The Political Catechism: Explanatory of the Constitutional Rights and Civil Disabilities of the Catholics of Ireland

James Ridgway, 1829 - 120 sider

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Side 88 - I do hereby disclaim, disavow, and solemnly abjure any intention to subvert the present Church Establishment as settled by law within this Realm.
Side 88 - I will defend to the utmost of my power the settlement and arrangement of property in this country, as established by the laws now in being; I do hereby disclaim, disavow and solemnly abjure any intention to subvert the present church establishment for the purpose of substituting a catholic establishment in its stead; and...
Side 89 - disclaim, disavow, and solemnly abjure, any intention to subvert the present Church Establishment, for the purpose of substituting a Catholic Establishment in its stead. And further, they swear that they will not exercise any privilege to which they are or may be entitled, to disturb and weaken the Protestant religion and Protestant government in Ireland.
Side 16 - ... greater distances. Every prisoner must be indicted the first term after his commitment, and brought to trial in the subsequent term. And no man, after being enlarged by...
Side 119 - Session papers" were very different things. With these slight exceptions we take the opinion of the country, and of every part of the world where the language is understood, to be that of the most unbounded admiration of these exquisite specimens of judicial oratory, — and of great obligations to the editor of the collection.
Side 120 - ... gallant officer, whose name, except on one memorable occasion, has never attracted a prominent share of notice among those which belonged to the public characters of his day ; and yet his services were of the most important nature, and most ably conducted, at a crisis, too, big with danger, not to England alone, but to all civilized Europe : but the field of action in which he was chiefly engaged, though extensive, was at a distance from home. • » » We once more thank the Editor for his highly-important...

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