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In thy wrath remember mercy ;

Mercy first and last be shown ;
Plead thy cause with sword and fire :

Shake us till the curse remove;
Till thou com’st, the world's desire,

Conquering all with sovereign love.
3 Every fresh alarming token

More confirms the faithful word ;
Nature, (for its Lord hath spoken,)

Must be suddenly restored :
From this national confusion ;

From this ruin'd earth and skies;
See the times of restitution ;

See the new creation rise !
4 Vanish, then, this world of shadows;

Pass the former things away :
Lord! appear! appear to glad us

With the dawn of endless day!
O conclude this mortal story!

Throw this universe aside!
Come, eternal King of glory,

Now descend, and take thy bride!


587 Blessing—p.374.) 9th P.M.87,87,87,87.

LBD, dismiss usawith the blessing,
Still on heavenly manna feeding,

Let our faith and love increase :
Fill each breast with consolation;

Up to thee our hearts we raise :
When we reach our blissful station,
Then we 'll give thee nobler praise.



588Kingswood-p.277.] 12th P.M.76,76,78,76.

O! I come with joy to do

Him in outward works pursue,

And serve his pleasure still. Faithful to my Lord's commands,

I still would choose the better part : Serve with careful Martha's hands

And loving Mary's heart. 2 Careful without care I am,

Nor feel my happy toil : Kept in peace by Jesus' name,

Supported by his smile ; Joyful thus my faith to show,

Í find his service my reward ; Every work I do below,

I do it to the Lord. 3 Thou, O Lord, in tender love,

Dost all my burdens bear!
Lift my heart to things above,

And fix it ever there !
Calm on tumult's wheel I sit,

'Midst busy multitudes alone, Sweetly waiting at thy feet,

Till all thy will be done.
4 Thou, O Lord, my portion art,

Before I hence remove !
Now, my treasure and my heart

Are all laid up above;
Far above all earthly things,

While yet my hands are here employ'd, Sees my soul the King of kings,

And freely talks with God.

5 O that all the art might know

Of living thus to thee!
Find their heaven begun below,

And here thy glory see !
Walk in all the works prepared

By thee to exercise their grace ;
Till they gain their full reward,

And see thy glorious face ! 589 Pensford-p.265.] 11th P.M.76,76,77,76.

THOU, my God, art good and wise,
Thee let all in earth and skies

Continually adore !
Give me thy converting grace,

That I may obedient prove ;
Serve my Maker all my days,

And my Redeemer love.
2 For my life, and clothes, and food,

And every comfort here,
Thee, my most indulgent God,

I thank with heart sincere :
For the blessings numberless,

Which thou hast already given ;
For my smallest spark of grace,

And for my hope of heaven.
3 Gracious God, my sins forgive,

And thy good Spirit impart !
Then shall I in thee believe

With all my loving heart:
Always unto Jesus look,

Him in heavenly glory see,
Who my cause hath undertook,

And ever prays for me.
4 Grace, in answer to his prayer,

And every grace bestow;

That I may with zealous care

Perform thy will below; Rooted in humility,

Still in every state resign'd, Plant, almighty Lord, in me

A meek and lowly mind. 5 Poor and vile in my own eyes,

With self-abasing shame Still I would myself despise,

And magnify thy name : Thee let every creature bless;

Praise alone to God be given ; God alone deserves the praise

Of all in earth and heaven. 590 Omnipotence—p. 168.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s.

That can in Jesus' name believe : Lord, I no more thy truth blaspheme,

Thy truth I lovingly receive ; I

can, I do believe in thee, All things are possible to me. 2 The most impossible of all

Is, that I e'er from sin should cease ;
Yet shall it be, I know it shall;

Jesus, look to thy faithfulness !
If nothing is too hard for thee,
All things are possible to me.
3 Though earth and hell the word gainsay,

The word of God can never fail ;
The Lamb shall take my sins away,

'Tis certain, though impossible : The thing impossible shall be ; All things are possible to me. 4 When thou the work of faith hast wrought,

I here shall in thine image shine,

Nor sin in deed, or word, or thought :

Let men exclaim and fiends repine, They cannot break the firm decree ; All things are possible to me. 5 Thy mouth, O Lord, hath spoke, hath sworn,

That I shall serve thee without fear,
Shall find the pearl which others spurn,

Holy, and pure, and perfect here :
The servant as his Lord shall be ;
All things are possible to me.
6 All things are possible to God,

To Christ, the power of God in man,
To me, when I am all renew'd,

When I in Christ am form'd again, And witness, from all sin set free,

All things are possible to me. 591 Spring Grove-p.165.] 1st P. M. 6 lines 8s. O

GOD of our forefathers, hear,

And make thy faithful mercies known; To thee, through Jesus, we draw near,

Thy suff'ring, well-beloved Son,
In whom thy smiling face we see,
In whom thou art well pleased with me.
2 With solemn faith we offer up,

And spread before thy glorious eyes,
That only ground of all our hope,

That precious bleeding Sacrifice,
Which brings thy grace on sinners down,
And perfects all our souls in one.
3 Acceptance through his only name,

Forgiveness in his blood, we have ;
But more abundant life we claim,

Through him who died our souls to save, To sanctify us by his blood, And fill with all the life of God.

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