Enquir'd into,

Purely on

Ed Jonis Caron of windsor

In several Letters.
by tohin Sage. M. A minister Glasgow

If I regard iniquity in my beart

, the Lord will not bear me,

Pfal. Ixvi. 18.
Πασά σας και σαν σχίσμα βδελυκτών υμίν, Clem. Rom.

Ep. 1. ad Corintb. Sea. 2.
Müdais xwe's rõ 'EMIOKŠTY Ti pregaréta i sinxágots

Séxaxnsias, Ignat. ad Smyrn. Sect. 8.
'ERIGXoTOS WHO 'Emicrópa zereg TUYGIE doo reiwr.

Πρεσβύτερος και ενός Επισκόπο, και Διάκονοι και οι

luni manexoi, Can. Apoft. 1, 2.
Tá aggótici non xealátad, Concil. Nicen. Can. 6.

Printed in the Year 1905.

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IS necessary that the Reader be inform'd briefly of a few

things with relation to these Letters, the Occasion of Writing them, and this Edition of them. In the Year 1903, when the Parliament of Scotland met, there was some Discourse, especially at Edinburgh, concerning a Toleration to those of the Episcopal Perswalion in that Kingdom ; This so much Alarm'd the Presbyterians there, that they Publish'd several Books, or Pamphlets, against it, and were the Aggressors in the Paper War that then Commenced upon that Subject. Mr. George Meldrum, a Chief Man amongst them, and Moderator of their General Assembly,Preach'd his Sermon against Toleration before Her Majesties High Commissioner, &c. on the 16th of May, which was forthwith Publish'd: And the Commillion of the General Assembly presented their Repre

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sentation to the Parliament; of which; what follows is a part; wherein you haye the Declar'd Sense of the whole Body of the Presbyterians there, by their Authoriz'd Representatives. 6 We do therefore *most humbly Befeech, yea, we are

Bold in the Lord, and in the Name of “ the Church of God in this Land, ear

nestly to Obtest your Grace, and the “ moft' Honourable Estates, that no such " Motion of any Legal Toleration to these

of the Prelatical Principles be entertain'd

by the Parliament. Being perswaded, " that in the present 'Case and Circum6 stances of this Church and Nation, to Enact & Toleration for these of that way (which God of his Infinite Mercy a

vert ) would be to Establish Triquity by " Law, and would bring upon the Pro

moters thereof, and upon their families, " the dreadful Guilt of all these Sins,

and pernicious Effects both to Church and State, that may ensue thereupon, 66 &c. Edinburgh, id June 1703, Sign'd in the Name, and at the Appointment of the faid Commission of the General Assembly, by Geo. Meldrum, Moder.

It will not be foreign to this Occafion, that the Reader have some Ac

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count of this Gentleman, who now makes such a Figure amongst the Prefbyterians, and has fo far engaged himself in this Controversy. The Account Thall be Brief and Fair; Mr. Meldrun was for many Years, a Conformist MiniAer in Aberdeen, and did Subscribe the Paper which is hereto fubjoined ; by which he obliged himself to full Core formity.

Accordingly he did concur with the Bishop in Ordinations, and frequently pray'd for the Reverend and Learned Dr. Scugal, then Lord Bifhop of Abera deen, as his Ordinary : He was sometimes employ'd at Synods by that fame Bishop in his Old Age, after the fatigue of Ecclefiaftical Business, to offer up Pray. ers in his ftead, and after Prayers hum. bly desired his Lordship to pronounce the Blessing; but in the Year 1681, he laid himself alide from the Exercise of his Miniftry upon account of the Test, which was then appointed by Law, and by which the Salemn League and Covenant was Rengunc'd, together with all Principles, whether Popib or Fama tical; which are contrary to the Church of Scotland's Confeffion of Faith, Com

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