The Life and Public Services of Henry Clay

Greeley & McElrath, 1844 - 80 sider

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Side 28 - ... they may carry him triumphantly through this House. But, if they do, in my humble judgment, it will be a triumph of the principle of insubordination, a triumph of the military over the civil authority, a triumph over the powers of this House, a triumph over the constitution of the land. And I pray most devoutly to Heaven, that it may not prove, in its ultimate effects and consequences, a triumph over the liberties of the people.
Side 22 - ... make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts.
Side 15 - In 1801 he snatched from the rude hand of usurpation the violated Constitution of his country, and that is his crime. He preserved that instrument, in form, and substance, and spirit, a precious inheritance for generations to come, and for this he can never be forgiven. How vain and impotent is party rage, directed against such a man. He is not more elevated by his lofty residence, upon the summit of his own favorite mountain, than he is lifted, by the serenity of his mind, and the consciousness...
Side 55 - Since the last adjournment of Congress, the Secretary of the Treasury has directed the money of the United States to be deposited in certain State banks, designated by him, and he will immediately lay before you his reasons for this direction. I concur with him entirely in the view he has taken of the subject; and, some months before the removal, I urged upon the department the propriety of taking that step.
Side 24 - I maintain that an oppressed people are authorized, whenever they can, to rise and break their fetters. This was the great principle of the English revolution. It was the great principle of our own.
Side 31 - State, by a solemn public act, shall declare the assent of the said State to the said fundamental condition, and shall transmit to the President of the United States on or before the...
Side 32 - Resolved, That a committee be appointed on the part of this House, jointly with such committee as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to wait on the President of the United States, and inform him that a quorum of the two Houses is assembled, and that Congress is ready to receive any communications he may be pleased to make.
Side 8 - That the secretary of the treasury be directed to prepare and report to the senate, at their next session, a plan for the application of such means as are within the power of congress, to the purposes of opening roads and making canals ; together with a statement of the undertakings of that nature, which, as objects of public improvement, may require and deserve the aid of government...
Side 33 - ... all this is perpetrated on a christian people, in its own immediate vicinity, in its very presence, let us at least evince, that one of its remote extremities is susceptible of sensibility to christian wrongs, and capable of sympathy for christian sufferings ; that in this remote quarter of the world, there are hearts not yet closed against compassion for human woes, that can pour out their indignant feelings at the oppression of a people endeared to us by every ancient recollection, and every...
Side 16 - ... course to that happy event is in the vigorous employment of the resources of war. And painful as the reflection is, this duty is particularly enforced by the spirit and manner in which the war continues to be waged by...

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