4 To help our soul's infirmity,

To heal thy sin-sick people's care,
To urge our God-commanding plea,

And make our heart a house of prayer,
The promised Intercessor give,
And let us now thyself receive.
5 Come in thy pleading Spirit down

To us who for thy coming stay ;
Of all thy gifts we ask but one,

We ask the constant power to pray:
Indulge us, Lord, in this request,

Thou canst not then deny the rest. 146 Penitence-p.280.] 12th P.M. 76,76,78,76.

ESUS, thou hast bid us pray,

Pray always, and not faint ;
With the word a power convey

To utter our complaint :
Quiet shalt thou never know,

Till we from sin are fully freed;.
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head!
2 We have now begun to cry,

And we will never end,
Till we find salvation nigh,

And grasp the sinner's Friend :
Day and night we'll speak our wo,

With thee importunately plead ;
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head !
3 Speak the word, and we shall be

From all our bands released;
Only thou canst set us free,

By Satan long oppress'd:
Now thy power almighty show,

Arise, the woman's conq’ring Seed;

O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head ! 4 To destroy his work of sin,

Thyself in us reveal; Manifest thyself within

Our flesh, and fully dwell With us, in us, here below :

Enter, and make us free indeed : O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head ! 5 Stronger than the strong man,

thou His fury canst control : Cast him out, by ent’ring now,

And keep our ransom'd soul : Satan's kingdom overthrow,

On all the powers of darkness tread; O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head! 6 To the never-ceasing cries

Of thine elect attend :
Send deliv'rance from the skies,

The mighty Spirit send :
Though to man thou seemest slow,

Our cries thou seemest not to heed : 0

avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head !
7 Come, O come, all-glorious Lord !

No longer now delay,
With thy Spirit's two-edged sword

The crooked serpent slay!
Bare thine arm and give the blow,

Root out and kill the hellish seed :
O avenge us of our foe,

And bruise the serpent's head ! 8 Jesus, hear thy Spirit's call,

Thy Bride, who bids thee come :

Come, thou righteous Judge of all,

Pronounce the tempter's doom :
Doom him to eternal wo,

For him and for his angels made;
Now avenge us of our foe,

For ever bruise his head !
147 Camberwellp. 125.] S. M.

Thy zeal for God in me;
Thy yearning pity for mankind,

Thy burning charity.
2 In me thy Spirit dwell!

In me thy bowels move!
So shall the fervour of my zeal

Be the pure flame of love. 148 Gorham-p. 193.] 4th P. M. 886, 886.

, on me the want bestow

Their sins on earth forgiven ;
Give me to prove the kingdom mine,
And taste, in holiness divine,

The happiness of heaven.
2 Meeken my soul, thou heavenly Lamb,
That I in the new earth may claim

My hundred-fold reward ;
My rich inheritance possess,
Có-heir with the great Prince of peace,

Co-partner with my Lord.
3 Me with that restless thirst inspire,
That sacred, infinite desire,

And feast my hungry heart;
Less than thyself cannot suffice;
My soul for all thy fulness cries,

For all thou hast and art.

4 Mercy who show shall mercy find;
Thy pitiful and tender mind

Be, Lord, on me bestow'd ;
So shall I still the blessing gain,
And to eternal life retain


5 Jesus, the crowning grace impart ;
Bless me with purity of heart,

That, now beholding thee,
I soon may view thy open face,
On all thy glorious beauties gaze,

And God for ever see !
6 Not for my fault or folly's sake,
The name, or mode, or form I take,

But for true holiness ;
Let me be wrong'd, reviled, abhorr’d,
And thee, my sanctifying Lord,

In life and death confess.
y Call'd to sustain the hallow'd cross,
And suffer for thy righteous cause,

Pronounce me doubly blest ; And let thy glorious Spirit, Lord, Assure me of thy great reward,

In heaven's eternal feast. 149 Kendallp. 27.]

C. M. WHEE, Jesus, full of truth and grace,

T ,

Thee in affliction's furnace praise,

And magnify thy power. 2 Thy power, in human weakness shown,

Shall make us all entire ;
We now thy guardian presence own,

And walk unburnt in fire.
3 Thee, Son of man, by faith we see,

And glory in our Guide ;

Surrounded and upheld by thee,

The fiery test abide.
4 The fire our graces shall refine,

Till, moulded from above,
We bear the character divine,

The stamp of perfect love.
150 Darwen—p. 114.] L. M.

LET the prisoners' mournful cries

As incense in thy sight appear! Their humble wailings pierce the skies,

If haply they may feel thee near.
2 The captive exiles make their moans,

From sin impatient to be free:
Call home, call home thy banish'd ones!

Lead captive their captivity! 3 Show them the blood that bought their peace,

The anchor of their steadfast hope ; And bid their guilty terrors cease,

And bring the ransom'd pris'ners up. 4 Out of the deep regard their cries,

The fallen raise, the mourners cheer; O Sun of righteousness, arise,

And scatter all their doubt and fear! 5 Pity the day of feeble things ;

O gather every halting soul !
And drop salvation from thy wings,

And make the contrite sinner whole. 6 Stand by them in the fiery hour,

Their feebleness of mind defend; And in their weakness show thy power,

And make them patient to the end. 7 O satisfy their soul in drought !

Give them thy saving health to see,

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