Asiatic Journal

Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1840
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Side 135 - To whom I answered, It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to die, before that he which is accused have the accusers face to face, and have license to answer for himself concerning the crime laid against him...
Side 166 - That no will shall be valid unless it shall be in writing and executed in manner herein-after mentioned ; (that is to say,) it shall be signed at the foot or end thereof by the testator, or by some other person in his presence and by his direction...
Side 72 - Any loss, therefore, which such persons may suffer in consequence of the more effectual execution of the Chinese laws on this subject, must be borne by the parties who have brought that loss on themselves by their own acts.
Side 289 - Company, therefore, can no longer be considered as the agents of a commercial concern : they are, in fact; the ministers and officers of a powerful sovereign...
Side 232 - You will, therefore, immediately on your arrival announce, by a Proclamation, addressed to all the Queen's subjects in New Zealand, that Her Majesty will not acknowledge as valid any title to land which either has been or shall hereafter be acquired in that country...
Side 290 - ... of those branches of literature and science which form the basis of the education of persons destined to similar occupations in Europe. To this foundation should be added an intimate acquaintance with the history, languages, customs and manners of the people of India, with the Mahommedan and Hindoo codes of law and religion, and with the political and commercial interests and relations of Great Britain in Asia.
Side 126 - If there have been found some resolute spirits powerfully asserting themselves in feeble vehicles, it is so much the better; since this would authorize a hope, that if all the other grand requisites can be combined, they may form a strong character, in spite of the counteraction of an unadapted constitution.
Side 290 - India, will surround and assail them in every station, especially upon their first arrival in India. The early discipline of the service should be calculated to counteract the defects of the climate and the vices of -the people, and to form a. natural barrier against, habitual indolence, dissipation and licentious indulgence ; the spirit of emulation in honourable and useful pursuits should be kindled and kept alive by the continual prospect of distinction and reward of profit and honour; nor should...
Side 62 - Were it possible to prevent the use of the drug altogether, except strictly for the purpose of medicine, we would gladly do it in compassion to mankind ; but this being absolutely impracticable, we can only endeavour to regulate and palliate an evil which cannot be eradicated.
Side 125 - ... square yards of convulsed torrents of earths in igneous fusion, and gaseous fluids constantly effervescing, boiling, spouting, rolling in all directions like waves of a disturbed sea, violently beating the edge of the caldrons like an infuriated surf, and, like surf, spreading all around its spray in the form of capillary glass, which fills the air, and adheres in a...

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