes. But we need not mention every thing particular, how this tyrant has used us; for your eyes have been open to behold our dismal situation. By the power of our onemy, our eyes have been blinded; our young men seems become willing slaves to this despotic hero.
Side 12 - ... we had better be at war with the white people, this liquor which they introduce into our country, is more to be feared than the gun and the tomahawk. There are more of us dead since the treaty of Greenville, than we lost by the six years war before. It is all owing to the introduction of this liquor amongst us.

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