The new Scotch haggis; consisiting of pieces connected with Scottish drollery


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Side 130 - ... like statues carved out of the solid stone. At length Macpherson, suddenly removing his right foot, so as to give him greater purchase, stooped his body, and bent his enemy down with him by main strength till they both leaned over the precipice, looking downward into the terrible abyss. The contest was as yet doubtful, for Grant had placed his foot firmly on an elevation at the brink, and had equal command of his enemy, — but at this moment...
Side 28 - Dr. (Assuming a severe look, knitting his brow, and lowering his eyebrows.) Now, sir, you are a very pretty fellow indeed ; you come here and tell me you are a moderate man ; but upon examination, I find by your own showing, that you are a most voracious glutton.
Side 129 - ... is seen to be a wall of nature's own masonry, formed of vast and rugged bodies of solid rock, piled on each other as if in giant sport of architecture.
Side 130 - M'Pherson himself fell backwards, his body partly hanging over the rock — a fragment gave way beneath him, and he sunk further— till, catching with a desperate effort at the solid stone above, he regained his footing. There was a pause of death-like stillness, and the bold heart of M'Pherson felt sick and faint.
Side 29 - ... in my mind only with the ideas of low company and beastly intoxication. You tell me you eat indigestible suppers, and swill toddy to force sleep — I see that you chew tobacco. — Now Sir, what human stomach...
Side 284 - In the parish of Kirkmichael, in Scotland, there is a very remarkable stone of this description: It stands on a flat topped eminence, surrounded at some distance by steep rocky hills. It rests on the plain surface of a rock, level with the ground. Its shape is quadrangular, approaching to the figure of a rhombus, of which the greater diagonal is seven feet, and the 'lesser five. Its medium thickness is about two feet and a half; its solid contents will, therefore, be about fifty-one cubical feet.
Side 19 - Ye're as far aff t as ever. Which of the monsters of the great deep was it, can ye tell me ? " Here an old spectacled dame, who had an eleemosynary seat on the pulpit stair, thinking that the minister was in a real perplexity about the name of the fish, interrupted him with — " Hoot, sir, it was a whale, ye ken.
Side 130 - Stretching their limbs like men preparing for a desperate struggle, they planted their feet firmly on the ground, compressed their lips, knit their dark brows, and fixing fierce and watchful eyes on each other, stood there prepared for the onset.
Side 162 - I enclose you £27 in notes, and half-a-guinea, which is the amount of what they charge me for last year, and fourpence halfpenny over. You must send me a receipt when the coach comes back, else they will not believe that I have paid you. Direct to the care of Andrew Wilson, butcher in Hawick.
Side 95 - ... and the good woman brought new milk, which she told them was all her stock. One of the party inquired, with seeming kindness, how she lived. — Indeed, (quoth she,) the cow and the kale yard, wi* God's blessing, 's a

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