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He knew what to expect. Nor was he bay until their deliverer had dragged the disappointed. His tenancy was to cease. bleeding gentleman and unconscious lady The scene of his weary toil was to pass to over the hedge into the next field. other hands. His dear little ones were It was Robin, and he hurried towards to abandon their native roof. God of the hall to procure assistance, and having Righteousness! God of Justice! Stretch arrived at the house, through which he out Thy right arm! No!--Thy will be done. knew his way well, he summoned the

Just at this time a small tenement in the servants, and directed them to the spot adjoining parish happened to be in the where the unfortunate pair lay. He then market. It was a freehold, and inoney proceeded to the study, where he knew the was forthcoming to purchase the same; Squire spent his afternoons. A sudden and Robin Dafydd became a free and terror seized him when he perceived Robin independent subject of the realm. In his advancing towards him with a bloody stick new abode be tilled the earth and under- in his hand, for he concluded that Robin took an occasional job for the surrounding meditated an attack upon him. farmers, and kept up the family duty; and “What do you want here ?” he said like the deep and free ocean that surged sharply, and rising from his seat. below his peaceful hamlet, he came and “I've come on a particular job,” said went, rose and bowed to the will of his Robin. “The young Squire of Trefagos Divine Maker; while the Squire nurtured has been attacked by one of the bulls in the unpleasant consciousness of his high- the park, and he would have been gored to handed action, and repented at leisure death, had I not been able, through the aid for what he had perpetrated in haste. of my dog, to drag the youth away. Your

The county member died, and left his daughter is also seriously alarmed.” only son the whole of his property, includ- So was the Squire, but not too much to ing Robin Dafydd's gift. His successor feel the sting in Robin's words. did not take to politics like his father, and The victims of the untoward episode consequently the Squire had a better were carried to the hall, and medical opinion of him, and he became somewhat assistance was procured, which soon friendly with the young heir, who was a restored them to their usual health. frequent visitor at the hall. It was not Inquiries were made for the hero, but he long before the local gossips, who watched was gone. A messenger was sent to his the progress of events from the heights of house, but failed to find him. The Squire maternity and spinstry, were able to was annoyed; he sought the opportunity announce an attachment between the to make amends for his former tyranny. young heir and Miss Helen, and further on The poor inan's body was found later on. they reported an engagement. ,

He had succumbed to the after effects One day the betrothed couple were of internal injuries received during the strolling through the beautiful and struggle. The event cast a general gloom spacious park which surrounded the over the whole neighbourhood, and the Squire's mansion, when Miss Helen espied largest crowd ever seen there assembled to a young bull approaching towards them pay his mortal remains their last respect. threateningly from the herd close by. She A beautiful marble obelisk, the grandest drew her lover's attention to it, and he memorial stone in the ancient churchyard, proceeded to meet it with his stick uplifted. marks his grave. On one side are He aimed a heavy blow at it, but missed, engraved, and the infuriated beast knocked him

IN MEMORY OF A PARTICULAR JOB, . down, and would undoubtedly have gored

while on the opposite side are the sad him to death but for the appearance of a

circumstances of the brave man's end. man from the bordering covert, who rushed past the fainting lady, and, snatching the

T. L. OWEN. stick from the prostrate gentleman, dealt Carnarvon. the animal a blow that sent him toppling over, while his faithful dog kept him at

? Printed and Published by Hughes and Son, at 56, Hope Street,


Hughes & Son, Wrexham.

(The Welshman's Candle),

Rowlands' Welsh Grammar: by the late YR UNIG ARGRAFFIAD CYFLAWN;
Rev. Thomas Rowland.

A Grammar of the Welsh Language, written in
English : based on the most approved systems, with

5. with NODIADAU EGLURHAOL, a BYWGRAFFIAD. copious examiples from so:ne of the best duchors.

Uniform with the above, PRICE 4s. 6d.
Welsh Exercises : adapted to the above Gram-

mar, by the same Author, with copious Explan-
atory Notes.


IN CLOTH, Fcap. 8vo., 25. 6d.
Cyfystyron y Gymraeg (Telsh Synonyms):

by Griffith Jones (Glan Menai). Of this little

CANON SILVAN EVANS says :“He has not only compiled a copious list of words that are, in & general sense considered synonymous, but he has shewn, in most cases, the different shades of meaning conveyed by those words."

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IN CLOTH, Fcap. 8vo., 2s.
Gramadeg Cymraeg : by the Rev. David Row-

lands, B.A. ( Dewi Mon), Brecon.

University College of North Wales,

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BANGOR (A Constituent College of the University of Wales.)

- )o(PRINCIPAL: H. R. REICHEL, M.A. With Eight Professors, Four Lecturers, and Eleven other teachers. Next Session begins OCTOBER 2nd, 1894. The College courses include the subjects for the degrees of London University. Students intending to graduate in Medicine at the Universities of Edinburgh or Glasgow may take their first year's course at the College. There are special departments for Agriculture and Electrical Engineering.

At the Entrance Scholarship Examination (beginning SEPTEMBER 18th) more than 20 Scholarships and Exhibitions, ranging in value from £40 to £10, will be open for competition. One half the total amount offered is reserved for Welsh candidates.

For further information and copies of the
Prospectus, apply to

Secretary and Registrar. !

Argraffiad Rhad; Llian Destlus, 2/6.

Y mae Canwyll yr Hen Ficar” yn un o eithiau Clasurol Cymru. Y mae yn parhau i swyno gyda'i ieithwedd darawiadol: ac nid yw llyfrgell y Cymro in gyflawn heb

GOPI O’R GANWYLL. I'w gael gan Lyfrwerthwyr, neu anfonir ar dderbynial 2/6 gan y Cyhoeddwyr

Hughes & Son, 56, Hope St., Wrexham.

TIME TESTED TEA. Pure Indian Souchong

At 17 per lb.

(Prize MEDAL LIVERPOOL Exhibition)

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Tea and CodTee Importers,



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From 10- Monthly.



Thompson & Shackell,

(LIMITED,) QUEEN'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF, , Also at Swansea, Newport, Bristol, Merthyr, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Pontypridd,

Llanelly, &c., dc.

Sole Agents for South Wales for the Estey Organs and the Neumeyer and Ibach Pianos. Agents for Pianos by Collard & Collard, Broadwood, Brinsmead, Kirkman, & all Leading Makers. Organs by Estey, Mason & Hamlin, and all best American Firins. [Illustrated Catalogues FREE.

On the Easy Payment System; delivered Free on Payment of First Instalment.


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Full Value allowed for



Pipe or Mirror Top, 6s. per Month.


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10/6 per month, Walnut Cottage Pianoforte, Iron_Frame, Check Action, Full Trichord, Brass Pinplate, Truss Supports, Panel Front with Gilt Incision or Marquetry, &c. Delivered on Payment of TEN SHILLINGS AND SIÁPENCE. CRANE & SONS,

R. THORNTON JONES, MANAGER, REGENT STREET, WRE XHAM. Tunings and Repairs in any part of Wales by experienced men. Estimates Free. Illustrated catalogue free on application.


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