to do this the said locals be required to pay the remainder of the debts.

Your committee does not agree with Local Union No. 72 in the matter of procedure and advises that they endeavor to adjust the dispute with the Local Unions in question. If they fail to receive justice they then have recourse by preferring charges in harmony with the constitution. On these grounds your committee rejected the protest of Local Union No. 72 and reported favorably on the seating of the delegates from Local Unions Nos. 3 and 94.

In conclusion we would state that in each instance your National Secretary acted in accordance with law and we commend him not only for conforming strictly to law, but also for having the work for this committee so arranged that it made our duty a pleasure.

Respectfully submitted,




- Motion that the report be adopted as read. Carried.

Committee on Rules.

See Page 22 for Committee on Rules.


Assistant Secretary Shipman distributed the badges to the delegates.


It was now one o'clock. The day was being recognized as a legal holiday, consequently it was by motion agreed that recess should be taken until 8:30 a. m.

Note:-T. W. Rowe, President; Joseph M. Gillooly, Vice-President; Wm. P. Clarke, Secretary-Treasurer; Charles J. Shipman, Assistant Secretary, and Organizers Joseph O'Malley, Edward S. Zimmer, Robert Luckock and Arthur Elbert were in attendance at the Convention.



COLUMBUS, OHIO, July 6, 1915.

The convention was called to order by President Rowe. Delegates J. P.McCollough, of Local Union No. 60, and John C. Hamilton, of Local Union No. 136, appointed on the door.

Report of the Committee on Rules.

COLUMBUS, OHIO, July 6, 1915.

To the Officers and Delegates Thirty-ninth Convention A. F. G. W. U. Assembled:

We hereby offer the following Convention Rules:

Rule 1. The convention shall open at 8:30 a. m. and adjourn at 12 noon.

Rule 2.

Afternoon sessions shall convene at 2. p. m. and adjourn at 5 p. m.

Rule 3. The convention shall adjourn at 12 noon on Saturday, and convene at 8:30 a. m. the following Monday.

Rule 4. The delegates to this convention shall write their name and the number of their Local Union upon their attendance cards and deposit them with the inside guard not later than twenty minutes after the time set for calling the convention to order. Any member failing to deposit his card shall be recorded absent, and fined the sum of $5.00, unless constituionally excused, or excused by convention, said fine to be paid to the Local Union he represents within ninety days.

Rule 5. If a delegate, while speaking, be called to order, he shall, at the request of the chair, take his seat until the question of order is decided.

Rule 6. Should two or more delegates rise to speak at the same time, the chair shall decide who is entitled to the floor. Rule 7. No delegate shall interrupt another in his remarks except it be to call him to a point of order.

Rule 8. A delegate shall not speak more than twice upon a question until all who wish to speak shall have had an opportunity to do so.

Rule 9. A delegate shall not speak more than twice on the same question without permission from the convention.

Rule 10. Speeches shall be limited to five minutes, but the time of speaking may be extended by vote of the convention.

Rule 11. When a question is pending before the convention, no motion shall be in order except to adjourn, to refer, for the previous question, to postpone indefinitely, to postpone for a certain time, to divide or amend, which motions shall have precedence in the order named.

Rule 12. Motions to lay on the table shall not be debatable, except as limited by Roberts' Rules of Order.

Rule 13. A motion to reconsider shall not be entertained unless made by a delegate who voted in the majority, and shall receive a majority vote.

Rule 14. Yea and nay vote shall be taken by the roll call when demanded by twenty delegates from twenty different Local Unions.

Rule 15. If a number of delegates believe a subject has been sufficiently debated, and they wish to close the debate, a delegate shall rise and address the presiding officer and move the previous question, and then the presiding officer shall ask if there are a sufficient number wishing the previous question put to a vote. If twenty delegates raise their hand in favor of having the previous question voted on, the presiding officer shall call for a vote on the motion for the previous question, and if a majority vote in favor of the previous question, the debate shall close and the question pending at the time the motion for the previous question was made shall then be decided.

Rule 16. Delegates shall not leave official books, papers, documents, or badges on tables or any other place where they are liable to be secured by non-members of this Association, nor shall they allow any person not a delegate to wear their badge.

Rule 17. The Vice-President and Assistant Secretary shall constitute the Press Committee, and they only shall be permitted to give reporters information.

Rule 18. The main body of the hall shall be reserved for delegates.

Rule 19.

Visiting brothers, only when vouched for by a delegate representing the Local Union of which he is a member, shall be admitted and they shall take a seat assigned to them. Visiting brothers when applying for admission shall give their names and the number of their Local Union to the guard who shall consult the delegates representing the Local Union, of which the visitor is a member, and if said delegate reports the applicant eligible to admission, the doorkeeper shall instruct him where to take a seat; if not eligible, the doorkeeper shall request him to leave the hall.

Rule 20. The presiding officer, or the convention, may, at any time, by a majority vote, order all who are not officers or delegates to leave.

Rule 21. Roberts' Rules shall be the guide on all matters not herein provided.

Rule 22. No delegate shall be loaned any money by this convention unless he presents an official request from his Local Union, properly signed and sealed, thereby holding the Local Union responsible for said loan to any delegate, and no loan to any delegate shall exceed $20.00. Delegates securing a loan from this convention shall pledge themselves to exercise their best efforts to have the loan returned inside of 90 days, as well as take the initiative towards adjusting the finances of their Local Unions with the intent that their representatives to future conventions will be placed in a position such as will enable them to avoid the necessity of asking financial aid from the National Union. No loan shall be granted to any delegate prior to Tuesday, July 13th.

Rule 23. That all resolutions with reference to donations shall be referred to the Estimating Committee for consideration.

Respectfully submitted,



DAVID H. JONES, Chairman.
GEO. W. ROCHE, Secretary.

Motion that the report be adopted as read.

Amended to adopt except that part of Rule 14 pertaining to the number of delegates calling for roll call vote and that the word "twenty" be stricken out and "five" inserted.

Amendment to amendment that ten delegates representing ten different Local Unions shall be required to call for roll call vote.

The amendment to the amendment was adopted by a vote of 105 to 56.

The following committees were then appointed:


Harry Cook, Local Union No. 13, Chairman.

Claude A. Dale, Local Union No. 127, Secretary.

[blocks in formation]

The Press Committee shall act on the items appearing on pages 45 and 48 of the Officers' Report.


J. P. McCullough, Local Union No. 60, Chairman.
Wm. Rehbeck, Local Union No. 51, Secretary.

[blocks in formation]
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