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Sicut aquæ tremulum labris ubi lumen ahenis
Sole repercussum, aut radiantis imagine lunæ,
Omnia pervolitat latè loca, jamque fub auras
Erigitur, fummique ferit laquearia tecti.

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So water trembling in a polish'd vase,
Reflects the beam that plays upon its face,
The sportive light, uncertain where it falls,
Now strikes the roof, now flashes on the walls.

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Printed for J. JOHNSON, No. 72, St. Paul's Church Yard.

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T A B L E T A L K.

Si te fortè meæ gravis uret farcina chartæ

HoR. LIB. I. Epist. 13.


A. OU told me, I remember, glory built

On selfish principles, is shame and guilt ;
The deeds that men admire as half divine,
Stark naught, because corrupt in their design.
Strange doctrine this! that without scruple tears
The laurel that the very lightning spares,
Vol. I. -


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