J. Tonson and J. Watts., 1728 - 194 sider

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Side 139 - I'll read my fable. Betwixt her swagging panniers load A farmer's wife to market rode, And, jogging on, with thoughtful care Summ'd up the profits of her ware ; When, starting from her silver dream, Thus far and wide was heard her scream : That raven on yon left-hand oak (Curse on his ill-betiding croak !) Bodes me no good.
Side 189 - And from the deep-mouthed thunder flies. She starts, she stops, she pants for breath ; She hears the near advance of death ; She doubles, to mislead the hound, And measures back her mazy round ; Till, fainting in the public way, Half dead with fear she gasping lay. What transport in her bosom grew, When first the horse appeared in view ! " Let me," says she, " your back ascend, And owe my safety to a friend.
Side 190 - She next the stately Bull implored, And thus replied the mighty lord: " Since every beast alive can tell That I sincerely wish you well, I may, without offence, pretend To take the freedom of a friend. Love calls me hence : a...
Side 103 - ... twill then be known My charities were amply shown." An Angel came: "Ah! friend," he cried, "No more in flattering hope confide. Can thy good deeds in former times Outweigh the balance of thy crimes? What widow or what orphan prays To crown thy life with length of days? A pious action's in thy power, Embrace with joy the happy hour.
Side 53 - Whene'er the duty of the day The toilet calls, with mimic play He twirls her knots, he cracks her fan, Like any other gentleman. In visits too his parts and wit, When jests grew dull, were sure to hit. Proud with applause, he thought his mind In ev'ry courtly art refin'd ; Like...
Side 189 - Friendship, like love, is but a name, Unless to one you stint the flame. The child, whom many fathers share, Hath seldom known a father's care. Tis thus in friendships; who depend On many, rarely find a friend.
Side 185 - Or crawls beside the coral grove, And hears the ocean roll above ; "Nature is too profuse...
Side 191 - The Goat remarked her pulse was high, Her languid head, her heavy eye; "My back," says he, "may do you harm; The Sheep's at hand, and wool is warm.

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