The Congressional Globe, Volum 66,Del 1


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Side 174 - The President is authorized to prescribe such regulations for the admission of persons into the civil service of the United States as may best promote the efficiency thereof, and ascertain the fitness of each candidate in respect to age, health, character, knowledge, and ability for the branch of service into which he seeks to enter...
Side 25 - Sec. 103. No witness is privileged to refuse to testify to any fact, or to produce any paper, respecting which he shall be examined by either house of congress, or by any committee of either house, upon the ground that his testimony to such fact or his production of such paper may tend to disgrace him or otherwise render him infamous.
Side 116 - ... and if, in the Legislature so next chosen as aforesaid, such proposed amendment or amendments shall be agreed to by a majority of all the members elected to each House...
Side 7 - More than six years having elapsed since the last hostile gun was fired between the armies then arrayed against each other - one for the perpetuation, the other for the destruction, of the Union it may well be considered whether it is not now time that the disabilities imposed by the fourteenth amendment should be removed. That amendment does not exclude the ballot, but only imposes the disability to hold offices upon certain classes.
Side 108 - The people can never err more than in supposing, that by multiplying their representatives beyond a certain limit, they strengthen the barrier against the government of a few. Experience will...
Side 51 - Resolved, That the Committee on Military Affairs be instructed to inquire into the expediency of converting a portion of the forts of the United States...
Side 117 - The right of a Delegate to submit a resolution is recognized by the fiftysecond and one hundred and thirtieth rules, and it is also competent for him to submit any motion which a member may make, except the motion to reconsider, which is dependent upon the right to vote.
Side 37 - Every person who having been summoned as a witness by the authority of either House of Congress to give testimony or to produce papers upon any matter under inquiry before either House, or any joint committee established by a joint or concurrent resolution of the two Houses of Congress, or any committee of either House of Congress...
Side 5 - Mexico has not yet repealed the very objectionable laws establishing what is known as the ' ' free zone ' ' on the frontier of the United States. It is hoped that this may yet be done, and also that more stringent measures may be taken by that Republic for restraining lawless persons on its frontiers. I hope that Mexico by its own action will soon relieve this Government of the difficulties experienced from these causes. Our relations with the various Republics of Central and South America continue,...
Side 3 - House, to join such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses has assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communication he may be pleased to make.

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