164 Ashburton--p. 170.) 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

FT have we pass'd the guilty night

In revelling and frantic mirth;
The creature was our sole delight,

Our happiness the things of earth :
But O! suffice the season past ;
We choose the better part at last.
2 We will not close our wakeful eyes,

We will not let our eyelids sleep,
But humbly lift them to the skies,

And all a solemn vigil keep:
So many nights on sin bestow'd,
Can we not watch one hour for God?
3 We


O Jesus, for thy sake,
Devote our every hour to thee;
Speak but the word, our souls shall wake,

And sing with cheerful melody;
Thy praise shall our glad tongues employ,
And every heart shall dance for joy.
4 Bless'd object of our faith and love,

We listen for thy welcome voice;
Our persons and our works approve,

And bid us in thy strength rejoice;
Now let us hear the mighty cry,
And shout to find the Bridegroom nigh.
5 Shout in the midst of us, O King

Of saints, and let our joys abound;
Let us rejoice, give thanks, and sing,

And triumph in redemption found;
We ask in faith for every soul ;
O let our glorious joy be full !
6 O may we all triumphant rise,

With joy upon our heads return,

And, far above these nether skies,

By thee on eagles' wings upborne, Through all yon radiant circles move, And gain the highest heaven of love. 165

Romneyp. 42.] C. M. THY, presence, Lord, the place shall fill,

My heart
Thy holy, just, and perfect will,

Shall in my flesh be done.
2 I thank thee for the present grace,

And now in hope rejoice, In confidence to see thy face,

And always hear thy voice.
3 I have the things I ask of thee,

What shall I more require ?
That still my soul may restless be,

And only thee desire.
4 Thy only will be done, not mine,

But make me, Lord, thy home; Come when thou wilt, I that resign,

But O, my Jesus, come! 166 Watchman--p. 118.] S. M.

This slumber from my soul! Say to me now,

Awake, awake! And Christ shall make thee whole." 2 Lay to thy mighty hand,

Alarm me in this hour,
And make me fully understand

The thunder of thy power! 3 Give me on thee to call,

Always to watch and pray,

Lest I into temptation fall,

And cast my shield away. 4 For each assault prepared,

And ready may I be,
For ever standing on my guard,

And looking up to thee. 5 O do thou always warn

My soul of evil near !
When to the right or left I turn,

Thy voice still let me hear : 6 “Come back! this is the


!. Come back! and walk therein !" O may I hearken and obey,

And shun the paths of sin ! 167 Southfield-p. 121.] S. M.

"HOU seest my feebleness,

My help and refuge in distress,

My fortress and my tower. 2 Give me to trust in thee;

Be thou my sure abode : My horn, and rock, and buckler be,

My Saviour, and my God. 3 Myself I cannot save,

Myself I cannot keep ;
But strength in thee I surely have,

Whose eyelids never sleep. 4 My soul to thee alone,

Now, therefore, I commend : Thou, Jesus, love me as thine own,

And love me to the end !

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St. Thomas-p. 134.] S. M. ID me of men beware,

And to my ways take heed; Discern their every secret snare,

And circumspectly tread. 2 O may I calmly wait

Thy succours from above;
And stand against their open hate,

And well-dissembled love! 3 My spirit, Lord, alarm,

When men and devils join ; 'Gainst all the powers of Satan arm,

In panoply divine : 4 O may I set my face,

His onsets to repel ; Quench all his fiery darts, and chase

The fiend to his own hell! 5 But, above all, afraid

Of my own bosom foe,
Still let me seek to thee for aid,

To thee my weakness show; 6 Hang on thy arm alone,

With self-distrusting care,
And deeply in the spirit groan

The never-ceasing prayer.
169 Spilsbyp. 123.] S. M.
IVE me a sober mind,

A quick discerning eye,
The first approach of sin to find,

And all occasions fly.
2 Still may I cleave to thee,

And never more depart,
But watch with godly jealousy

Over my evil heart.

3 Thus may I pass my days

Of sojourning beneath,
And languish to conclude my race,

And render up my breath :
4 In humble love and fear,

Thine image to regain,
And see thee in the clouds appear,

And rise with thee to reign!
170 Confidence-p. 96.] L. M.

Chase this dread slumber from my soul;
With joy and fear, with love and awe,
Give me to keep thy perfect law.
2 O may one beam of thy blest light
Pierce through, dispel the shade of night;
Touch my cold breast with heavenly fire,
With holy, conqʼring zeal inspire.
3 For zeal I sigh, for zeal I pant,
Yet heavy is my soul and faint ;
With steps unwav’ring, undismay'd,
Give me in all thy paths to tread.
4 With outstretch'd hands, and streaming eyes,
Oft I begin to grasp the prize ;
I strive, I watch, I pray;

But ah! how soon it dies away!
5 The deadly slumber soon I feel
Afresh upon my spirit steal ;
Rise, Lord, stir up thy quick’ning power,
And wake me that I sleep no more.
6 Single of heart, O may I be,
Nothing may I desire but thee;
Far, far from me the world remove,
And all that holds me from thy love.

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