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Harvard College Library
Apr. 1", 1916

rom the United States Governmenta



561. Report of board of inquiry relative to alleged shooting of Mexicans.

562. Longevity pay based upon service in Army.

563. Declaration of International Naval Conference, etc.

564. Conference report on bill for registry of foreign-built vessels.

565. River and harbor improvements.

566. American neutrality during European war.
567. Financial conditions in United States, by A. L. Mills.
569. Opinions in case against International Harvester Company.
570. Development of water power, comments on H. 16053.
571. Rural credits in Germany, by Ralph Metcalf.

572. Federal disposition of State waters, by L. Ward Bannister.

576. Prayers for peace in Europe.

577. Letter of President Woodrow Wilson to Frank E. Doremus.

578. Duty of a neutral nation, speech by William J. Stone.

579. Marketing of farm products.

580. People's banks in North America.

583. Conference report on antitrust bill.

585. Conference report on antitrust bill, with corrections.

586. Conference report on bill for leasing of Alaska coal lands.

587. American agriculture, address by N. J. Bachelder.

588. Development of the West, by Francis G. Newlands.

589. Danish agriculture, address by Rudolf Schou.

592. Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations.

595. Slavs on southern farms, by Le Roy Hodges.

596. War revenue bill.

599. Conference report on bill for leasing of Alaska coal lands.

600. War-tax revenue.

601. American merchant marine.

602. Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations.

604. Neutrality and trade in contraband.

605. Commercial law, report to American Bar Association.

606. Emancipation of labor, speech by A. M. Belcher.

607. Rural credits in Ireland, by Wesley Frost.

609. On Mount Ararat, address by John Skelton Williams.

610. Government by judges, address by Walter Clark,

611. Jewish immigrants.

612. Layman's criticism of the lawyer, by Elihu Root.

614. Recent antitrust and labor injunction legislation, by William H. Taft.

615. Report of Pneumatic-Tube Postal Commission.

616. Temperance and education.

617. Judicial recall, address by Rome G. Brown.

618. Argentine constitutional ideas, address by Rómulo S. Naón.

619. Address before American Bar Association by Woodrow Wilson.

620. Constitution of Canada, address by Sir Charles Fitzpatrick.

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