397 Hebron-p. 111.) L. M.

TERNAL beam of light divine,
In whom the Father's glories shine,

Thro' earth beneath and heaven above : 2 Jesus, the weary wanderer's rest,

Give me thy easy yoke to bear; With steadfast patience arm my breast,

With spotless love, and lowly fear. 3 Thankful I take the cup from thee,

Prepared and mingled by thy skill : Though bitter to the taste it be,

Powerful the wounded soul to heal. 4 Be thou, O Rock of ages, nigh!

So shall each murm’ring thought be gone; And grief, and fear, and care shall fly,

As clouds before the mid-day sun. 5 Speak to my warring passions, “ Peace !"

Say to my trembling heart, “Be still !" Thy power my strength and fortress is,

For all things serve thy sovereign will. 6 O death! where is thy sting? Where now

Thy boasted victory, Ograve ?
Who shall contend with God? or who

Can hurt whom God delights to save ? 398 Roseland-p. 286.) 13th P. M. 10 10,1111. THE

The The saints have a mountain of blessings in him; His grace is the fountain, his peace is the stream. 2 To Him our request we now have made known, "Who sees what is best for each of his own:

THEL earth is the Lord's

, and all it contains ; ;

Our heathenish care, we cast it aside ; He heareth the prayer, and he will provide. 3 The modest and meek the earth shall possess; The kingdom who seek of Jesus's grace, The power of his Spirit shall joyfully own, And all things inherit in virtue of One. 399 Ledbury-p. 151.] Ist P. M. 6 lines 8s.

TOW I have found the ground wherein The wounds of Jesus, for my sin

Before the world's foundation slain ; Whose mercy shall unshaken stay, When heaven and earth are fled away. 2 Father, thine everlasting grace

Our scanty thought surpasses far :
Thy heart still melts with tenderness ;

Thy arms of love still open are,
Returning sinners to receive,
That mercy they may taste, and live.
3 O love, thou bottomless abyss !

My sins are swallow'd up in thee;
Cover'd is my unrighteousness,

Nor spot of guilt remains on me,
While Jesus' blood, through earth and skies,
Mercy, free, boundless mercy, cries !
4 By faith I plunge me in this sea;

Here is my hope, my joy, my rest ;
Hither, when hell assails, I flee;

I look into my Saviour's breast; Away, sad doubt and anxious fear! Mercy is all that's written there. 5 Though waves and storms go o'er my head ; Though strength, and health, and friends be Though joys be wither'd all and dead;

gone ;

Though every comfort be withdrawn;
On this my steadfast soul relies,
Father, thy mercy never dies.
6 Fix'd on this ground will I remain,

Though my heart fail, and flesh decay This anchor shall my soul sustain,

When earth's foundations melt away ; Mercy's full power I then shall prove, Loved with an everlasting love.



Pelham-p. 128.]

S. M.



And put your armour on, Strong in the strength which God supplies

Through his eternal Son:
Strong in the Lord of hosts,

And in his mighty power,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts

Is more than conqueror.
2 Stand then in his great might,

With all his strength endued ; But take, to arm you for the fight,

The panoply of God :
That having all things done,

And all your conflicts past,
Ye may o'ercome through Christ alone,

And stand entire at last.
3 Stand, then, against your foes,

In close and firm array ;

Legions of wily fiends oppose

Throughout the evil day :
But meet the sons of night,

But mock their vain design,
Arm'd in the arms of heavenly light,

Of righteousness divine.
4 Leave no unguarded place,

No weakness of the soul ;
Take every virtue, every grace,

And fortify the whole : Indissolubly join'd,

To battle all proceed; But arm yourselves with all the mind

That was in Christ your Head. Charing—p. 129.] SECOND PART. BUT, above all, lay hold

On faith's victorious shield ; Arm'd with that adamant and gold,

Be sure to win the field : If faith surround your heart,

Satan shall be subdued ; Repell’d his every fiery dart,

And quench'd with Jesus' blood. 2 Jesus hath died for you!

What can his love withstand ? Believe, hold fast your shield, and who

Shall pluck you from his hand ? Believe that Jesus reigns,

All power to him is given : Believe, till freed from sin's remains ;

Believe yourselves to heaven! 3 To keep your armour bright,

Attend with constant care, Still walking in your Captain's sight,

And watching unto prayer.

Ready for all alarms

Steadfastly set your face, And always exercise your arms,

And use your every grace. 4 Pray, without ceasing, pray,

(Your Captain gives the word ;). His summons cheerfully obey,

And call upon the Lord :
To God your every want

In instant prayer display :
Pray always; pray, and never faint ;

Pray, without ceasing, pray.
Charlestown—p. 138.] THIRD PART.
IN fellowship alone,

To God with faith draw near : Approach his courts, besiege his throne,

With all the power of prayer;
Go to his temple, go,

Nor from his altar move;
Let every house his worship know,

And every heart his love. 2 To God your spirits dart;

Your souls in words declare ;
Or groan, to him who reads the heart,

Th' unutterable prayer ;
His mercy now implore,

And now show forth his praise ; In shouts, or silent awe, adore

His miracles of grace. 3 Pour out your souls to God,

And bow them with your knees; And spread your hearts and hands abroad,

And pray for Sion's peace. Your guides and brethren bear

For ever on your mind;

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