Biennial Report

State of California Department of Public Health., 1906
1892/1894-1894/1896 include also, The Transactions of the second and fourth annual sanitary conventions held at San José, April 16, 1894 and Los Angeles, April 20, 1896.

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Side 40 - ... shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less than twenty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars.
Side 40 - Act to the prosecuting attorney of the county, with a statement of the facts and circumstances ; and when any such case is reported to him by the State Registrar, the prosecuting attorney shall forthwith initiate and promptly follow up the necessary court proceedings against the person or corporation responsible for the alleged violation of law.
Side 110 - Please fill out this side of blank in full and send to laboratory with dried blood. Patient's name Address Physician's name Address Health Officer's name Address Has this case been reported before? When? Patient's age Sex This is the 1st, 2d, 3d specimen? How long since disease commenced? Date of taking specimen? Supposed source of infection Has patient been away during month previous to illness? When, if ever before, has patient had typhoid fever?
Side 112 - The demonstration of the presence of tubercle bacilli in the sputum proves conclusively the existence of tuberculosis, but the absence of tubercle bacilli or the failure to find them microscopically does not exclude the existence of the disease.
Side 111 - CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH. State Hygienic Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley. Please fill out this side of blank in full and send to laboratory with sputum. Patient's name Address Physician's name Address Health Officer's name Address This Is the 1st, 2d, 3d specimen from this case. Date Patient's age Sex Occupation Are there other cases in the same household? If so, how many? Clinical diagnosis ( telephone Report by telegraph (collect) ' mail Directions for Cleansing and Disinfection.
Side 111 - ... sputum from the lower air passages. Care should be taken that the contents of the stomach, articles of food, etc., are not discharged during the act of expectoration and collected instead of the ordinary sputum. Purulent, cheesy and muco-purulent sputum most frequently contain the bacilli; pure mucus, blood or saliva do not, as a rule, contain the bacilli. If the expectoration is scanty, the entire amount discharged in twenty-four hours should be collected.
Side 110 - Hygienic Laboratory, or any of its depositories, outfits for collecting and mailing specimens of blood to the laboratory for the agglutination test for typhoid fever. The following directions and data card accompany the outfit: CALIFORNIA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH, STATE HYGIENIC LABORATORY, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY. Outfit for Collecting Specimen of Blood for Serum Diagnosis of Typhoid Fever. Remember that a reaction does not often occur before the end of the first week of the disease. To...
Side 83 - ... residence of decedents, this information being particularly important in connection with the heavy mortality from tuberculosis in this state. The "Great White Plague" causes about 14 per cent, of all deaths in the whole state and about 17 per cent, of the deaths in Southern California. Yet over half the tuberculosis victims in Southern California had lived in the state less than ten years. In fact, the length of residence was under one year for 13.4 per cent, of these decedents and less than...
Side 111 - Purulent, cheesy, and muco-purulent sputa most frequently contain the bacilli ; pure mucus, blood or saliva do not as a rule contain the bacilli. When hemorrhage has occurred, some purulent, cheesy or muco-purulent sputum should, if possible, be collected for the examination.
Side 39 - He shall obtain the personal and statistical particulars required from the person best qualified to supply them, over the signature and address of his informant. He shall then present the certificate to the attending physician, if any, or to the...

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