2 I ask the blood-bought pardon seal'd,

The liberty from sin,
The grace infused, the love reveal'd,

The kingdom fix'd within.
3 Thou hear'st me for salvation pray;

Thou seest my heart's desire;
Made ready in thy powerful day,

Thy fulness I require.
4 My vehement soul cries out, oppress'd,

Impatient to be freed;
Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest,

Till I am saved indeed.
5 Art thou not able to convert?

Art thou not willing too?
To change this old rebellious heart,

conquer and renew ?
6 Thou canst, thou wilt, I dare believe,

So arm me with thy power,
That I to sin may never cleave,

May never feel it more. 182 Trowbridge—p. 164.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

And, brooding o'er my nature's night,
Call forth the ray of heavenly love ;

Let there in my dark soul be light;
And fill th' illustrated abyss
With glorious beams of endless bliss.
2 " Let there be light,” again command,

And light there in our hearts shall be ;
We then through faith shall understand

Thy great mysterious majesty ;
And, by the shining of thy grace,
Behold in Christ thy glorious face.

3 Father of everlasting grace,

Be mindful of thy changeless word ;
We worship toward that holy place

In which thou dost thy name record,
Dost make thy gracious nature known,
That living temple of thy Son.
4 Thou dost with sweet complacence see

The temple fill’d with light divine ;
And art thou not well pleased with me,

Who, turning to that heavenly shrine,
Through Jesus to thy throne apply,
Through Jesus for acceptance cry?
5 With all who for redemption groan,

Father, in Jesus' name we pray!
And still we cry and wrestle on

Till mercy take qur sins away : Hear from thy dwelling place in heaven, And now pronounce our sins forgiven. 183 Aithlone-p. 200.] 4th P. M. 886,886. O

THOU who hast our sorrows borne,

Help us look on thee and mourn,
On thee whom we have slain ;
Have pierced a thousand, thousand times,
And, by reiterated crimes,

Renew'd thy sacred pain.
2 Vouchsafe us eyes of faith, to see
The man transfix'd on Calvary !

To know thee, who thou art, The one eternal God and true; And let the sight affect, subdue,

And break my stubborn heart. 3 Lover of souls, to rescue mine, Reveal the charity divine,

That suffer'd in my stead ;

That made thy soul a sacrifice,
And quench'd in death those flaming eyes,

And bow'd that sacred head.
4 The veil of unbelief remove,
And by thy manifested love,

And by thy sprinkled blood,
Destroy the love of sin in me,
And get thyself the victory,

And bring me back to God.
5 Now let thy dying love constrain
My soul to love its God again,

Its God to glorify:
And lo! I come thy cross to share,
Echo thy sacrificial prayer,

And with my Saviour die ! 184 Marionp. 162.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

HOU God unsearchable, unknown,

Who still conceal'st thyself from me,
Hear an apostate spirit groan,

Broke off, and banish'd far from thee;
But, conscious of my fall, I mourn,
And fain I would to thee return.
2 Send forth one ray of heavenly light,

Of gospel hope, of humble fear,
To guide me through the gulf of night,

My poor desponding soul to cheer,
Till thou


unbelief remove,
And show me all thy glorious love.
3 A hidden God indeed thou art ;

Thy absence I this moment feel ;
Yet must I own it from my heart,

Conceal'd, thou art a Saviour still :
And though thy face I cannot see,
I know thine eye is fix'd on me.


4 My Saviour thou, though not reveald,

Yet will I thee my Saviour call :
Adore thy hand, from sin withheld;

Thy hand shall save me from my fall ;
Now, Lord, throughout my darkness shine,
And show thyself for ever mine.
St. Peter's—p. 75.]

L. M.
ESUS, whose glory's streaming rays,

Though duteous to thy high command,
Not seraphs view with open face,

But veil'd before thy presence stand : 2 How shall weak eyes of flesh, weigh'd down

With sin, and dim with error's night, Dare to behold thy awful throne,

Or view thy unapproached light ? 3 Restore my sight : let thy free grace

An entrance to the holiest give! Open mine eyes of faith! thy face

So shall I see: yet seeing live. 4 Thy golden sceptre from above

Reach forth ; lo! my whole heart I bow'; Say to my soul, “ Thou art my love,

My chosen 'midst ten thousand, thou !" 5 O Jesus, full of grace! the sighs

Of a sick heart with pity view!
Hark, how my silence speaks, and cries,

“Mercy, thou God of mercy, show !" 6 I know thou canst not but be good ;

How shouldst thou, Lord, thy grace restrain? Thou, Lord, whose blood so freely flow'd,

To save me from all guilt and pain ? 7 By faith I to the Fountain fly,

Open'd for all mankind and me,

To purge my sins of deepest die,

My life and heart's impurity :
8 From Christ, the smitten Rock, it flows,

The purple and the crystal stream;
Pardon and holiness bestows,

And both I gain through faith in him.


186 Irene-p. 307.] 20th P. M. 66,77,77.

AVIOUR, the world's and mine,

Thou my pain, my curse, hast took,

All my sins were laid on thee :
Help me, Lord, to thee I look ;

Draw me, Saviour, after thee.
2 'Tis done! my Lord hath died;

My Love is crucified ;
Break, this stony heart of mine ;

Pour, mine eyes, a ceaseless flood;
Feel, my soul, the pangs divine ;

Catch, my heart, the issuing blood !
3 When, O my God, shall I

For thee submit to die?
How the mighty debt repay?

Rival of thy passion prove?
Lead me in thyself, the Way,

Melt my hardness into love.
4 To love is all my wish,
I only live for this :

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