Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York


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Side 21 - The Supreme Court and the district courts shall have power to issue writs of scire facias. The Supreme Court, the circuit courts of appeals, and the district courts shall have power to issue all writs not specifically provided for by statute, which may be necessary for the exercise of their respective jurisdictions, •and agreeable to the usages and principles of law.
Side 22 - States, subject however to such alterations and additions as the said courts respectively shall in their discretion deem expedient, or to such regulations as the Supreme Court of the United States shall think proper from time to time by rule to prescribe to any circuit or district court concerning the same.
Side 21 - That the Supreme Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of all controversies of a civil nature, where a state is a party, except between a state and its citizens; and except also between a state and citizens of other states, or aliens, in which latter case it shall have original but not exclusive jurisdiction.
Side 23 - Commonwealth of Virginia has a right to proceed ex parte; and the court will make an order to that effect, that the cause may be prepared for a final hearing. If, upon being served with a copy of such order, the defendant shall still fail to appear, or to show cause to the contrary...
Side 23 - In Huger & al. vs. the State of South-Carolina, 3d Dallas, 339, the service of the subpoena having been proved, the court determined, that the complainant was at liberty to proceed ex parte.
Side 21 - ... to make and establish all necessary rules for the orderly conducting business in the said courts, provided such rules are not repugnant to the laws of the United States.
Side 292 - ... on goods sold at auction, as established by the act of the fifteenth of April one thousand eight hundred and seventeen ; nor the amount of the revenue established by the act of March the thirtieth, one thousand eight hundred and twenty, in lieu of the tax upon steam-boat passengers ; shall be reduced or diverted, at any time, before the full and complete payment of the principal, and interest of the money borrowed, or to be borrowed, as aforesaid.

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