Lucrezia Borgia: The Life of a Pope's Daughter in the Renaissance

The Author, 2010 - 123 sider
This biography will reveal the true Lucrezia Borgia. It is an unfortunate reality that many descriptions of the life of the Pope's daughter and her family are based on malicious rumours by her opponents and sensationalist historians of the 16th century. Even the 19th century biographer Ferdinand Gregorovius would often accept these as gospel. Yet there are many contemporaries of the Borgias, whose notes and letters we should give more credence to than to those of their enemies or certain authors who only knew the Borgias from hearsay. Especially invaluable is the diary of Johann Burchard, the Master of Ceremonies of the popes. He kept detailed records of all the important events from 1483 until he died in 1506. His dispassionate and factual descriptions of the occurrences at the papal court defy many claims about the Borgias. In addition, countless letters and documents of Lucrezia herself and her relatives have survived. They depict her as a typical woman of her times, yet also as a truly remarkable individual. For wherever it involves the Borgia family, you can rest assured that the truth will be no less suspenseful than even the wildest rumours.

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Maike Vogt-Luerssen was born on 24th March 1956 in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and now resides in Adelaide, Australia. The author studied history, biology and education at the Philipps-University in Marburg, Germany, is married and has one son. For over 20 years she has extensively researched the antiquity, the middle ages, the Renaissance, and art history. Books on the following subjects have so far been published in German: Lucrezia Borgia, Martin Luther, Anna of Saxony, Margaret of Austria, Life in the Middle Ages, Agrippina the Younger, Women of the Renaissance, Bianca Maria Visconti, Caterina Sforza, and Isabella of Aragon. English editions of several of these manuscripts are currently in preparation.

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