[blocks in formation]

2 260

Vice President and others' elegibility to the Presidency.

Vacancy in the office of President. Mode of supplying every.
Van Buskirk, Peter, heir of Thomas..

1 102

2 260

1 126

Volcker, Henry......

[blocks in formation]


Reports from the Committee on Foreign Relations.

Senate resolution enquiring as to the adequacy of the notice served on Denmark as
to the termination of treaty recognizing the payment of dues paid by vessels
passing through the Sound, or Belts...

Petition of William Foster.

Petitions of William K. Jennings and Aphia Jennings, Henry A. Wise, Ann
Robinson, Edward Rudd, and Mary Martin-S. bill 259..

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Memorial of J. E. Martin-S. bill 322......................
Memorial of Joseph Graham-S. bill 333........
Resolution, by Mr. Slidell, relative to the abrogation of the eighth article of the
treaty with Great Britain of the 9th of August, 1842, providing for a naval
force on the coast of Africa, &c......

1 182

1 187

1 195

Resolution of the Senate as to remodelling the diplomatic and consular systems of
the United States-S. bill 368...

2 209

Senate bill 405, to provide for carrying into effect the first article of the treaty be-
tween the United States and her Majesty the queen of the United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Ireland of June 15, 1856-S. bill 405 ....
Petition of Dr. James Morrow-S. bill 449..

2 251

2 284

Reports of the Committee on Finance.

Memorial of Franck Taylor-S. bill 245...
Resolution of the Senate to inquire into the propriety of correcting, by law, the pre-
sent erroneous statement of the relative values of the dollar and the pound
sterling, that the same may be made easily and exactly commensurable-S.
resolution 42....

Reports from the Committee on Commerce.

1 132

2 288

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Petitions of the owners of the fishing schooners Brandywine, Forrester, Grampus,
Ursula, Stephen C. Phillips, and Union-S. bill 140

[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 171 for the relief of Samuel A. Morse and others

[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 112 further to amend the act approved August 30, 1852, for the better
security of the lives of passengers on board steam vessels, &c..



Memorial of Henry J. Rogers-S. bill 277...

1 150

Reports from the Committee on Military Affairs.

Senate bill 63 and the papers of A. S. Robinson, cashier of the Bank of the State of

[blocks in formation]

Resolutions of the Senate as to the history of the flag planted on the capitol of
Mexico, and proposing a sword (S. R. 1) to Colonel Benjamin S. Roberts...

[blocks in formation]
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Memorial of Francis A. Cunningham-S. bill 229........

Petition of James Davidson-S. bill 262

Memorial of Adam D. Steuart..

Memorial of Alexander Randall, executor of Daniel-S. bill 313

Memorial of Mrs. Agatha O'Brien, widow of Brevet Major J. P. J. O'Brien-S.
bill 203....

Petition of Mrs. M. E. McKnight, widow of Francis M. McKnight-S. bill 213..
Petition of A. S. Bender-S. bill 224 ..

[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 242 for the relief of the Tampico volunteers..

Memorial of Jean Baptiste Faribault and Pelagie Faribault-S. bill 349.

Petition of Thomas J. Churchill-S. bill 360

1 190

1 193
2 200

[blocks in formation]

Petition of Susannah T. Lea, widow and administratrix of James Maglenen-S. bill

2 267

Reports from the Committee on Naval Affairs.

On the memorials of Captain Charles Stewart and other officers-S. bill 113..
Petitions of lieutenants in the United States revenue marine service
Petition of Samuel Forrest-S. bill 184....

William Merrill, and others.

Lieutenant John Guest-S. bill 211
Memorial of Oscar F. Johnston-S. bill 257.
Petition of Richard W. Meade-S. bill 306

Charles D. Maxwell-S. bill 350
Frederick Chatard-S. bill 357..


[blocks in formation]

Memorials of the representatives of General Nathan Towson, deceased-S. bill 361. 2 201

[blocks in formation]

Resolution of Senate as to compensating Professor Chauvenet for his chart called

the "Great Circle Protractor".

2 259

[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 30 and H. R. 8, to amend the act of March 3, 1855, “granting bounty
land to certain officers and soldiers who have been engaged in the military
service of the United States".

1 31

Petition of Rebecca Freeman-S. bill 32.
Memorial of Jared L. Elliott-S. bill 261..

Memorial of Charles F. Coffin, clerk of Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends-S. bill

[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 204 to fix the graduation periods in Greensburg district of Louisiana....
Petition of George M. Gordon-S. bill 312 .

1 163

1 172

Petitions of Oliver Weeks and others; of Sarah Baker, John S. Williams, John S.
Whitford, James Ladd, and others; David W. Rogers, Mary F. Henderson,
and Benjamin Hethaney

1 174
2 266

Petition of Thomas T. Russell and Antonio J. Noda-S. bill 435.

Reports from the Committee on Private Land Claims.

Several petitions of Cezaire Wallace, legal representative of Pierre Wallace, and
in his own right for confirmation of land in "Neutral territory" of Louisiana-
S. bill 191.

Resolutions of the legislature of Michigan as to claims to lands of Joseph Sansfacon
and others-S. bill 192...

1 51

1 52

Petition of Joseph Wandestrand-S. bill 193
Memorial of Joseph Smith-S. bill 194....
Petition of Randall D. Livingston-S. bill 197..

Cephise Piseros, widow of Louis La Branche-S. bill 198.

William Marvin-S. bill 223..

Memorial of Henry Volcker-S. bill 240..

[blocks in formation]

Petition of the legal representatives of John Morrison and Charles Ginn-S. bill 241 1 127
Hannibal Faulk and others-S. bill 270......

Smith Mowry


House bill 130 to grant to L. Jane Horner and children land in Oregon.

1 147

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Senate bill 275 to give to Joshua Kirby and the widow of John McNary the right to
enter land...

[blocks in formation]

Additional papers in the above case-S. bill 275...



Memorial of Joseph W. Thompson, and others, legal representatives of Charles
Lucas-S. bill 334....

1 188

Laurent Millaudon-S. bill 369.

Documents relative to the private land claim of the legal representatives of Pierre
Cazelar-S. bill 335 ...

Petition of Silas Stockwell, praying that a land warrant issued to William G. Shaw
may be cancelled and a duplicate issued to himself..

Petition of Sally C. Northup.....

Ambrose Lanfear-S. bill 377

Manuel Gonzales Moro--S. bill 389...

John Dick-S. bill 390..

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

Andrew A. H. Knox and Joseph O. Campbell-S. bill 392

Memorial of John Temple-S. bill 393

2 229

2 230

Broutin, widow of De la Ronde....

House bill 226 to authorize the legal representatives of Pascal L. Cerré

House bill 345 for the relief of the heirs and legal representatives of Mrs. Magdalene

2 270

House bill 346 for the relief of the heirs and legal representatives of Ignacio Delino.
House bill 347 to confirm the title of Ruhama Whitaker and Rebecca Whitaker...
House bill 348 for the relief of the heirs and legal representatives of Bernard Hem-
House bill 350 for the relief of the heirs and legal representatives of Lewis Reggio.. 2 272
House bill 351 to extend the rights granted by the act entitled "An act authorizing

2 271

2 235

2 268

2 269

certain soldiers of the late war with Great Britain to surrender the lands drawn
by them and to locate others in lieu thereof"
House bill 354 for the relief of Benjamin La Fonte, William Altenburg, and others. 2 279
House bill 353 for the relief of Talbot C. Dousman.

[blocks in formation]

Message President United States in relation to the claim of Richard W. Thompson.
Memorial of heirs of Robert McConnell-S. bill 401 ...

1 180

2 243

Senate bill 81 to provide payment for certain depredations of Creek Indians on the
property of citizens of Georgia and Alabama..

[blocks in formation]

"Act making appropriations for the payment of certain claims," together with
opinions of the Court of Claims in the cases of Samuel P. Todd, John Shaw,
and Isaac Beaugrand-S. bill 187

[blocks in formation]

Vol. No.

Petition of Hodges and Lansdale-S. bill 278..

William G. Ridgely. Act for the relief of S. bill 278. (Vide also report No. 151.)
Petition of administrator of Rinaldo Johnson and Ann E. Johnson-S. bill 255.....
(See also S. bill 278.)

Petition of John Hastings-S. bill 269 ..
Norwood McClelland-S. bill 276

Robert Sewell, executor of-S. bill 279.
Anthony Rankin--S. bill 280...

Memorial of John M. McIntosh, assignee of John Clutes and Jacob Hart-S. bill 299 1
Mrs. A. P. Derrick, widow of W. S. Derrick-S. bill 294

Petition of James T. V. Thompson-S. bill 297

John H. Scranton and James M. Hunt-S. bill 308.

Robert Graham, in behalf of heirs of Major General Arthur St. Clair-
S. bill 319..

Memorial of Franklin Peale-S. bill 331.

Petition of John Bronson-S. bill 332...

Santiago E. Arguello-S. bill 354..
John P. Baldwin-S. bill 355...

Claim of George A. Magruder-S. bill 371
Joseph White-S. bill 372....


James M. Lindsay-S. bill 373.....

[blocks in formation]


1 164





1 177

1 185

1 186

[blocks in formation]

Moses Noble-S. bill 374.

Salvador Accardi S. bill 378..

Petition of George M. Weston, in behalf of sundry citizens of Maine

advanced-S. bill 394...

Claim of Francis A. Gibbons and Francis X. Kelly-S. bill 407.
Joseph D. Beer-S. bill 408

[blocks in formation]

Memorial of special agents of the State of Maryland for reimbursement of money

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Petition of George Jewett, executor of Luther Jewett-S. bill 439.
Claim of Ernest Fiedler-S. bill 440

[blocks in formation]

Reports from the Committee on Revolutionary Claims.

Petitions of sundry persons praying for the full benefit of sundry resolutions of the
Continental Congress for the relief of the officers of the revolutionary army,
their widows and orphans-S. bill 109...

Memorial of Elizabeth A. R. Linn-S. bill 138

Petition of Hannah F. Niles-S. bill 220.

Sophia Turner, heir of Dr. Wilcox.

Lucy Tate, widow of Edmund...

Peter Van Buskirk, heir of Thomas

[blocks in formation]

William Allen, grandson of Jonathan Allen.

Memorial of the heirs of Major Samuel Scott-S. bill 228..

legal representatives of James Bell, late of Canada-S. bill 233..

Petition of Elizabeth V. Lindsay, heir of Wm. Lindsay-S. bill 234

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Memorial of the heirs of Colonel Isaac Shelby-S. bill 458.

Reports from the Committee on the Judiciary.

On the protest of members of the legislature of the State of Illinois against the elec-
tion of the Hon. Lyman Trumbull as a senator.........

Memorial of Adam D. Steuart-S. bill 200.

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