He married Katie Miller, a native of St. Louis; they have two children, George Lewis and Frank Adam. Geo. Miller, junior member of the above firm, was born in the same county in N. Y., in 1852; he also came to Calmar in 1870. He married Annie Lockman, a native of Germany; they have three children, Gertrude, Ida and Matilda.

J. C. McIntosh, P. 0. Decorah; farmer, Sec. 27, Madison tp.; owns 200 acres of land valued at $40 per acre; was born in October, 1836, in Columbiana Co., Ohio, and came with his parents to this Co. in 1855, locating in this tp. In December, 1882, he enlisted in Co. B, 6th Io. Cav.; their service was in the northwest frontier against the Indians. He was mustered out at Sioux City in October, 1865. Mr. McIntosh was married to Mrs. Carrie A. Mitchell, whose maiden name was Murray, April 10, 1866, and the same fall moved to Orleans tp., remaining till in January, 1876, when he moved to his present farm. They have six children, Marion B., James S., Jennette E., Alexander H., Myra B. and Clement H. Mr. McIntosh has served as trustee of the tp., and is a member of the A. F. and A. M.

Peter Morton, farmer, Sec. 13; has 240 acres of land valued at $40 per acre; was born in Scotland in 1836; is the second son of John and Jane Morton. When he was eight years old his parents came to America, and settled in Cataraugus Co. N. Y. In 1862 Mr. Morton came west and settled in Winneshiek Co., Io., and since that time has made that his home. He was married in 1862 to Miss Harriet Cooley, a native of Conn., and has three children, William, Claude and Laura. He has been tp. trustee and assessor several terms, and tp. collector, and has been a member of the board of supervisors.

A. McMillan, furniture and undertaking, and justice of the peace, Fort Atkinson; was born in Glengary Co., Upper_Canada in 1834. In 1857 he came to the U. S., and located at Fort Atkinson, there being here at that time only the fort and government buildings. He erected a flouring mill for Messrs. Tinkle & Clark, when he first came, and then established business as carpenter and builder. In 1874 he also established the furniture and undertaking business, which he conducts on Main street; owns the building, and carries a complete stock of furniture and undertaker's goods. In 1879 he was appointed justice of the peace to fill vacancy, and was elected at the regular election of 1880 on the Republican ticket. He is the pioneer business man here. Mr. McMillan was married in 1860 at this place to Miss Etta Burns, and has two children, Mary and Maggie.

Holsten Nelson, P. O. Decorah; farmer, Sec. 4, Springfield tp.; was born in Norway, Jan. 25, 1831, and emigrated to the U.S.'in 1850, stopping at Port Washington, Wis.; engaged in the lumbering business there, and near Grand Haven, Mich., until the fall of 1855. He came to this Co. and located on his present farm in 1862,

which now contains 215 acres, well improved and with good buildings. Mr. Nelson was married to Miss Rangnild Gudmanson, in Sept., 1853; they have ten children, Nels A., Andrew A., Cecil, Betsey, Ole, Isaac, Clara, Ada C., and Alice A.; lost two, Edwin and Amelia. Mr, N. has served as trustee of this tp., and is a member of the Lutheran church.

Torgui Nelson, farmer, was born in Eastern Norway in 1847; came with his parents to this country in 1850; they settled in Dane Co.; Wis., and resided there four years; then came to Io., and settled in Madison tp., this Co., where they still reside. In 1872 he left home, then came to Bluffton tp., and two years later bought the land he now resides on, there being 160 acres on Sec. 20, all improved and under fence, good residence, etc., and well stocked. He also owns 20 acres of timber on Sec. 2. He married in 1872, in this tp. Miss Caroline Christen, and has three children living, Stella, Theresa and Jessie Nellie. They lost two boys by death, Joseph Salve, aged eight months, and Charles Theodore, aged one year.

Frank Nockels, proprietor of the brewery at Spillville, was born in Luxemburg, Germany, Aug. 26, 1838; there learned the brewing business, and in 1863 came to the U. S., and located at Dubuque, where he was employed in a brewery. In 1865 he went to Cascade, where he remained one year; thence to Festine, where he was employed by Mr. Gardner, until Oct., 1867; then came to Spillville and rented his present brewery for one year. He again went to Festine, and in company with Mr. Gardner, purchased a brewery, which they conducted until Jan., 1872, when Mr. N. came back to Spillville and purchased his present brewery which, was burned in 1878 and rebuilt the year following. In 1866 he was married to Caroline Badke, and has six children living, Anna, Peter, Matilda, George, Frank and Joseph; they have lost two by death, Willie and Frank. He is a member of the Catholic church.

Donald Noble is a native of Scotland, born in 1835, his parents being William and J. Kennedy Noble, who emigrated to the U. S. in 1851, and lived in Ohio until 1855, in which year they settled in Winneshiek Co. Donald Noble learned the trade of harness making in Pittsburg, Penn., and in 1862 established business in Decorah, and has since continued the same. He has also been a member of the hardware firm of Finn & Noble since, March, 1881. Mr. Noble married Miss Elizabeth Proper in 1864.

L. F. Nelson was born in Norway in 1848, came with his parents to the U.S. in 1856, and in 1858 to Winneshiek Co., locating in Glenwood tp. In the fall of 1861 he enlisted in Co. H, 13th U. S. Inf., and served five years and two months. He then came to Decorah and clerked in the postoffice nearly four years, since which time he has been doing a grocery business. Mr. Nelson was married in 1872 to Miss Hannah D. Drew. The children are Emma, Agues, Charley and Louise.

Ole W. Nelson, farmer, was born in Bergen, Norway, in 1833; came to this country with his parents in 1843; his father died in N. Y., three days after they landed. The rest then came on west as far as Chicago, being detained there several weeks on account of sickness. Another member of the family, a little sister, died; they then went to Dane Co., Wis., lived there eleven years, farming; then came to Io., locating first in Conover tp., this Co.; bought land and farmed there eleven years; then sold out and moved to Hesper tp. and bought the place they now live on. It was partially improved, and is now thoroughly improved. He built a fine residence and good farm buildings, and has the farm well stocked. He has filled many offices in the tp., is one of its leading citizens and most prominent men.

Mr. Nelson was married in 1854 in Madison tp., to Miss Aslang Evanson, and they have one child, a daughter, living, and four children deceased. His mother still resides with him.

Andrew D. Nelson, far mer, owns and resides on 142 acres, Sec. 14, Hesper tp., 30 acres of which is timber. Mr. Nelson was born in Norway in 1829, and was a farm laborer. He came to America in 1854; settled first in Lisbon, Kendall Co., Ill., and lived there one year; then came to this Co. and bought land one mile east of this, and cleared it of timber; sold it and bought, in 1868, the farm he now lives on; has thoroughly improved it, built a fine large stone residence and harn, there being four very fine quarries on his farm, from which he obtained the material. His farm is well stocked with good grade cattle, horses, etc. He was married in 1857 in this Co. to Miss Anna Nicholson; they have eight children.

Jacob Nelson, P. 0. Ridgeway; farmer, Sec. 17, Madison tp.; owns 240 acres of land valued at $35 per acre; was born November 8, 1817, in Norway, came to the U.S. in 1850, and located in Dane Co., Wis. In 1854 he came to this Co. He was married to Miss Thea Torgerson in Norway in 1842; she died in 1862, and he was again married, to Betsy Erickson, in 1865. His children by the first marriage are Anna, Mary, Torger, Nels, Helen, Jacob and John H., and by the second marriage, Theodore, Thea, Anton, Lewis and Albert. They have lost by death two infants. Mr. Nelson has served as trustee and assessor of his tp., and is a member of the Lutheran church.

James Noble, P. O. Conover; Sec. 4, Calmar tp.; owns, in conpany with his brother John, 365 acres of land valued at $30 per acre; was born Feb. 14, 1846, in Invernesshire, Scotland; his parents, William and Jemima Noble, came to the U. S. in 1851, first locating in Columbiana Co., Ohio, from which place they came to this Co. in 1855, locating upon the land now owned by the brother3. Their father died Aug. 7, 1870, and mother, Jan. 29, 1877. James was married to Miss Anna Hindermann May 16, 1878; she

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was born in Switzerland; they have two children, William and an infant. John Noble was born in Aug., 1838, in Scotland; is unmarried, and lives with his brother James.

Ole Olson Qually, farmer, Sec. 14, Lincoln tp.; was born in Norway in 1829; is a son of Ole Olson; came to America in 1857, and located near Decorah; located on his present farm in 1876. He married Ada Thompson, also a native of Norway; they have eight children, Oliver, Thomas, Gilbert, Mary, Betsey, Lena, Martha and Olof.

Edward G. Opdahl, P. O. Decorah; farmer, Sec. 14, Springfield tp.; son of Knud and Mary Opdahl; was born in Norway, Oct. 21, 1814, and came with his parents to the U. S. in 1848, stopping in Dane Co., Wis., until the summer of 1850, when they came to this tp. in company with a few other families, who constituted the first settlers of the tp. Mr. Opdahl was married to Miss Nettie Christian Oct. 16, 1880. He now owns 165 acres of land valued at $40 per acre. He has also served as justice of the peace some thirteen years, and is at present trustee of the tp. He is a member of the M. E. Church.

Herbrand Olsen, farmer, P. O. Ridgeway; owns 400 acres of land; was born in Norway, in March, 1830: came to America in 1848, and located at Jefferson Prairie, Wis. He came to this Co. in 1852 and worked for Mr. Day; then returned to Wis. and remained one winter; then engaged in brick making at St. Paul, Minn., for three summers; then purchased his present farm. In 1857 he married Emily Johnson, and has six children living, Rachel, Carrie, Olena, Marg, Ole and John. They have lost two by death. He is a member of the Lutheran Church.

Erick R. Oleson, farmer, born in 1848 in Norway, came to America with his parents in 1850; resided in Wis. three years; then came to this state, settled in Glenwood tp., and bought the farm he now resides on. His father died in 1866, since which time he has conducted the farm for his mother, who still owns it. The farm is well stocked, and is situated in Sec. 29.

P. Oleson, dealer in general merchandise, grain and live stock, was born in Norway in 1845, and came to Io. 1850 with his parents. He established his present business at Calmar in 1869, sells from $35,000 to $40,000 worth of goods per annum, and is the largest dealer in Calmar. He married Emma J. Oleson, a native of Norway; they have four children, Andrew, Dena, Annie and Eda.

Butler Olsen, P. 0. Ridgeway, farmer, Sec. 20, Madison tp.; owns 175 acres of land valued at $35 per acre; was born Nov. 1, 1832, in Norway, and in 1855 emigrated to the U.S., stopping in Dane Co., Wis. one year.

He then came to this Co. and located in Highland tp., where he remained till 1861, when he moved to his present farm. He was married to Miss Gertrude Hermanson

in May, 1857; they have nine children, Ole, Samuel, Albert, Elling, Gilbert, Helena, Anna, Ellen and Bertha. Mr. Olsen is a member of the Lutheran church.

J. H. Porter, proprietor of the American House, Burr Oak, was born in Westmoreland Co., Pa., in 1830, and was for several years pilot on the Alleghany river. In Feb. 1856, he moved to Freeport, Ill., in the following spring came to Io., locating in this tp. He bought 80 acres of land in Sec. 17, improved the same, and lived there 13 years; then traded the farm for property in the village of Burr Oak, and 40 acres near town, which latter he traded for the hotel property, which he has owned and conducted ever since. It is situated on Main st., is the only hotel in town, and is well conducted, and is doing a good business; good stabling is connected with the house. Mr. Porter was married in 1854, in Penn., to Miss McLaughlin, and they have three children, Orin A., Melissa A., and Charles A.

A. M. Perry, mail contractor and proprietor of stage line between Canton, Minn., and Decorah, Io., was born in 1841, in Essex Co., N. Y.; lived in N. Y. until he was 14 years old; then went to Minn., then a territory. In 1856 he came to Io., and in 1860 enlisted at Decorah under Capt. M. A. Moore, in Co. H, 9th lo. Inf. He was wounded at the battle of Pea Ridge, in March, 1862, and was discharged on that account the following Nov. He returned home, and in 1863 was married at Bluffton to Calesta D. Knowlton; they have one daughter, Winnie, who resides in the village of Burr Oak. In Feb., 1864, he purchased the mail contract of Jno. M. Akers, from Decorah, to Austin, Minn., which he ran three years; then worked one year in the lightning rod and insurance business, and then bought the route and business of which he is now proprietor. Mr. Perry is a former landlord and proprietor of that old and well known hostelry, the Burr Oak House, he having run the same from 1868 to 1871. He is a member of the A. F. and A. M.

John Pollitt, farmer, Burr Oak tp.; was born in Bury, Lancashire, England, in 1814, and was a mining engineer, and also engaged in farming; came to the U. S. in 1854, and located where he now resides. He bought about 1,100 acres of land at that time, at the government price, and has since sold about 500 acres and given 260 acres to his children, leaving himself 240, which he has finely improved and well stocked, with a large and comfortable residence and good farm buildings. Mr. Pollitt is one of the oldest settlers in the tp., is one of its most respected citizens, and has for several years filled the office of justice of the peace. He was married in 1835 in England to Miss Holt, and they have six children living, Alice, Martha, Elizabeth, James, Edmund and William.

John H. Pierce, farmer, and one of the leading citizens and oldsettlers in Burr Oak tp., was born in the State of N. Y., Scho

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