Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Reports and Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volum 28


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Side 459 - ... irrespective of ownership or of any contract, express or implied, for the use thereof and all services in connection with the receipt, delivery, elevation, and transfer in transit, ventilation, refrigeration or icing, storage, and handling of property transported ; and it shall be the duty of every carrier subject to the provisions of this Act to provide and furnish such transportation upon reasonable request therefor, and to establish through routes and just and reasonable rates applicable thereto.
Side 362 - That nothing in this act shall prevent the carriage, storage, or handling of property free or at reduced rates for the United States, State, or municipal governments...
Side 459 - ... upon reasonable terms a switch connection with any such lateral, branch line of railroad, or private side track which may be constructed to connect with its railroad, where such connection is reasonably practicable and can be put in with safety and will furnish sufficient business to justify the construction and maintenance of the same...
Side 328 - flammable liquid" means any liquid which gives off flammable vapors (as determined by flashpoint from an open-cup tester, as used for test of burning oils) at or below a temperature of 80° F. Flammable liquids having lethal qualities are those having the characteristics of class "B" or "C" poisons as defined in §§ 146.25-10 and 146.25-15, of Subchapter N (Dangerous Cargoes) of this chapter.
Side 458 - Any common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act, upon application of any lateral, branch line of railroad, or of any shipper tendering interstate traffic for transportation, shall construct, maintain, and operate upon reasonable terms a switch connection with any such lateral, branch line of railroad...
Side 477 - ... substantially less than the entire length of its railroad and of any intermediate railroad operated in conjunction and under a common management or control therewith, which lies between the termini of such proposed through route, (a) unless such inclusion of lines would make the through route unreasonably long as compared with another practicable through route which could otherwise be established...
Side 209 - ... basis of the minimum carload fixed in the tariffs for cars of the dimensions or capacity ordered by the shipper, provided the shipment could have "been loaded into or upon car of the capacity or size ordered; and that if a car of smaller capacity than that ordered by the shipper is furnished, it may be used on the basis of actual weight when loaded to its capacity...
Side 277 - It is not legislation for the safety, health or proper convenience of the public, but an arbitrary enactment in favor of the persons spoken of, who in the legislative judgment should be carried at a less expense than the other members of the community.
Side 292 - Commission may decide that it is in the public interest as well as in the interest of the private claimants that a lease be adopted.
Side 277 - It is no answer to the objection to this legislation to say that the company has voluntarily sold thousand-mile tickets good for a year from the time of their sale. What the company may choose voluntarily to do furnishes no criterion for the measurenwnt of the pou'cr of a Legislature.

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