3 Let not conscience make you linger;

Nor of fitness fondly dream:
All the fitness he requireth
Is to feel your need of him :

This he gives you, 'Tis the Spirit's glimm’ring beam. 4 Come, ye weary, heavy laden,

Bruised and mangled by the fall ;
If you tarry till you're better,
You will never come at all ;

Not the righteous, Sinners Jesus came to call. 5 Agonizing in the garden,

Lo! your Maker prostrate lies ! On the bloody tree behold him! Hear him cry, before he dies,

* It is finish'd !" Sinners, will not this suffice ? 6 Lo! th' incarnate God ascending,

Pleads the merit of his blood; Venture on him, venture freely; Let no other trust intrude :

None but Jesus Can do helpless sinners good. 7 Saints and angels, join'd in concert,

Sing the praises of the Lamb, While the blissful seats of heaven Sweetly echo with his name:

Hallelujah! Sinners here may do the same. 3 Forest-p. 76.] L. M. IOME, sinners, to the gospel feast,

Let every soul be Jesus guest : Ye need not one be left behind, For God hath bidden all mankind.

2 Sent by my Lord, on you I call;
The invitation is to all :
Come, all the world ! come, sinner, thou !
All things in Christ are ready now.
3 Come, all ye souls by sin oppress’d,
Ye restless wand'rers after rest;
Ye poor, and maim'd, and halt, and blind,
In Christ a hearty welcome find.
4 My message as from God receive;
Ye all may come to Christ and live:
O let his love your hearts constrain,
Nor suffer him to die in vain !
5 His love is mighty to compel;
His conq’ring love consent to feel :
Yield to his love's resistless power,
And fight against your God no more.
6 See him set forth before your eyes,
That precious, bleeding sacrifice!
His offer'd benefits embrace,
And freely now be saved by grace!
✓ This is the time, no more delay;
This is the acceptable day;
Come in this moment at his call,
And live for him who died for all.
4 Benevento—p. 222.] 7th P. M. 8 lines 7s.
INNERS, turn, why will ye


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God, who did your being give,
Made you with himself to live,
He the fatal cause demands,
Asks the work of his own hands,
Why, ye thankless creatures, why
Will ye cross his love, and die ?

2 Sinners, turn, why will ye die ?
God, your Saviour, asks you why!
God, who did your souls retrieve,
Died himself that ye might live.
Will you let him die in vain ?
Crucify your Lord again?
Why, ye ransom'd sinners, why
Will ye slight his grace, and die?
3 Sinners, turn, why will ye die ?
God, the Spirit, asks you why!
He who all your lives hath strove,
Woo'd you to embrace his love :
Will ye not his grace receive ?
Will ye still refuse to live ?
Why, you long-sought sinners, why
Will you grieve your God, and die?
4 Dead already, dead within,
Spiritually dead in sin :
Dead to God, while here you breathe ;

after second death?
Will you still in sin remain,
Greedy of eternal pain ?
O, ye dying sinners, why,
Why will ye for ever die ?
5 Alfreton-p. 77.] L. M.

FIRST PART. SINNERSobey the gospel word Be wise to know your gracious day ; All things are ready, come away! 2 Ready the Father is to own, And kiss his late-returning son ; Ready your loving Saviour stands, And spreads for you his bleeding hands.


3 Ready the Spirit of his love,
Just now the stony to remove ;
T' apply and witness with the blood,
And wash and seal the sons of God.
4 Ready for you the angels wait,
To triumph in your blest estate :
Tuning their harps, they long to praise
The wonders of redeeming grace.
5 The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
Are ready, with their shining host :
All heaven is ready to resound,
“ The dead's alive! the lost is found !"
Wayland-p. 82.] SECOND PART.
COME, then, ye sinners, to your Lord,
In Christ to paradise restored :
His proffer'd benefits embrace,
The plenitude of gospel grace :
2 A pardon written with his blood,
The favour and the peace of God;
The seeing eye, the feeling sense,
The mystic joys of penitence :
3 The godly fear, the pleasing smart,
The meltings of a broken heart;
The tears that tell your sins forgiven;
The sighs that waft your souls to heaven :
4 The guiltless shame, the sweet distress,
The unutterable tenderness ;
The genuine, meek humility,
The wonder, “Why such love to me!”.
5 Th’ o’erwhelming power of saving grace,
The sight that veils the seraph's face ;
The speechless awe that dares not move,
And all the silent heaven of love.

6 Portsmouthp. 185.] 3d P. M. 468 & 2 8s.


ye the trumpet, blow
Let all the nations know,

To earth's remotest bound,
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
2 Jesus, our great High Priest,

Hath full atonement made :
Ye weary spirits, rest,

Ye mournful souls, be glad ;
The year of jubilee is come;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
3 Extol the Lamb of God,

The all-atoning Lamb;
Redemption in his blood

Throughout the world proclaim :

of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
4 Ye slaves of sin and hell,

Your liberty receive,
And safe in Jesus dwell,

And blest in Jesus live:
The year of jubilee

come ;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
5 Ye who have sold for naught

Your heritage above,
Shall have it back unbought,

The gift of Jesus' love :
The year of jubilee is come ;
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home.
6 The gospel trumpet hear,

The news of heavenly grace ;
And, saved from earth, appear

Before your Saviour's face:

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