Annual report of the State Board of Health of the State of Rhode Island. 1906

E. L. Freeman, 1912

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Side 250 - Whoever by himself or by his servant or agent, • or as the servant or agent of any other person...
Side 293 - Said returns, after such report is prepared, shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of state, who shall cause the same 'to be arranged, full alphabetical indices of all the names to be made, and the whole to be bound in volumes of convenient size and carefully preserved in his office.
Side 248 - ... be sealed by the sealer of weights and measures of the town where the person so using the same shall usually reside in this state, or of the town where such milk shall be sold for use; and every person...
Side 56 - ... in the sum of one thousand dollars for the faithful performance of his duties. SEC. 6. If the condition of any such bond...
Side 266 - Such written order or prescription shall be permanently retained on file by the person, firm, or corporation, who shall compound or dispense the articles ordered or prescribed, and it shall not be again compounded or dispensed, except upon the written order of the original prescriber for each and every subsequent compounding or dispensing.
Side 298 - SECTIONS 1, 2, and 3 show what kindred persons cannot marry, and declare marriages within prohibited degrees null and void. SECTION 4 makes an exception in favor of Jews, within the degrees of affinity or consanguinity allowed by their religion.
Side 266 - And it shall also be unlawful for any practitioner of dentistry to prescribe any of the foregoing substances for any person not under his treatment in the regular practice of his profession, or for any practitioner of veterinary medicine to prescribe an.v of the foregoing substances for the use of any human being.
Side 300 - Whenever a divorce is granted for fault on the part of the wife, the husband, if he be entitled to curtesy-initiate, shall have a life estate in all the lands of the wife as if the wife were dead, but subject to such allowance to the wife, to be charged on such life estate, as the court in the peculiar circumstances of the case may deem just and proper.
Side 266 - It shall be unlawful for any practitioner of medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine to furnish to or...
Side 216 - I feel constrained to dissent from the opinion of the majority of the court. In the first place it is undisputed that the appellant Macomber used the device known as "The Electricure...

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