Crockford's Clerical Directory, Volum 4

Church House Publishing, 1868
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Side 266 - A Vindication of the Doctrine of the Church of England on the Validity of the Orders of the Scotch and Foreign Non-Episcopal Churches.
Side 266 - The Nature of Christ's Presence in the Eucharist; or, the True Doctrine of the Real Presence Vindicated; in opposition to the fictitious Real Presence asserted by Archdeacon Denison, Mr. (late Archdeacon) Wilberforce, and Dr. Pusey : with full proof of the real character of the attempt made by those authors to represent their doctrine as that of the Church of England and her divines.
Side 69 - Bode.— The Absence of Precision in the Formularies of the Church of England Scriptural and Suitable to a State of Probation : Being the Hampton Lectures for 1855.
Side 266 - Parts in 1. 8vo. sewed, 2s. 6d. — A LETTER to a LAY FRIEND, in Answer to Inquiries respecting the State of Things in the Church, and the Course which the Present Crisis demands from those who tender its Welfare. Second Edition, enlarged. 8vo. sewed, Is. — TRACT 90 HISTORICALLY REFUTED ; or, a Reply to a Work by the Rev. F. Oakeley, entitled, " The Subject of Tract 90 Historically Examined.
Side 300 - Whose are the Fathers ? or the Teaching of certain AngloCatholics, on the Church and its Ministry, contrary alike to the Holy Scriptures, to the Fathers of the first Six Centuries, and to those of the Reformed Church of England. With a Catena Patrum of the First Six Centuries, and of the English Church of the latter half of the Sixteenth Century.
Side 180 - The Worship of the Serpent traced throughout the World, and its Traditions referred to the Events in Paradise; proving the Temptation and Fall of Man by the Instrumentality of a Serpent Tempter.

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