7 Order if some invert, confound,

Their Lord's authority betray,
I hearken to the gospel sound,

And trace the providential way.
8 As far from abjectness as pride,

With condescending dignity,
Jesus, I make thy word my guide,

And keep the post assign’d by thee.
9 O could I emulate the zeal

Thou dost to thy poor servants bear!
The troubles, griefs, and burdens feel,

Of souls intrusted to my care !
10 In daily prayer to God commend

The souls whom Christ expired to save;
And think how soon my sway may end,

And all be equal in the grave ! 516 Zemira—p. 201.] 4th P. M. 886,886.

AND my house will serve the Lord :
But first obedient to his word
I must myself appear :
By 'actions, words, and tempers show,
That I my heavenly Master know,

And serve with heart sincere.
2 I must the fair example set :
From those that on my pleasure wait

The stumbling block remove;
. Their duty by my life explain;
And still in all my works maintain

The dignity of love.
3 Easy to be entreated, mild,
Quickly appeased and reconciled,

A follower of my God :
A saint indeed I long to be,
And lead my faithful family

In the celestial road.


4 Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse,
A vessel fitted for thy use

Into thy hands receive;
Work in me both to will and do;
And show them how believers true,

And real Christians live.
5 With all-sufficient grace supply,
And, lo! I come to testify

The wonders of thy name ! Which saves from sin, the world, and hell, Whose virtue every heart may feel,

And every tongue proclaim. 6 A sinner, saved myself from sin, I come my family to win,

To preach their sins forgiven ; Children, and wife, and servants seize, And, through the paths of pleasantness,

Conduct them all to heaven. 517 Canada--p. 89.]

L. M.
VATHER of all, by whom we are,

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Who hast intrusted to our care

A candidate for glorious bliss : 2 Poor worms of earth, to thee we cry,

For grace to guide what grace has given; We ask for wisdom from on high,

To train our infant up for heaven. 3 We tremble at the danger near,

And crowds of wretched parents see, Who, blindly fond, their children rear

In tempers far as hell from thee. 4 Themselves the slaves of sense and praise,

Their babes they pamper and admire;

And make the helpless infants pass

To murderer Moloch, through the fire.
Uxbridge—p. 98.] SECOND PART.
OR, if thou grant a longer date,

With resolute wisdom us endue,
To point him out his lost estate,

His dire apostacy to show :
2 To time our every smile or frown;

To mark the bounds of good and ill ;
And beat the pride of nature down,

And bend or break his rising will.
3 Him let us tend, severely kind,

As guardians of his giddy youth;
As set to form his tender mind,

By principles of virtuous truth.
4 To fit his soul for heavenly grace ;

Discharge the Christian parents' part ;
And keep him till thy love takes place,

And Jesus rises in his heart. 518 Broadmead—p. 150.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

YAPTAIN.of our salvation, take


And fit for thy great service make

These heirs of immortality :
And let them in thine image rise,
And then transplant to paradise.
2 Unspotted from the world and pure,

Preserve them for thy glorious cause,
Accustom'd daily to endure

The welcome burden of thy cross,
Inured to toil and patient pain,
Till all thy perfect mind they gain.
3 Our sons henceforth be wholly thine,
And serve and love thee all their davs :

THE power to bless my house

Infuse the principle divine

In all who here expect thy grace ;
Let each improve the grace bestow'd ;
Rise every child a man of God.
4 Train up thy hardy soldiers, Lord,

In all their Captain's steps to tread !
Or send them to proclaim thy word,

Thy gospel through the world to spread;
Freely as they receive to give,
And preach the death by which we live!
519 Margate-p. 132.] S. M.

Belongs to God alone ;
Yet rendering him my constant vows,

He sends his blessings down. 2 Shall I not then engage

My house to serve the Lord,
To search the soul-converting page,

And feed upon his word!
3 To ask with faith and hope

The grace his Spirit supplies, In prayer and praise to offer up

Their daily sacrifice ? 4 Let each his sin eschew,

Through thy restraining grace, Our father Abr'am's steps pursue,

And walk in all thy ways. 5 Saviour of men, incline

The hearts which thou hast made, Which thou hast bought with blood divine,

To ask thy promised aid. 6 Me and my house receive,

Thy family increase, And let us in thy favour live,

And let us die in peace.


520 Harwichp. 189.) 3d P. M. 4 6s & 28s.


My cheerful soul I raise !
Thy goodness bade me be

And still prolongs my days;
I see my natal hour return,
And bless the day that I was born.
2 A clod of living earth,

I glorify thy name,
From whom alone my birth,

And all my blessings came ;
Creating and preserving grace,
Let all that is within me praise.
3 Long as I live beneath,

To thee O let me live,
To thee my every breath

In thanks and praises give !
Whate'er I have, whate'er I am,
Shall magnify my Maker's name.
4 My soul and all its powers,

Thine, wholly thine, shall be ;
All, all my happy hours

I consecrate to thee;
Me to thine image now restore,
And I shall praise thee evermore.
5 I wait thy will to do,

As angels do in heaven:
In Christ a creature new,

Most graciously forgiven:
I wait thy perfect will to prove,
All sanctified by spotless love.

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