Let all thy love, and all thy grief,

Graven on my heart for ever be !
Ś The meek, the still, the lowly mind,

O may I learn from thee, my God;
And love, with softest pity join'd,

For those that trample on thy blood.
9 Still let thy tears, thy groans, thy sighs,

O’erflow my eyes, and heave my breast, Till loose from flesh and earth I rise,

And ever in thy bosom rest. 194 Darwen—p. 114.] L. M.

YEthat pass by, þehold the Man !

The Man of griefs, condemn’d for you! The Lamb of God, for sinners slain,

Weeping to Calvary pursue ! 2 See! how his back the scourges tear,

While to the bloody pillar bound ! The ploughers make long furrows there,

Till all his body is one wound. 3 Nor can he thus their hate assuage ;

His innocence, to death pursued, Must fully glut their utmost rage :

Hark! how they clamour for his blood ! 4 “To us our own Barabbas give;

Away with him!” (they loudly cry :) “ Away with him, not fit to live,

The vile seducer crucify !" 5 His sacred limbs they stretch, they tear,

With nails they fasten to the wood; His sacred limbs, exposed and bare,

Or only cover'd with his blood. 6 See there his temples crown'd with thom, His bleeding hands extended wide,

His streaming feet transfixʼd and torn,

The fountain gushing from his side! 7 Where is the King of glory now!

The everlasting Son of God!
Th’ Immortal hangs his languid brow;

The Almighty faints beneath his load! 8 Beneath my load he faints and dies :

I fill'd his soul with pangs unknown: I caused those mortal groans and cries,

I kill'd the Father's only Son!

195 Limehouse---p. 116.] L. M. O

THOU dear suff’ring Son of God,

How doth thy heart to sinners move ! Help me to catch thy precious blood ;

Help me to taste thy dying love. 2 Give me to feel thy agonies,

One drop of thy sad cup afford; I fain with thee would sympathize,

And share the suff'rings of my Lord. 3 The earth could to her centre quake,

Convulsed, while her Creator died; O let my inmost nature shake,

And die with Jesus crucified ! 4 At thy last gasp


graves display'd Their horrors to the upper skies ; O that my soul might burst the shade,

And, quicken'd by thy death, arise! 5 The rocks could feel thy powerful death,

And tremble, and asunder part : O rend, with thine expiring breath,

The harder marble of my heart !

196 Waterford-p.270.) 11th P.M.76,76,77,76.

The wine-press treads alone :
Tears the graves and mountains up,

By his expiring groan :
Lo, the powers of heaven he shakes ;

Nature in convulsion lies;
Earth's profoundest centre quakes ;

The great Jehovah dies !

2 O my God, he dies for me,

I feel the mortal smart !
See him hanging on the tree,

A sight that breaks my heart !
O that all to thee might turn !

Sinners, ye may love him too;
Look on him ye pierced, and mourn

For one who bled for you..

3 Weep o'er your Desire and Hope,

With tears of humblest love!
Sing, for Jesus is gone up,

And reigns enthroned above !
Lives our Head, to die no more ;

Power is all to Jesus given;
Worshipp’d, as he was before,

The immortal King of heaven.
4 Lord, we bless thee for thy grace

And truth, which never fail ;
Hast’ning to behold thy face

Without a dimming veil,
We shall see our heavenly King,

All thy glorious love proclaim,
Help the angel choirs to sing

Our blest triumphant Lamb.

197 Creation—p. 153.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

? How shall I all to heaven aspire ? A slave redeem'd from death and sin,

A brand pluck'd from eternal fire,
How shall I equal triumphs raise,
Or sing my great Deliverer's praise ?
2 O how shall I the goodness tell,

Father, which thou to me hast show'd ?
That I, a child of wrath and hell,

I should be call'd a child of God,
Should know, should feel, my sins forgiven,
Blest with this antepast of heaven!
3 And shall I slight my Father's love,

Or basely fear his gifts to own?
Unmindful of his favours prove ?

Shall I, the hallow'd cross to shun,
Refuse his righteousness t’ impart,
By hiding it within my heart ?
4 No: though the ancient dragon rage,

And call forth all his hosts to war;
Though earth's self-righteous sons engage,

Them and their god alike I dare ;
Jesus, the sinner's Friend, proclaim ;
Jesus, to sinners still the same.
5 Come, O my guilty brethren, come,

Groaning beneath your load of sin ;
His bleeding heart shall make you room;

His open side shall take you in : He calls you now,

invites you home: Come, Oʻmy guilty brethren, come. 6 For you the purple current flow'd,

In pardons from his wounded side; Languish'd for you the Son of God;

For you the Prince of glory died :


Believe, and all your sin 's forgiven :
Only believe, and yours is heaven.
198 Quitoấp. 94.] L. M.
A ;

DAM, descended from above!
The covenant of redeeming love

In thee let every sinner find.
2 Our surety, thou alone hast paid

The debt we to thy Father owed;
For the whole world atonement made,

And seald the pardon with thy blood. 3 Thee, the paternal grace divine

A universal blessing gave;
A light, in every heart to shine ;

A Saviour, every soul to save.
4 Light of the Gentile world, appear;

Command the blind thy rays to see :
Our darkness chase, our sorrows cheer,

And set the plaintive pris’ner free.
5 Me, me, who still in darkness sit,


in sin and unbelief,
Deliver from this gloomy pit,

This dungeon of despairing grief.
6 Open mine eyes the Lamb to know

Who bears the general sin away ;
And to my ransom'd spirit show

The glories of eternal day. 199 Luther's—p. 147.] Ist P. M. 6 lines 8s. WH

TOULD Jesus have the sinner die ?

Why hangs he then on yonder tree? What means

nat strange expiring cry? (Sinners, he prays for you and me ;)

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